Bury Peelers871032-2114
Bowdon St Marys844031-258
Bury Caesars844025-318
Bowdon Firs835028-286
Pendle & Craven835026-306
Crake Valley
Withdrawn from League

Birkdale 3 Fylde 4

Birkdale: Ray Lowe ( 1 ) Tony Thomas ( 4 1/2 ) Keith Roberts ( 5 ) Margaret Dalley (11)
Fylde: Liz Wilson ( 3 ) Terry Vernazza (5) Catherine Bass (22) Philip Bass (24)

Final match of the season and the weather was glorious, bright sunshine and hot. Birkdale was fielding a strong experienced team but that meant plenty of bisques for Catherine and Philip. In the morning doubles, Liz was in fine form taking her ball to penult early in the match. Terry followed in a series of smaller breaks, and with the Birkdale pair struggling to get into the match, Liz pegged out to give Fylde the first game of the day. Catherine and Philip, playing Tony and Keith respectively, both dominated in the early stages, using their bisques to establish good leads. However, both the Birkdale players rallied to win the games for the home side.

In the afternoon, Liz continued in good form and quickly despatched Ray, levelling the match. Terry took his first ball round to rover in one break, but then struggled to get going with his second ball. Tony dominated for a long period, establishing a small lead but eventually lost, as Terry mounted a comeback. Catherine watched her early lead being eroded as Keith took control. However, Catherine managed to get back in and pegged Keith’s front ball, unfortunately pegging out her own ball at the same time. She held her nerve during the rest of the game and pegged out to give Fylde overall victory. Philip had a close encounter with Margaret in the final game, losing out on a golden hoop finish. An overall win for Fylde and a very enjoyable day of croquet.

Ray and Margaret lost to Liz and Terry 7 – 26
Keith beat Philip 17 – 14
Tony beat Catherine 26 – 9
Ray lost to Liz 3 – 26
Tony lost to Terry 21 – 26
Keith lost to Catherine 16 – 26
Margaret beat Philip 13 - 12

Posted by Terry, 18th September

Bury 4 Fylde 3

Bury: Andy Brandwood 3, Graham Saunders 7, Richard Harvey 14 (c), Mac Hardman 14.
Fylde: Peter Wilson 2, Terry Vernazza (c) 5, Peter Hallett 14, Nathan Baker 14.

Graham & Mac lost to Terry & Peter H +14,
Andy lost to Nathan +26,
Richard lost to Peter W +5,
Andy beat Peter W +16,
Graham beat Terry +16,
Richard beat Peter H +4,
Mac beat Nathan +4.

Throwing away a three nil lead is never very good but everyone was having good moments on the lawn so in the end it was just about a few centimetres here and there. Mac knows all about peeling oppo and pegging him out, this worked a treat taking Nathan out of his comfort zone, into uncharted waters. Grinding out hoop after hoop and pulling back the five point deficit as time ran out for FCC.

A good convivial day on the wonderful Coronation Park lawns, thanks to BCC for their hospitality.

Posted by Peter W, 13th September


FYLDE: Ian Theakstone(11), Alan Morton (14), Ken Harper (14), Nathan Baker (16)
BURY PEELERS: Paul Ken worthy (2.5), Ken Anderton (4.5), Barbara Young (5), Margaret Anderton (10)

Weather; dry with sunny spells.

Ian and Alan opted for the doubles for the morning session. The doubles finished first but over in the singles Ken lost to Paul-5 but Nathan powered on to beat Barbara +9. Meanwhile in the doubles Alan had made an early break to H6 but Ken went round to Rover and Margaret to 3 back. Alan and Ian are checking the Metrolink timetables to Manchester for a shopping trip when Ian, who was cold, went on and took his ball to Rover leaving a 3 point difference. The game turned on a fluke shot when Alan attempting to roquet a ball near the peg from the North boundary missed and ran 2 back. Alan then played a perfect shot to behind 3 back and then proceeded to peg setting Ian up for a peg out. So from Primark to Peg out giving Fylde 2-1 lead at lunch.

Ian finished first but losing to Paul -10. Alan restored the lead by beating Ken +21. Ken lost -14 to Barbara which meant at match score 3-3 it was Nathan who could seal the victory. However, Margaret was in fine form and overcame Nathan +14.

