Gimme Shelter

Oh, we remember Martin
How he played Croquet
Now he's built our shelter
We can play all day.

Oh when you're sittin out
Waitin for a turn to come
Just say 'Mart! gimme shelter!'
Call him with this song.

Oh, when the flood is threatening
Your game of Short Croquet
Or when the Sun is burnin
You're too hot to play.

Oh Martin, you're just a shot away
You're just a shot away
Oh Martin, when you gimme shelter
You're just a shot away
shot away shot away yeah!

10th May 2021

Fylde players open account.

Congratulations to Fylde members Lee Hartley and Phil Snowden winning both trophies at Pendle today. Lee won the Level play and Phil the handicap - well done both!

24th April 2021

Fylde players do Pendle ODT.

No less than 7 Fylde members took up the 13 places in the One Day Association Tournament at Pendle Well done to Lee for winning the A Class and to Phil as runner-up in the Handicap Event. And commiserations to Liz for being joint winner of the wooden spoon – no wins! Also playing Betty, Ian, Andrew and Jim

4th April 2021

Let's play

The hoops are all set and marked, the lawns cut with a moderate setting and the league matches posted to the Fixtures Calendar.

The court booking calendar link is available from our home page and filling up rapidly. The pavillion has a new roof. Work will soon start trying to fill the worst of the dips and hollows we have. As usual the lawn surface profile has moved over the Winter. . Our rovin reporda, Launa Ndawarda, came out of shielding and is amazed at the work that has been done over Winter.

3rd April 2021

FCC website wins prestigious award

Having been globally shortlisted last week, FCC won 'Best Website in the World'. At the gala zoom meeting an emotional Webmeister spoke of all the people who had helped and contributed over the last twenty years. Although a very short speech the audience were moved by the Webmeister's humbleness, sinserity and spelling. The four feet high statue is being shipped from China, directly to Preston Marina on the container ship 'Ever Given'.

Where's my statue? Live tracking the Ever Given.

1st April 2021

It is in the pipeline

Don dropped in from S&BCC with some unwanted drainage paraphernalia which we can use along the West beside Ally Pally.

10th March 2021

Buckets of rain

But no flooding at the lawns although the Crows have been there and court 1 has a few holes in it. But nothing to worry about, they might even be helping us.

4th February 2021

Happy New Year from Launa N'Dawarda

Our rovin reporda has been down the lawns an although a bit soggy (no surprise) they are in good shape.

An extra yard has been found on the West boundry of court 5 and is being cleared back. We should be able to use this to move the court away from the Grass Tennis area a little. Work continues with our enthusiastic volunteers.

1st January 2021

WCF You Tube Channel

Filming Croquet is developing and achieving better results as time goes by. Click here. to visit their new website.

23rd December 2020

CA Financial award

Fylde are delighted to have been awarded a grant of £460 as a 50% contribution to the construction of the West Boundary Ditch and the de-hilling of lawn 1. The ditch will probably be done in the New Year and when we have aa dry spell. We hope to start the lawn work soon.

7th December 2020

Back on ready to go

2nd December 2020 00:01

Website is twenty years old

Yes indeed our Club Archives go back to 2001.

Our first picture was in 2005 showing The Boss with the Neil Williams Memorial trophy awarded to the B class Advanced Tournament Winner in its first year at Bury Croquet Club, Heaton Park

Picture by Brian Storey

Heaton Park's four bowling greens were built especially for the 2002 Commonwealth Games. Afterwards, Bury CC negotiated with the council and many tournaments were held there including NW Fed events and the 2010 Mac Robertson Shield.

Sharing the photo is 'George Bush', a piece of topiary of a lawn bowler which the Croquet players often augmented with it holding a mallet.

Ten years ago we celebrated our Silver Jubilee and at our annual dinner we presented a ten minute video of the club's history to that date. If you were not a member when we moved to SSLTC then you should find the second chapter (4:00) interesting as it has a lot of photos which will show you how much we all have achieved with the infrastructure. You will find a link to it on the Members' Page.

1st December 2020

Long Term Drainage Improvements

The King of Spades has come up trumps again with a plan for Winter to shore up the West ditch.


24th November 2020

The 2020 News Archived Here

11th November 2018