A thorn between two roses.

BURY PEELERS: Malcolm Daines (5), Philip Nuttall (10), Margaret Eccles (12),Richard Leach (14).
FYLDE: Andrew Webb (4.5), Ian Theakstone (9), Alan Morton (12), Betty Bates (16).

DOUBLES: Philip and Margaret beat Ian and Alan 26-12. Both Philip and Margaret made breaks to take a commanding lead . Alan made a 9 hoop break and with Ian adding to the score but it wasn't enough.

SINGLES: Betty beat Malcolm 26-2.
Richard beat Andrew 26-1.
Malcolm beat Andrew 20-18.
Ian beat Philip 26-23. Philip got both balls to Rover and penult and the game seemed to be over. However Ian chipped away at the lead and took control of the game to come from behind and won by 3 points.
Margarert beat Alan 23-19. Alan made a break to Rover with his first ball but Margaret responded by doing the same with her pink ball. Margaret took control of the game and was 8 points in front at when time was called but Alan ran 4 hoops in his time turn to reduce the deficit. Richard beat Betty 26-16. Betty got off to a good start by making a break to Rover but Richard played very well to get his second win.

SUMMARY: Thank you to the Bury Peelers for their hospitality. Whitehead Park is a good venue to play with good lawns and facilities.

Posted by Alan, 21st June 2022

FYLDE 5 Southport 2

After lunch singles.

Southport: Brian Lewis (8), Gail Moors (11), Peter Williams(16), Pauline Rooney (18).
Fylde: Ian Theakston (), Alan Morton (12), Phil Snowden (14), Betty Bates (16).

Alan and Ian beat Brian and Pauline 18-14. There were two significant breaks in the game. Pauline took the red ball to 2 back and Ian took the black ball to 3 back. Both players went to Rover but with Alan making more hoops than Brian Fylde won the game +4.

Philip beat Peter 26-15. Peter made a promising start and used his bisques to get his first ball to Rover. However, Phil took control of the game and went on to peg out both balls.
Gal beat Betty 24-23,
Brian beat Ian 26-13,
Philip beat Gail 26-15,
Alan beat Peter 23-15,
Bettty beat Pauline 26-9.

Thank you to Ian who white lined the lawns at 7am on match day because the weather made it impossible on the Friday. Thank you to the Southport team for playing their part in an enjoyable match.

Posted by Alan, 21st May 2022


Bowdon: John Lucas (3), David Holland (7), Ros Pimlott (16), Andrew Whittaker (16).
Fylde: Andrew Webb (4.5), Alan Morton (12), Phil Snowden (14), Betty Bates (16).

David and Ros 23 beat Alan and Phil 13.
The game was fairly even with small breaks being made by all players. David eventually made a good break which took control of the game.

Betty 26 Beat John 7.
Andrew Bowdon 26 beat Andrew Fylde 7

Singles 3
John 21 beat Andrew 20.
Both players provided an entertaining game. With time turns to come John had a 2 point lead leaving Andrew with a 25 yard roquet in his final turn. Andrew made the roquet and made 2 back but his hoop run left a 6 yard roquet with John's ball resting against the hoop. Enter the Umpire. Andrew struck his ball through the hoop and the green ball moved but it was ruled that his strike ball had hit the inside of the hoop upright causing the green ball to move.

David 26 beat Alan 11.
Ros 15 beat Phil 23.
Andrew26 beat Betty 14

Thank you to our opponents for an enjoyable match. Phil has a handicap reduction to 12.

Posted by Alan, 28th April 2022