Interestingly, every game resulted in a peg out according rapturous applause from all taking part. Thanks to Bury for a great day.

Posted by Alan, 3rd August

Bowdon Firs 3 Fylde 4

Bowdon Firs: Barry Keen (3) Christine Irwin (7) Lorna Frost (8 ) Chris Evans (14)
Fylde: Terry Vernazza (5) Ken Harper (14) Alan Morton (14) Philip Bass (22)

The Fylde team travelled to Bowdon hoping to improve on the disappointing Longman Cup result earlier in the week. The lawns were in very good condition and the weather was warm and sunny for most of the day. Alan got Fylde off to a good start, playing well and making good use of his bisques, to beat Barry Keen by a good margin. Terry and Ken were involved in a slow tactical battle with Christine and Chris for most of their match. However, in a game of very few bisques, the Bowdon pair established a winning lead to level the match. In the third game, Philip was playing very well and established a substantial lead. Lorna managed to mount a recovery but was unable to overtake Philip, who won by two hoops. Chance for a rest and a pleasant lunch, during which Alan was educated in the operation of ice-cream scoops! In the afternoon singles, Terry used his two bisques to quickly beat his opponent, pegging out after just an hour’s play. Ken was unable to prevent Christine from winning their game and keeping Bowdon in the tie. Alan was in control of his game and having pegged out one ball, completed his win by pegging out his second ball from the boundary. This win give Fylde the match. In the final game, Philip and Chris had a terse struggle, neither player being able to establish a long break or lead. Chris ran out the eventually winner, +1 on time. So Fylde won by four games to three. This win puts Fylde on top of the League table by virtue of hoop difference. Chester have the same points but do have a game in hand (as do other clubs). It could be an exciting end of the season with three games to go.

Christine Irwin and Chris Evans beat Terry Vernazza and Ken Harper 23-13
Barry Keen lost to Alan Morton 6 – 26
Lorna Frost lost to Philip Bass 11 – 14
Barry Keen lost to Terry Vernazza 0 – 26
Christine Irwin beat Ken Harper 26 –15
Lorna Frost lost to Alan Morton 9 – 26
Chris Evans beat Philip Bass 9 – 8

Posted by Terry, 6th July

Longman Cup Chester 6 Fylde 1

Chester: John Dawson (5) David Boyd (6) David Guyton (6 ) Paul Watson (8 )
Fylde: Terry Vernazza (5) Ian Theakstone (10) Ruth Rendle (16) Philip Bass (20).

Chester fielded a very strong side for this 2nd round tie (Fylde had a bye in Round 1) having previously beaten Pendle. The morning matches saw the Fylde players struggling to get to grips with the very quick lawns and the infamous Chester slopes. Terry and Ian made slow progress in the doubles and stayed in touch with the Chester pair but then their opponents established a winning lead in the final few minutes. Ruth established an early lead but was then overtaken by John Dawson who was playing exceptionally well. Philip also gained an early lead with the aid of his bisques and, despite a rally from David Boyd, held on to give Fylde a win and keep them in touch at lunchtime.

In the afternoon singles, John Dawson was again playing really well and despatched Terry well within time. Ruth and Ian both made early progress but lost out to their opponents. Philip showed spirited resistance in the final game but was overtaken towards the end of the game, giving Chester a 6-1 win. Well done to them and good luck in the next round.

David Guyton and Paul Watson beat Terry Vernazza and Ian Theakstone 23 –18
John Dawson beat Ruth Rendle 26-7
David Boyd lost to Philip Bass 10-12
John Dawson beat Terry Vernazza 26 –2
David Boyd beat Ian Theakstone 26 –17
David Guyton beat Ruth Rendle 26 – 11
Paul Watson beat Philip Bass 15 –10

Posted by Terry, 3rd July

Fylde 5 Southport 2

Fylde: Lee Hartley (-0.5), Terry Vernazza (6), Nathan Baker (20), Philip Bass (22).
Southport: Barbara Haslam (3) Carol Lewis (4) John Mawdsley (11) Eileen Rossiter (18).

