FYLDE: Alan Morton (3),Shelagh Fagen (10), Barbara Walker (10), Ted Walker (10).
WESTMORLAND: Ivan Wheatley (1.5), Sue Pritchard (3.5), Neil Adams (5), Mike Hodgson (6).

A steady start for Fylde with wins for Alan 14-7 against Mike and Shelagh 14-8 against Neil.

Alan had the only win, 14-5 against Neil but Shelagh and Ted had narrow defeats 11-14 in both games to Mike and Ivan respectively.

Fylde came back into the game with Alan notching his third win 12-11 against Sue . Shelagh gave a great performance in beating Ivan 14-10.

Fylde had an outside chance of getting something from the match but would need a clean sweep of victories to win the match but Westmorland were determined to keep their lead. Barbara pushed Mike all the way but had a narrow 8-11 defeat . Alan and Ivan were tied at 11-11 with 5 minutes to play. Ivan looked set to finish in his next turn but Alan hit in from 20 yards and should have gone on to win the game but handed the initiative back to Ivan when he played his strike ball over the boundary in a croquet shot. Ivan took full advantage and won 14-11.

A good competitive match played in a good spirit. Alan reduced his handicap to 2.5.

Posted by Alan 7th September 2019


CHESTER: Roger Edwards (2), Jayne Taylor (6), Val Sanders (10), Pat Wheeler(10).
FYLDE : Alan Morton (3), Geoffrey Lipshaw (10), Barbara Walker (10), Ted Walker (10).

ROUND 1: Chester 3 Fylde 1.
Alan was the only Fylde win as he beat Val 14-8.

ROUND 2 Chester 2 Fylde 2.
A better round for Fylde with Geoffrey beating Val 11-7 and Alan beating Pat 9-3.

ROUND 3 Chester 2 Fylde 2.
Fylde were still in with an outside chance of winning the match as Barbara beat Pat 14-6 and Alan beat Jayne 12-4. Geoffrey had a narrow defeat to Roger 12-14.

ROUND 4 Chester 3 Fylde 1.
Alan beat Roger 14-11. Roger looked to be the likely winner but he ran a hoop out of turn and then left Alan's blue ball with an angled hoop shot at Hoop 5. Aaln made the hoop and then continued the break to peg out for his 4th win.

Ted narrowly lost 9-10. His opponent Val had both clips on Hoop 6 with Ted's clips on Hoop 3 and peg. In his time turn ,he scored hoop 3 but 'jawsed ' his blue ball in Hoop 4 and Val won by a point.

Fylde competed well and were still in the match at Round 4. Congratulations to Alan on winning all his games for which he receives a Captain's Mars Bar for his stellar performance. The player's needed parasols for protection as the sun shone all day.

Posted by Alan 24th August 2019


BURY CRUSADERS: Tony Phillips (0.5), Richard Harvey (5), Vi Richards (7), Maureen Whittle (10).
FYLDE: Alan Morton (3), Philip Bass (6), Catherine Bass (8), Geoffrey Lipshaw (10).

Round 1- Bury 2 Fylde 2
Alan got Fylde off to good start with a 14-6 win over Vi. Philip was next to finish beating Maureen 14-10. Catherine and Geoffrey lost their games 5-14 and 8-14 respectively.

Round 2- Bury 2 Fylde 2
Alan and Philip kept Fylde level at lunch with Alan beating Maureen 14-8. Philip had a close game against Vi and looked set to lose it as Vi set up for 'pegging out'. Philip was in play and shot at Vi's Red Ball. It didn't look as though he had it hard enough but his Blue just touched and he was able to continue to win 14-12.

Round 3- Bury 3 Fylde 1
Catherine was the only win in this round as she beat Maureen 14-4. Geoffrey lost by 4 hoops to Vi 10-14. Alan was 3 hoops behind Richard but was in position to peg out Richar's Blue ball but a mistake also caused Alan to peg out his own ball leaving a 2 ball ending. Alan closed the gap to one hoop but Richard manage to hit the peg from 12 yards to win 14-12.

Round 4- Bury 2 Fylde 2
Fylde could still make a draw but it didn't go their way. Alan lost 14-10 to Tony having been pegged out. Catherine beat Vi 14-11. Philip got the second win with a 14 yard peg out to beat Richard 14 -11. However. Geoffrey had a close game with Maureen which she won 14-9.

Fylde competed well and were in the match until the final game. Congratulations to Tony Phillips on winning all his 4 games and to Philip Bass who won 3 games and moved to Handicap 5.

Posted by Alan 22nd July 2019

FYLDE 11 Southport 3

Southport : Eileen Rossiter, Margaret Flemington, Tina Kelly, Barbara Nodwell.
Fylde: Liz Wilson, Peter Hallett, Philip Bass, Catherine Bass.

The visiting team were greeted by sunshine both in the form of the weather and the smiley Southport Team. The games started on time with Fylde winning all four! In the second round only Peter and Catherine won their games. Round three was nearly another clean sweep with Catherine only just losing to Tina on a golden hoop. The final round saw the games going two all with Catherine again losing on a golden hoop. The Southport players certainly new how to play and have clearly been well coached. Fylde had to play well to win.

