Jamboree Handicap Winners 2009

C'mon you blues

Saturday: Terry, Ken, Leonard
Sunday: Ken, Leonard, Ian

NW Federation Chairman David Barrett and Championship Manager Terry Foster present Ken with the trophy. Terry did not play on Sunday so missed out on the picture.

Following previous handicap victories in 2007 and 1999 on Saturday we won all 3 matches. Terry won all 3 of his games, triggering a handicap reduction to 11. Ken also won all 3 games with Leonard winning 2.

On Sunday the team, playing in Blue as always at this event, won both matches. Leonard completed a great personal weekend winning both games, with both Ken and Ian contributing 1 win.

27/6/09 Terry beat Kevin Roberts +23
27/6/09 Leonard beat Simon Wolf +9
27/6/09 Ken beat Tony Thomas +4

27/6/09 Terry beat Francois Garcia +17
27/6/09 Leonard lost to Janet Moir -9
27/6/09 Ken beat Carol Steinberg +12

Chairman's Select
27/6/09 Terry beat Lee +24
27/6/09 Leonard beat Betty +12
27/6/09 Ken beat John Taylor +12

28/6/09 Leonard beat Dave Barrett +12
28/6/09 Ken lost to Mac Hardman -7
28/6/09 Ian beat Richard Harvey +19

28/6/09 Leonard beat Janet Davies +2
28/6/09 Ken beat Peter Morgan +15
28/6/09 Ian lost to David Boyd -6

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