Conditions were perfect, being sunny and warm with a slight breeze as Southport brought an experienced team for this fixture. in contrast, Fylde was giving an Handicap League debut to Nathan and Philip. In the morning singles, John Mawdsley made good use of his bisques to establish an early lead against Lee but, as the bisques ran out, Lee took control of the match and won +10. Philip also used his bisques to good advantage against Barbara. Although she mounted a strong comeback in the later stages of the game, Philip hung on to win +2 on time. In the doubles, both Terry and Nathan had good breaks to get their balls to an advanced position. A strong challenge by the Southport pair saw the lead reduced but, as time ran out, they were still 5 hoops behind. The Fylde players were able to enjoy lunch with their 3-0 lead at that point.

In the afternoon, Lee was in commanding form to beat Barbara +17 well within time. Nathan also had a good game, winning +23 with a bisque to spare. On the other lawn, the two Fylde players did not fare as well. Philip had a good battle with Eileen in the first half of his game, but then Eileen surged ahead to win +14. Carol quickly established control in the final game, keeping Terry off the lawn as she slowly advanced her balls through the hoops to win + 14 on time.

Sees us top the Handicap League at the halfway point in the season.

Posted by Terry, 21st June

Pendle 3 Fylde 4

Pendle: Andrew Webb (3 1/2), David Pollitt ( 8), Garry Wilson ( 11), Robin Delves ( 11)
Fylde: Terry Vernazza ( 7) , Ian Theakstone ( 11) Alan Morton (14) Ken Harper ( 14)

Fylde travelled to Pendle for this re-arranged match and were greeted by warm sunshine and lawns in very good condition. In the morning games, Ian continued his run of good form and beat Garry +12 well within time. Alan had a close game with David but narrowly lost -1 on time. In the doubles, Terry and Ken managed to hold a lead for most of the match, but a long hit in by Andrew, with only minutes to go, allowed him to run two hoops to give Pendle a victory +1 on time.

In the afternoon games, Ian again ran out the victor, this time against David. Despite his best efforts, Alan couldn't prevent Garry from gaining another game for Pendle. However Ken soon put Fylde back into contention with a win over Robin. The last match between Terry and Andrew saw both players having good breaks to keep the game evenly balanced. However Terry gained control in the last 30 minutes, constantly keeping Andrew's balls apart, while slowly scoring hoops one at a time, to give Fylde the match win.

Andrew and Robin beat Terry and Ken 18-17
Garry lost to Ian 14-26
David beat Alan 19-18
Andrew lost to Terry 13-21
David lost to Ian 19-26
Garry beat Alan 26-11
Robin lost to Ken 20-26

Posted by Terry, 21st May

Fylde 3 Chester 4

Fylde Terry Vernazza ( 6) Betty Bates (9) Ian Theakstone (11) Ruth Rendle (16)
Chester David Boyd (7) Alan Clare ( 8) Dennis Holman (12) Gareth Edwards (14)

The first match of the new season and expectations were high. The weather was cool and there was a stiff breeze, however this helped to dry out the lawns which had a heavy dew on them. Ruth got Fylde off to a flying start, quickly establishing a large lead over the Chester captain, David Boyd. Although David made a late rally, Ruth was a a comfortable winner. Like David,Terry also suffered from giving his opponent, Gareth Edwards, a large number of bisques. However, he got the scores level as time was called but an error allowed Gareth to gain the innings and clinch the game for Chester. In the doubles, Betty and Ian established a lead over their opponents and held on to give Fylde a 2-1 lead at lunchtime.

In the afternoon singles, David found some blistering form against Terry, taking his first ball around to peg in a single break without bisques. The game see-sawed after that but David was a comfortable winner in the end. Gareth also benefited from an inadvertent wiring by Ruth to establish a small lead in a closely fought game. Ian established a lead against Dennis and held on to secure a narrow win for Fylde. The score was 2-2 and all eyes on the final game. This was another close game, Betty battling hard to give Fylde a win. However Alan Clare resisted the challenge to give Chester the final game and the match by the closest of margins.

Betty and Ian beat Alan and Dennis 23-14
Terry lost to Gareth 17-19
Ruth beat Davis 23-8
Terry lost to David 11-26
Betty lost to Alan 18-23
Ian beat Dennis 24-23
Ruth lost to Gareth 17-20.

Posted by Terry, 13th April