Posted by Liz, 6th July 2019


FYLDE; Alan Morton (3), Ken Harper (5), Barbara Walker (10), Ted Walker (10).
BOWDON BEARS: Alan Mayne (0+peels), Kay Martin (2), Richard Saul (4), Nan Saul (9).

Fylde 1 Bowdon 3 -Alan got Fylde off to a good start by beating Richard 14-5. Ken lost 10-14 to Kay. Barbara did well against Alan scoring 6 points and Ted found Nan a difficult opponent and she won 14-4.

Fylde 0 Bowdon 4.

Fylde 2 Bowdon 2-A better round for Fylde as Alan beat Kay 14-5 and ken beat Richard 14-8.

Fylde 0 Bowdon 4. Ted came closest to getting a point for Fylde when he narrowly lost 4-6 to Kay.

A lovely sunny day which all the players enjoyed. Fylde will have benefited from playing against more experienced opponents. Congratulations to Nan and Alan who won all their games. Nan has a handicap reduction to 8. A big thank you to Ken who stepped in at the last moment to replace Shelagh who was unwell. 15 games were completed within the time limit.

Posted by Alan, 22nd June 2019


FYLDE: Ian Theakstone (2.5), Philip Bass (6), Alison Broughton (10), Shelagh Fagen (10).
BURY VIKINGS: Roger Schofield (0), Margaret Eccles (3.5), Richard Leach(10), Ruth Burnham (10).

The lawns were in good condition despite heavy rain the previous day and rain forecast for most of the match. Alison and Shelagh were playing in their first North West Federation match.

Shelagh got Fylde off to a fantastic start by beating Margaret 14-10. Philip easily beat Ruth 14-0. Alison nearly pulled off a win against Roger as they were tied at 8-8 after their time turns. Roger should have won but jammed his red ball in hoop 5. Unfortunately, Alison tried to set up a break to win the deciding point and missed a shot leaving Roger with an easy hoop run to win the game

Ian was the only Fylde winner in this round beating Ruth 11-8

Ian again was the only Fylde winner in this round beating Margaret 14-3

Philip won his game for Fylde against Margaret 7-5. Shelagh found herself in an exciting tie break situation against Ruth . With the score tied at 12-12 either player had to hit the peg to secure the winning point. Both players decided to try and hit the peg rather than hit another ball and use a take off croquet shot to get to the peg. A tense game developed as both players missed the target. Eventually, Ruth changed her tactics and scored the winning point to finish 13-12 ahead.

Congratulations to Roger and Richard who won all their games and so triggered a lower handicap. However, Alison and Shelagh were the real stars who played very well in their first match despite the poor weather conditions.

Posted by Alan, 10th June 2019


BOWDON CUBS: Brian Storey (3P),John Haworth(4),Bryan Goode (6), Sue Lucas (7)
FYLDE: Ian Theakstone (2.5) , Alan Morton (3), Philip Bass (6), Catherine Bass (8)

Alan writes: ROUND 1 Bowdon 2 Fylde 2
Ian 8 Bryan 7, Catherine 14 John 5, Sue 11 Alan 8, Brian 14 Philip 5.

ROUND 2 Bowdon 2 Fylde 2
Alan 10 Bryan 8,Philip 10 John 8, Brian 14 Catherine 6, Sue 13 Ian 6.

At lunch, Fylde had competed well and the match was tied at 4-4.

ROUND 3 Bowdon 3 Fylde 1
Advantage to Bowdon. Catherine had a one point win in her game against Bryan. Alan pegged out Brian after the latter had completed only one of his mandatory peels but some wiring situations gave the advantage to Brian who had a 5 point win. Catherine 7 Bryan 6, Sue 7 Philip 6, Brian 14 Alan 9, John 14 Ian 9.

ROUND 4 Bowdon 2 Fylde 2
Fylde needed 3 wins to tie the match. Ian and Philip won their games leaving Alan needing to win the last game against John. Neither player took command of the game and with the game tied at 11-11 John had a failed to run Hoop 12 leaving Alan with an opportunity to win the game. Alan 'jawsed' his hoop attempt. Both players had another chance to run the hoop but mistakes led to the score still tied with time running out. John eventually scored the winning point and the match.

A good match which went to the final game to decide the outcome. Congratulations to Sue who was unbeaten today. Double banking on Lawns 1 and 2 may have contributed to only 7 games being completed with a peg out.

Catherine writes: It was a fine, mostly sunny, day for Fylde’s first Short match of the season at Bowdon. Catherine pegged out vs John Haworth and Ian narrowly beat Bryan Goude by one hoop in the first round. In round 2, Philip beat John and Bryan lost to Alan, it was all level at lunch. After lunch, Catherine picked up the only win by one hoop. So, with the score at 7-5, there was work for Fylde to do in the final round. … and it came close to a draw. Catherine fell to in-form Sue Lucas (7), the only player to win all her matches. Brian Storey (3P – requiring three peels in each game) had his unbeaten run stopped by Ian who managed to peg out. Philip again pegged put against Bryan. So, the score was 8-7 with one match remaining. Alan and John were tied 11-11 on time and in the remaining turns, on a nail biting finish, John just pipped Alan by one hoop to win 12-11.

Posted by Alan and Catherine, 20th May 2019