Southport 12 Fylde Falcons 4 (2d)

SOUTHPORT: Tery Dunbar 4, Tina Kelly 9, Mike Armstrong 10, Barbara Hind 12.
FALCONS: John Cutler 9, Lou Pel, 12, Shelagh Fagen 12, Jean Audsley 12.

Playing relaxing piano music on the drive there, to relieve the tension, proved a little too successful as the team arrived in Southport half comatose. This was further emphasised with four opening losses before rousing ourselves for a fightback that got as far as 'fig' before petering out. With the sun melting the last of our resistance and the outstanding play of our opponents, cake was brought out in a vain attempt to console us. We thanked the victors for a great day of croquet and sang our hearts out on the journey home to The Greatest Showman, maybe we should have played that on the way?

Special mention to Lou, our player of the day, well done Lou.

HGL Southort Fylde scoresheet.

Posted by John, 12th May 2019

FYLDE falcons 8 CHESTER 10

FALCONS: Ian Theakstone (4), Maurice Myers (10), Patricia Myers (14 – but played off 12 due to league rules), Lindsey Campbell (12).
CHESTER: Maureen Ivens (5), Janet Jackson (5), Christine Thomas (7), Pat Wheeler (12)

An anxious start to a chilly morning - Rookie Golf Captain Ian took charge of the three nervous rookie league players. Non playing captain Betty came to watch and was impressed by the confidence of the play of the newbies in their first league competition. It was a very entertaining day as the results switched from advantage to home team then to away after each game.

Welcome to Fylde Croquet

The afternoon was spent in glorious sunshine the quintessential croquet vista -interrupted only by the break for a cup of tea and cake (but no cucumber sandwiches). The morning started with the doubles with Ian T completing a successful jump shot during the golden hoop to secure a win for the Coasters. Chester won the other pairings so a draw at the end of the first set. The matches continued to be drawn after each set of games. Ian won all of his games so he won the MVP trophy of a Mars bar!

All the other Fylde players won a game each, notably one of the games featuring rookie Maurice -he secured a golden hoop victory with a magnificent jump shot, proving practice does make perfect. The games could have gone either way with two games going to golden hoop and others resulting in 7-5, some superb clearing shots and excellent strategy play from both sides. Very close games played with respect and humour. Coming up to the end of 16 games the match was tied with 8 games each. The match finished 10 -8 to Chester .

A big thank you to Chester players who were warm and helpful to the Fylde rookies.

Posted by Betty, 5th May 2019

Llanfairfechan 8 Fylde coasters 10

Our league match against LLanfairfechan fell on a not so sunny bank holiday weekend and the team decided that, rather than travel there and back on the same day we would make a 'jolly' of it and travel up the day before.We had a lovely evening the night before in Llandudno trying out the local restaurants/bars. Up bright and early on match day arriving at Llanfairfechan at 9AM!

Llanfairfechan: Anwen Williams 7, Richard Hollis 10, Martyn (Sam) Seal 10 and Rod Bowden 11
Coasters: Jan Smith 6, Sue Clarke 10, Cyd Harbottle 11, and Jude Acda 11

Anwen and Rod v Jan and Cyd.
Richard and Sam v Sue and Jude.

Fylde got off to a poor start losing at the golden hoop on first game and losing 7/5 on the second.

Jan won all her games beating Sam 7-5, Rod 7-5, Richard 7-4 and Anwen 7-4 .
Sue beat Rod 7-2 and Anwen 7-3 and lost 4-7 to Sam and 6-7 to Richard.
Cyd beat Anwen 7-3 and Sam 7-6 and lost 2-7 to Richard and 6-7 to Rod
Jude beat Anwen 7-2 and Rod 7-6 and lost 2-6 to Richard and 6-7 to Sam

We had a really lovely day (if a bit chilly) and our hosts were brilliant plying us with chocolates and cake and lots of fun and laughter.

Posted by Jan, 4th May 2019


Fylde Coasters: Jan Smith ©, Sue Clark, Cyd Harbottle and Jude Acda
Fylde Falcons: Betty Bates ©, Geoffrey Lipshaw, Barbara Walker and Ted Walker

The day started off very overcast and windy. There was a chill in the air, but not in the atmosphere between the two teams. All the matches were played with good humour and mutual respect. Both teams were very apprehensive about playing as adversaries, rather than friends just having a knock- about. Everyone soon warmed up when the sun came out and spirits were lifted as the threat of rain disappeared.

All matches were close apart from Sue’s who wiped the floor with Betty using her 6 bisques, Sue couldn’t put a foot wrong, an amazing 18 yard hoop taken like a walk in the park - Sue won 7-2. There were four golden hoop games throughout the day which could have gone either way.

All the Coaster players won three games each and the pairing of Jan and Cyd against Betty and Barbara contributed to their doubles win on the golden hoop. The two newcomers Barbara and Ted Walker enjoyed their first experience of competitive play at the club and it is such a shame that their results did not reflect their wonderful efforts with some very close games.

Special thanks to Barbara for providing an afternoon cherry cake and all the spectators who helped to bring in hoops and tidy the kitchen. We very much appreciated their support and it just showed what a fabulous club we have and how everyone helps out regardless of whether they played or not.

Posted by Jan, 7th April 2019