Jamboree Handicap Winners 2007

Eight long years

Lee (c), Andrew and Terry represented us on Saturday. The captain was hoping that the heavy conditions, and the lawns in the cage, would play into the hands of the Fylde team and so it proved in the first round of matches with us running out 3-0 winners over Bowdon with all matches being pegged out. It was a similar story in the second round against Bury. Lee beat Barbara Young in 38 minutes without her taking croquet. This time it was Andrew's turn to finish before Terry but again all 3 matches were won well within time. The final round on Saturday was against Southport who were also unbeaten at this stage. Again the matches were over fairly quickly. Andrew suffered our only defeat on the day but comfortable wins for Lee, who triggered a further handicap reduction, and Terry meant that Fylde finished day 1 at the top of the table. At this stage the lawns were already heavily saturated with standing water in quite a few places. Further heavy rain overnight turned the lawns into a boating lake and Fylde regained the trophy first won back in 1999.

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