FYLDE: Nathan Baker 3, Ian Theakstone 9, Betty Bates 10, Alan Morton 12.
BURY PEELERS: Paul Kenworthy 1.5, Malcolm Davies 5, Barbara Young 6, Margaret Eccles 14.

This match had been transfered from the 8th Sept and although the weather seemed iffy it remained dry which was a relief.

Ian and Betty 20 Barbara and Margaret 22.

Alan 26 Paul 1.
Nathan 11 Malcolm 26.
Nathan 13 Paul 26.
Ian 26 Malcolm 1.
Betty 26 Barbara 18.
Alan 26 Margaret 7.

With this win Alan has triggered down to his best ever 11 So our final Match of the season was a fantastic win. Well done team

Posted by Ian, 18th Aug 2018

Fylde 5 Bury 2

Fylde: Ian Theakstone 9, Alan Morton 12, Philip Bass 18, Catherine Bass 24.
Bury Ceasars: Tony Phillips 3, Roger Schofield 3, Chris Alvey 12, Ann Alvey 24.

This game was supposed to be at Bury but due to the condition of their lawns they asked if they could use our lawns, which we agreed.

The doubles game saw Ian and Philip play Tony and Ann, Tony started to go round most of the way leaving Ann out most of the time. So before long the visitors were well in front. However, when the chance came Ian went in and secured a number of hoops. A steady run from Philip saw us creep ahead and we pegged out winning 26 - 19. Alan played a good game against Chris to gain our 2nd win 26 - 12. Catherine was than against Roger who played steadily and went on to win 20 - 26.

So we were 2 - 1 up at the break. The late session started with Ian against Tony and with 6 bisques soon pegged out 26 - 0 in well under the hour. Alan matched Ian in his game against Roger doing the same pegging out 26 - 0. Philip took on Chris and played an excellent game to beat him 26 - 5. Catherine played against Ann but couldn't quite secure a clean sweep losing 11 - 26.

Posted by Ian, 18th Aug 2018


FYLDE: Ian Theakstone 9, Ken Harper 16, Philip Bass 18, Catherine Bass 24
Bowdon St Marys: Alan Mayne 0, David Holland 5, Michael Shelmerdine 8, Kay Martin 9.

A beautiful summers day saw Fylde take on a formidable Bowdon side. Ian and Ken took on Al;an and Kay and after a hard game Fylde came out on top plus 1 on time 19 - 18. Philip played David and again after hard battle Philip beat David on time 15 - 8. Catherine played Michael but after a long game finally lost by 10- 25.The afternoon session saw Ian up against Alan who soon showed his 0 rating to beat Ian 21 - 26. Ken had an excellent game with David with an impressive 26 - 5 victory. Philip played Michael and fought well but lost 9 - 26. Catherine took on Kay who played well to beat Catherine 14 - 24 .So considering our opposition we did well.

Posted by Ian, 5th June 2018

Fylde 5 Crake 2

Fylde: Ian Theakstone 9, Alan Morton 14, Philip Bass 18, Catherine Bass 24.
Crake: Howard Bowron 3, John Henderson 10, John Shakespeare 9, Dave Wlliamson 18.

Handicap match v Crake.

A really hot day to enjoy. Ian and Philip were the doubles against Howard and Dave a tough game going the full time eventually losing 14 - 17 Alan took on John S and played a great game to win by 26 - 12. Catherine played John H although getting 18 hoops still lost 18 - 26 After lunch Ian was against Howard and had a good win pegging out 26 - 20. Alan played John H in a closely fought game and came out on top 16 - 15. Philip played John S and another close game Philip winning 14 - 12. Catherine took on Dave and another game going the distance and another win for Fylde 19 - 14. Well done Catherine and to Alan for 2 wins out of 2.

Posted by Ian, 27th May 2018

Southport 5 FYLDE 2

Southport: Don Williamson 3, Barbara Haslam 3, Brian Lewis 7, Gail Moors 18
Fylde: Lee Hartley -0.5, Nathan Baker 3, Ian Theakstone 9 (capt ), Alan Morton 12.

After expecting this to be a home match and setting out the lawns we awaited our visitors. However, when no visitors had arrived by 9.45 am a few frantic phone calls were made concluding with the fact that we should be at Southport. So it was decided that we should get to Southport ASAP and start immediately. Make a note team captains to check venues as mistakes can be made.

Ian and Lee made up the doubles against Don and Brian. With some good tuition from Lee our pair won the game 3 - 26. Alan took on Barbara and was far from outplayed. Only loosing his lead in the final half hour, +5 to Barbara. Nathan played Gail who is a noted improver and by using her 15 bisques didn't allow Nathan in and won 26 - 0.

The afternoon session was decided to be an 18 pointer to shorten the day and the bisques were adjusted accordingly. Lee beat Don 8 - 18. Brian beat Ian 16 - 12 Fylde were now losing 3 - 2 The final 2 games Nathan Lost to Barbara minus 1 on time and Alan lost to Gail minus 1 on time. So Fylde Lost by a very close margin.

Posted by Ian, 5th May 2018


Pendle: Andrew Webb 2, Paul Dowdall 9, Gary Wilson 10, Robin Delves (capt) 12
Fylde: Nathan Baker 3, Ian Theakstone 9 (capt ), Alann Morton 12, Peter Hallett 12

Due to the rain this match was likely to be cancelled or played at Fylde, but the weather held and play began. It was decided to play the singles first as this would give a result if the weather broke. Nathan took on Andrew and soon ran into a good lead , it didn't look as if would go the distance but it did with Nathan winning 13 - 22.

Ian played Paul and although Paul soon went well ahead Ian kept up .and in the end came out the winner on time 19 - 22. Alan against Gary was a well fought game but Gary showed good form eventually beating Alan 26 - 21. Peter against Robin was tight game all through with Peter coming out on top by a single point on time 22 - 23.So at break Fylde were up 3- 1. In the afternoon session Ian and Peter played Andrew and Robin Ian soon went off to stop at 4 back and then it was touch and go game with the Fylde pair winning 26 - 13. Nathan Played Gary and although Gary had the bisques Nathan took control and won 17 - 26. Alan took on Paul and went down to a 26 14 defeat.

So our first game of the season was a success

Posted by Ian 7th April 2018