Southport 2 Fylde 3

Conventional doubles:
Liz Wilson & Jim Allcock lost to Ray Lowe & Barbara Haslam -12

Peter Wilson beat Tony Thomas +2 pints
Ray Lowe beat Liz Wilson +12
Peter Wilson beat Barbara Haslam +2
Jim Alcock beat Tony Thomas +9

Scorchio! Lots of friendly fun at the far end of Southport's lawns with the others being in use for internal handicap games. Every game was interactive as the courts had a cutting nap causing some shots to pull up and others to run on.

28th August 2021

Fylde 1 Bury 4

Conventional doubles:
Liz Wilson & Jim Allcock lost to Paul Kenworthy & Ken Jones -13

Peter Wilson beat Paul Kenworthy +15
Tony Philips beat Liz Wilson +9
Tony Philips beat Peter Wilson +24
Ken Jones beat Jim Allcock +5

Bury's Tony played relentless cat and mouse, hiding here, picking off a point or two there. Liz played well against him, but Peter failed to make hoop 1 twice and then went off at the first opportunity.

Against Paul, Peter made a scruffy contact leave, everything together just out of corner 4. Although Paul managed to get through hoop 2 from it allowed Peter in with his back ball for a tidy finish.

Jim battled hard, but Ken took the game by a close margin.

31st July 2021

Fylde 4 Pendle 1

Conventional doubles:
Liz Wilson & Jim Allcock beat Andrew Webb & Gary Wilson +20

Jim took a break to 4 back and then played well to help the Boss around. Liz was using a newly assembled hybrid Pidcock and a new stance and grip.
The day was heating up, the lawns playing at 9 plumbers, as fast as they have ever been at Fylde.

Peter kept Paul Dowdall in his chair with a twelve hoop contact break and tidy leave followed by a 13 point break, +25.

After a short lunch, Paul beat Liz +10
Peter beat Andrew +11
Jim beat Gary +12

29th June 2021

Chester 4 Fylde 1

Conventional doubles:
Liz Wilson & Jim Allcock lost to Jerry Guest and Robin Tasker -1
Peter Wilson beat David Guyton +7

An amusing reversal of our last result, especially in the doubles.

Robin Tasker beat Peter Wilson +10
Jerry Guest beat Liz Wilson +10
Jim Allcock lost to David Guyton -1

The home spectators were continually distracting us with trivial conversation, probably unintentional, maybe a result of being locked at home for so long.

Chester players 2 and 3 handicaps appeared wrong. Although this is level play the sight of players playing strategy and fine shots well above their expected capability can have a detremantal effect on the out player. Our CA Handicapper chopped one of their player 3 steps after the match.

Fylde were forced to attempt long roquets all day to gain control. When they did the home side would immediately respond in kind. On our long journey home we discovered that we all felt the same way. In fact our only win was one that came from a long hit in and six hoop break that used the clock up.

And so we move on.

6th June 2021

Fylde 4 Bowdon 1

Conventional doubles:
Liz Wilson & Jim Allcock beat Michael Saddler & Adrian Apps +1

The home pair were way back against peg & peg when Jim found a break and a controlled leave at 4 back. Then the boss stepped in and pegged Mike Sandler out. Jim held his nerve and after a bit of a tactical battle was able to finish.

The other games were all fought for with the final score slightly flattering us.
Brian Kerr beat Peter Wilson +19
Liz Wilson beat Brian Kerr +6
Peter Wilson beat Michael Saddler +7
Jim Allcock beat Adrian Apps +10

29th May 2021