BOWDON: Alan Mayne 0, Adrian Apps 8, Ros Pimlott 12, Jo Pierrepoint 20.
FYLDE: Lee Hartley -1/2, Ian Theakstone 9, Betty Bates 10, Alan Morton 12.

Our final match of the season looked to be a washout from the forecast but it did hold out,to enable us to play. As Betty was not feeling too well it was decided that she played the doubles with Lee against Alan and Jo. Touch and go all the way but Fylde held on to win by 24 - 26. Ian played Ros who romped ahead not allowing him in to play, however,near to the end Ian came good and with a good break won 20 - 26. Alan took on Adrian after a good game finally went down 21 - 17.

After a hearty lunch of cottage pie Alan played Lee and showed his skill by beating Him 26 -0. Adrian took on Ian and proceded to beat him 26 - 15. Jo played our Alan and played well beyond her handicap of 20 to win 17 - 15.S there it was our last game ended in a loss but an enjoyable one.


Posted by Ian, 1st October

FYLDE 7 Southport 0

The three time rearranged date was again inconvenient for the away side.

Posted 30th August


Fylde: Ian Theakstone 9 (c), Alan Morton, 14 Philip Bass 18, Catherine Bass 22
Bury: Paul Kenworthy 1.5, Babara Young 8, Margaret Eccles 12, Phil Nutall 18.

A fine day saw us at Coronation Park for our 5th game of the season. Ian and Cath paired up for the doubles game against Barbara and Phil a good entertaining game which went to the home side 26 - 14. Alan took on Magaret and secured a good win 26 - 10 Philip played Paul and with 16.5 Bisques gained another victory for Fylde 26 - 17.So we were looking good for the afternoon session.Ian blazed through his game with Paul to a 26 - 0 win in 45 mins. Alan then played Barbara and and yet another win 26 - 11. Which caused a drop in Alans handicap to 12 Cath then played Phil and after a close game lost by 10 - 26. Philip played Margaret and caused a nail biting game eventually down to a pegging out special,after missing the peel pegging his ball rested at corner 4 and after Margaret finished her turn, Philip aimed at the peg and with us all looking he amazed us all by hitting the peg full on. so that was it

Well done team for our 2nd win and to Alan

Posted by Ian, 20th August


Fylde: Ian Theakstone (c) 9, Alan Morton 14, Philip Bass 18, Cath Bass 22.
Bowdon: Barry Keen 4, Will Mellor 8, Chris Evens 10, Steve Reynolds 10.

The doubles game had Ian and Catherine against top boy Barry and Steve. The game progressed nicely in Fylde's favour being 15 ahead but Barry then showed his form and helping Steve along to a win by 6 hoops. Philip, up against an inform Will, went down 26-13. Alan gave us our only win in the morning with a fine victory on time 22 - 15. After a hearty dinner,Ian played Barry in what was to be a quick and decisive game with Ian beating Barry 26 nil in 35 mins. Alan played Will but the in form Will went on to win 26 - 14. Philip against Chris went well into time with a good win by Philip 22 - 13. Steve played Cath who was playing well, when a take off shot sent her ball sailing through a hoop she wanted !!. However, Steve managed to hold on and won the game by just 1 point, 26 - 25. Well done team against Bowdon.

Posted by Ian, 1st July


Fylde: Betty Bates (12), Alan Morton (14), Philip Bass (18) and Catherine Bass (22).
Crake: Howard Bowron (3.5), Jim Alcock (5), David Lloyd (8), David Williamson (22).

King of Spades in Play.

For the first match of the season, a lovely sunny day with a very cold wind much of the time, against a picturesque Lake District backdrop. The win could have gone either way with two matches lost by a single point.

The hoops were quite tight and all but one match went to time. In the morning doubles, Betty was on fire, making some long roquets and tough hoops but Catherine found it hard to get going - plenty of opportunities to run hoops but failing to execute. Fylde were ahead by two points for most of the game. With ten minutes remaining, Betty was on Rover, Catherine and David on 1-Back and Jim on 4-Back. After attempts from David and Catherine, Jim got in and went to peg after time, leaving Fylde split up. Fylde couldn’t connect and Crake took the match 18-17.

On the other lawn, Philip, a great hoop runner from angles, was finding that the tight hoops didn’t suit his style and lost out 19-10. Alan was our only morning winner, taking his match 11-15 after time. Fish and chips all round with mushy peas and tea for lunch from the Chippy a very short walk away. (Greenodd has a village shop, garage and a very large Wine Merchant across the road from the Club, declaring itself “We Are Open, Push the Door” even at 9.30 on a Sunday morning. Sounds like a great place to live!) With the cold conditions enduring into the afternoon, Betty’s earlier fire had cooled and she found it difficult to hit in.

Howard, the only Crake loser in the morning, was determined to win and eventually pegged out. Despite this, Betty did manage some incredibly long roquets and her terrific jump shot to clear tricky Hoop 4, caught the attention of Crake’s David Lloyd on the other lawn, who promptly executed two similar jump shots of his own. Alan continued to push for victory but, after time, David L, emerged the winner 16-15. Catherine and David W were skirting round each other, reserving bisques and seldom managing to set up breaks, taking one or two hoops at a time. For most of the match, David was just ahead by two points but Catherine saw an opportunity with 20 minutes and three bisques remaining and managed a break, scoring three hoops to put her ahead for the first time.

This energised David, who also used up his remaining bisques. When Catherine returned to the lawn, she managed to hit in and split David up. David was unable to get the connection and the match finished 12-14. Philip was still unable to use his strengths but managed two extra hoops in the afternoon, as Jim took the match 20-12. Hopefully, now that the lawns are open and most lawn treatment work complete, Philip can spend more of the time spent at the lawns practicing.

BB/CB lost to JA/DW -1
AM bt HB +4
PB lost to DL -9
BB lost to HB -18
AM lost to DL -1
CB bt DW +2
PB lost to JA -8

Posted by Catherine 23rd April