Fylde 12 Bury 4

The Bury contingent arrived early and kindly helped setting up of the lawns. The rabbits had been having a party on the lawns in the night so there was a fair bit to sort out before the start of play. The weather was idyllic. Temperature ambient, clouds lurked, with no wind to ruffle the Fylde flag.

Fylde: Betty Bates 3.5 C, Philip Snowden 4, Alison Broughton 10, Barry Broughton 10.

Bury: Margaret Anderton 3.5 C, Richard Harvey 5, Helena Nuttall 10, Carol Hampson 10.

After round one Fylde led 3-1 The game between Alison and Richard a well fought affair , newbie Alison attempted a rover peel, the croqueted ball went through but unfortunately the strike ball curled to one side, leaving Alison an angled hoop which she attempted but got stuck in the jaws. Richard took advantage and finished the game winning 14-11. Great viewing!

After round 2 Fylde continued with their lead with only the experienced Margaret Anderton fighting off the plucky Alison winning for Bury. Newbie Barry took advantage of his new found confidence of practiced rover peels beat Richard 14-11.
Philip beat Carol in record time 14-4 as light rain aptly timed for the break for lunch.

Onto the 3rd round with Fylde leading 6 games to 2 Fylde's Philip outclassed by now on form Margaret who had got the feel of the lawns lost 11-9 on time. Betty continued to win her games in quick time, beating Richard 14-6. Barry was left wanting a turn but Helena and her army of bisques gave him no chance of returning to the lawn beating him 14-5.

Round 4 and all Fylde players won. The match against Betty and Margaret could have gone either way with 3 minutes to go Margaret was on peg and rover , finished her turn with a rush to rover . Betty was on peg and rover and managed a 15yard hit in and finished the game.

The Broughton's are a'peeling.

A well matched team on paper , but the practice sessions definitely paid off for all the Fylde players including the Broughton pairings whose practiced peeling paid off.

Posted by Betty, 19th September 2021

Westmorland 10 Fylde 6

Westmorland: Neil Adams 2.5, Sue Pritchards 3.5, Norman Winter 3.5, Mike Hodden 5.
Fylde: Ian Theakstone 2.5 Alan Morton 2.5 Betty Bates 3.5 Phil Snowden 5.

A beautiful summers day at Leven Hall .saw our team up against A Westmorland team looking to top the league with this match. The 1st session was a battering for Fylde with all 4 losses.
Ian v Norman 13 – 14
Alan v Mike 3 – 14
Betty v Neil 12 – 14
Phil v Sue 10 – 14

The second part only slightly better with a solitary win from Ian.
Ian v Mike 14 – 10
Alan v Norman 6 – 14
Betty v Sue 10 v 14
Phil v Neil 5 – 14

So there it was 7 -1 down at lunch, it could only get better which it did much to our relief.
Ian v Sue 14 – 1
Alan v Neil 5 – 14
Betty v Mike 13 – 14
Phil v Norman 12 – 9

Last Round
Ian v Neil 3 – 14
Alan v Sue 14 – 3
Betty v Norman 14 – 6
Phil v Mike 14 – 9
So although we had some very close losses we eventually finished 4 down

Posted bu Ian, 1st August 2021

Bury Vikings 5 Fylde 11

Bury Roger Schofield 1p Barbara Young 1 Richard Leach 6 Ruth Burnham 10

Fylde Ian Theakstone (c) 2.5 Alan Morton 2.5 Phil Snowden 6 Alison Broughton 10

Weather was very doubtful so it was all weather gear for our first match of the new year, with the league being divided into a north and south division.
Ian played against Richard and went on to win the game +5 14-9.Alan took on Ruth who had a number of bisques which she used to her advantage to win the game 14 – 4.Phil our rising star produced a resounding win against Barbara including a magnificent angled hoop shot of 3 mtrs which raised an applause from the opposition to win 12 – 11. Alison our other new player scored a remarkable win over Barbara with a score of 14 – 0. On to our 2nd round where Ian beat Ruth 14 – 9 Alan fell foul of the bisques again to lose 7 – 14. Phil found his match against Barbara in a close call game to finally win plus 1 on time 12 – 11 Alison came up against Roger a class player with a handicap of minus 1 but this did not daunt her as she put him in his place to beat him 14 – 1 So at half time it was 6 -2 to Fylde.
The afternoon session continued well For Fylde with 2 more wins from Phil 14 -3 and 14 – 6. Alan came good to win both his games against there top 2 players 14 – 0 against Roger in a record breaking 35 mins and 14 – 0 against Barbara . Ian Lost both his games 9 – 14 and 8 – 14.Alison had another win 14 -6 against Ruth and a lose 7 -14 against Richard.

Phil S (4 wins), Alison (3 wins), Alan and Ian (2 wins each).

Posted by Ian, 22nd May 2021