FYLDE: Ian Theakstone (2.5), Ted Walker (10), Philip Bass (7), Geoffrey Lipshaw (10)
BURY: David Barrett (0.5), Margaret Anderton (3.5), Bob Whittle (7), Maureen Whittle (10).

After brilliantly sunny weather during the week, the weather changed to provide a wet start to the match. Alan was feeling unwell and so Ted at very short notice made his league debut.


  • Round 1 - Fylde 0 Bury 4
  • Round 2 - Fylde 1 Bury 3. Ian got the first win of the day with a 14-6 win against Maureen. Ted went very close to securing his first win in a 11-14 loss to Bob. A little more luck on his approach to hoop 6 with his Yellow ball would have given him the hoop and a good chance of rushing red to peg and pegging out to win the game.
  • Round 3 - Fylde 2 Bury 2. Ian came from behind to narrowly beat Margaret 14-12 and Philip beat Maureen 14-2. Geoffrey had a close 8-11 defeat to Bob and Ted gave David a good game by scoring 7 points in a 7-10 defeat.
  • Round 4 - Fylde 1 Bury 3. Philip beat Bob 14-5.
I must pay tribute to Ted''s performance in his first league game after only being asked to play 20 minutes before the match was due to start. He acquitted himself well and was very close to winning his first game for the Club. I must also thank the Bury Team and in particular David Barrett for their support for Ted during his games. My thanks to Barbara for providing scones and John for helping to clear the lawns at the end of the match.

Posted by Alan 21st April 2018