Chester 6 Fylde 1

Fylde: Ian Theakstone (c) 9, Liz Wilson 1.5, Betty Bates 11, Benedict O'Connor 14.
Chester: David Boyd 6, James Thomas 8, Brian Walton 9, Sarah Andrew 22

Our final match of the season saw us at Chester and their infamous lawns but we were all looking forward to it. Ian and Liz took on David and Sarah who held held us off the lawns for some time. Using their bisques they went on to beat us 24 - 6. Our newcomer Benedict played well against Brian in a close game but eventually losing 20 - 17. Betty playing well against an in form James still could not manage a win for Fylde losing 26 - 8 .So with all to play for the late session started badly with loses from Ian against James 26 - 5 Liz against David 26 - 2 Betty against Brian 26 - 5. Our savior was Benedict against Sarah with a good win 17 - 26. Here he is pegging out

Chester became the league Champions with this win. Thank you to Liz, Alan, Betty, Catherine, Philip, Peter and Benedict who all played in the Fylde team to keep us in the league this year.

Posted by Ian, 8th September 2019


Fylde: Ian Theakstone (c) 9, Betty bates 11, Benedict O'Connor 14, Philip Bass 16.
Southport: Tony Thomas 5, Brian Lewis 6, Gail Moors 14, Peter Wlliams 18.

A beautiful summers day for a change for our last home match of the season. We were joined by a new player today Benedict who is from Stoneyhurst College. Ian and Philip took on the 2 highest bisquers Gail and Peter who certainly played well above his 18 as did Gail above her 14 to win 7 - 26. Betty against Tony was a sweeping win for Betty 26 - 0.

Benedict playing his first game for Fylde fought well against Brian but did lose 16 - 20 on time. It was a case of so near yet so far in the afternoon as one hoop decided the results. Ian beat Tony 21 - 20 on time. Betty lost to Brian 25 - 26 , Philip lost to Peter 13 - 14 and Benedict lost to Gail 13 - 14. So we played well but the result did not do us justice.

Posted by Ian, 25th August 2019

Fylde 2 Bury Ceasars 5

Fylde: Ian Theakstone 9, Betty Bates 11, Alan Morton 11, Philip Bass 16.
Bury: Roger Schofield 2.5, Chris Alvey 12, Richard Harvey 16, Ann Alvey 22.

The doubles game saw Ian and Philip take on Chris and Ann. Philip was soon into his stride forging ahead to 4 back but the Bury pair kept the pressure on getting in front soon after. Playing a good game the Bury pair won by just 1 hoop 21 - 22. Betty played Richard in a well fought game losing 12 - 26. Alan against Roger was a close game again losing by just one hoop 24 - 25. In the afternoon session Ian succumbed to Rogers expert tactics losing 3 - 26. Betty had another good game, this time pegging Chris out 26 - 20. Alan beat Richard 18 - 14 on time and Philip playing Ann lost 12 - 26.

Posted by Ian, 20th July 2019


Fylde: Ian Theakstone (c) 9, Betty bates 11, Peter Hallett 12, Philip Bass 16.
Bowdon Firs: Barry Keen 5, Chris Evans 10, Steve Reynolds (c) 11, Cas Sinclair 18.

Ian and Peter were the doubles against Steve and Chris with the opposition coming out on top 13 - 26 , Betty played against Cas and after quite a tussle Cas, with her bisques, managed to pip Betty to the post 22 - 26 Philip played Barry which went to time and lost 19 -20. So a half time score of 3 down didn't look good. However, a rally round with Betty beating Chris 21 - 16 Peter beating Steve 20 - 16 and Philip winning against Cas 25 - 17. However, with Ian unable to topple Barry and losing 8 - 26 we were beaten by the 1 game.

Posted by Ian, 7th July 2019

BURY PEELERS 2 FYLDE 2 (match abandoned)

FYLDE: Betty Bates(11), Alan Morton (11), Philip Bass (16), Catherine Bass (20).
BURY PEELERS: Paul Kenworthy (1.5), Malcolm Daines (4.5), Barbara Young (6), Philip Nuttall (9).

After a very rainy week and no opportunity for mowing, the Whitehead Park lawns at Bury were lush. In the first round of three games, Philip Bass was the only Fylde victor as the rain started to fall.

With the score 2-1 to Bury, the teams retreated to the clubhouse for lunch, hoping for a drier afternoon. Although the rain abated, the lawns had become puddled. Betty Bates went full steam ahead, winning her match 26-1 in record time - 50 minutes.

The other games were slow moving with shots impeded by the now sodden, heavy grass. The captains, Bury’s Phil Nuttall and Fylde’s Alan Morton, discussed abandonment and consulted the League Rules. The score was 2-2. Catherine Bass, Philip and Alan were marginally ahead in their games but there was a lot of time left on the clocks...2 hours and more.

After a 30 minute pause to allow for improvement, it was agreed to abandon the match at 2-2, each team claiming a point for their efforts.

Posted by Catherine, 15th June 2019

Bowdon 4 Fylde 3

Bowdon: Adrian Apps 4 David Holland 5 Ros Pimlott 14 Brian Rust 18.
Fylde Ian Theakstone 9 Alan Morton 11 Betty Bates 11 Philip Bass 18.

A beautiful day at Bowdon Ian and Philip played doubles against David and Ros which ended in our favour 15 - 12 Alan took on Adrian but was beaten 26 - 14 Betty played Brian and won 20 - 8. So Fylde 2 - 1 at lunch. Afternoon saw Ian take on Adrian losing 18 - 26 Alan v David 17 - 26 Betty v Ros 10 - 26 Philip v Brian 17 - 9

Congats to Philip Triggering down to 16 and thanks to Betty for making her way to the match from a party night in Burton the njght before.

Posted by Ian, 13th May 2019


Fylde: Peter Wilson 1/2 Ian Theakstone (C) 9 Philip Bass 18 Catherine Bass 20.
Pendle: Robert Essler 1 Andrew Webb 4 Paul Dowdall 7 Catherine Parnell 8.

Well a lovely day for the 1st match of the season lawns looking good. Ian and Philip paired up for the doubles game against Robert and Catherine with 5 bisques to play with, Fylde soon had a clip on peg. and keeping Pendle split up the game went the distance and Fylde finished in front 21 - 10. Peter and Paul Played an epic battle with Paul coming out on top by just 1 hoop 24 - 25. Catherine took on Andrew and again the game went to time with Andrew winning 14 - 16. After sandwiches for lunch Peter played against Robert with Robert winning by just the 1 point again 22 - 23. Ian was up against Andrew and by using his bisques beat his opponant pegging out 26 - 12. Philip had an excellent game with Paul going all the way to win 21- 11. The two Catherines then played and again full time game With Pendles Catherine winning 18 - 10.

Posted by Ian, 6th April 2019