In 1999 Fylde (membership 10) entered the Jamboree, as it was then called, for the first time. The team of Martin Bradshaw (Saturday), Leonard Ainsworth (Sunday) , Peter Wilson and Liz Fraser travelled as four terrified rookies and came out the Handicap winners!

But we have come on since then...

Festival overall Winners 2016

L to R James Hawkins the Festival Manager, Garry Wilson the NW Federation Chairman, the Sunday Fylde Team.

This was the 6th year that Fylde’s increased membership had enabled Liz to put out a full squad for all the Events. Since 2011 Fylde had won 4 Individual Events but never did well enough in the other Events to come higher than 3rd. All competitive players enter with the hope of winning and we were hoping to add to the tally of individual Events this year but never dreamed of finishing the whole weekend on top. Up against the BIG THREE (Bowdon 150 + membership, Bury 100 + membership and Southport 90 + membership) Fylde’s membership of 35 managed to fill teams on both days with a volunteer to spare! The Golf Team had gained in experience and were looking chipper by the end of day one with quite a few wins under their belts. The Short Team had won 2 out of 4 matches and the Advanced Team had won 2 out of 3 with the two strongest opponents to face on day 2. The Handicap Team had performed excellently winning 3 matches out of 3! This was our likely trophy to target. Day 2 saw some change of personnel. The Short team moved en bloc to play Handicap and a fresh Short Team was brought in. The Wilson car on the way in was accepting that defeat was most likely as The Advanced Team had still the two most formidable opponents to play and the Handicap Team had a Captain with a handicap of 1 ½ - likely to face far too many bisques to win. However this was not what happened!

The final results came in with Advanced and Handicap Teams winning their events and the Short and Golf Teams finishing mid-table to put the tally up to an unbeatable first place overall. Special mention to Jean Audsley who won many of her games on her first visit and to Sue Elsmore who came away undefeated. Another special mention to Ian Theakstone who won all 4 short games on Saturday and both handicap games on Sunday – undefeated on 6 out of 6. Another special mention and the saviour of the weekend Peter Wilson who did a spectacular all round break with a tight leave to beat superstars Bowdon in the final match of the advanced Event to net us first place. Up until that match the Festival was going to Bowdon! Commiserations to Bowdon but well done Fylde after 17 years we have achieved the unachievable!

Advanced: Lee Hartley, Peter Wilson 2 wins out of 3
Handicap Alan Morton, Betty Bates, Peter Hallett 3 wins out of 3
Short Liz Wilson/Ian Theakstone, Ron Welch, Philip Bass 2 wins out of 4
Golf Jan Smith, Cyd Harbottle, Jean Audsley 3 wins out of 5

Advanced Lee Hartley, Peter Wilson 2 wins out of 2
Handicap Liz Wilson, Ian Theakstone, Philip Bass 2 wins out of 2
Short Ron Welch, Ken Harper, Geoffrey Lipshaw 1 win out of 3
Golf Jan Smith, Cyd Harbottle, Sue Elsmore 2 wins out of 3

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