Friday is tiday

  • Thanks to Geoffrey and Philip – lawn treatment
  • John and Ian – lawn layout
  • Carole and Angela – pavilion cleaning
  • Eileen – croquet store cleaning
  • Alan and Liz – sorting and tidying

Fast refueling in the pits is essential.

9th March 2018

King of Spades Reports

The drainage ditch from the lawns to the Midgeland Road culvert is now running free and has been cleared of leaves, mud, twigs, plastic bags and weeds.

Update 27th January: The remaining ditches around the lawns have now been checked and cleared where necessary.The south ditch was completely blocked in places and overgrown with brambles and weeds. The west ditch is still overgrown but appears to be clear without any obvious blockage.

23rd January 2018

Newest Blues

Congratulations to those playing their first league match for us this season. They were all presented with their blues at the annual dinner today. We hope they have a successful, enjoyable and fun 2018 season.

L to R, Carol Ramsbottom, Lindsay Campbell, Sue Clarke, Jude Acda, Andy Brandwood and Sita Gough.

11th November 2017

THE FAB Trophy

Winner & R/U.

(Fylde Association Beginners). Seven newly trained association players entered this event. Eileen Moore was given a bye as she had an early morning date with a builder. Ted Walker played John Derbyshire and won 7 – 5. Jan Smith played Jean Audsley and won 9 – 4. Phil Blewitt played Barbara Walker and won 10 – 2. In the 2nd round Jan played Eileen and won 8 – 4. Ted played Phil and in a very close match which could have gone either way Ted came out the winner 14 – 11.

The final was set up between Jan and Ted. Ted went to peg with his first ball and as Jan did the same she was advised (advise flowed freely!) to peg Ted’s ball out. She did this with some skill but unfortunately followed his ball on to the peg and so the match came down to a game of one ball. Both 2nd balls were for hoop one and Ted pulled ahead. However with Jan’s remaining 4 bisques to Ted’s 2 Jan caught up, overtook and won with the final score 14 – 10. It was a great day with lots of good sportsmanship and enjoyment.

Fylde have some potentially good AC players coming through! Well done to the class of 2017

The players.

14th October 2017

The 2017 News has been Archived Here

23rd November 2016