Pendle & Craven972035-2814
Bury Caesars954033-2710
Crake Valley844031-218
Bowdon Firs844027-298
Bury Peelers734024-256
Bowdon St Marys725018-284
Void Matches:
Crake v Birkdale
Birkdale v Bowdon Firs
Bowdon SM v Birkdale
Chester v Bury Peelers

Bury Peelers 2 Fylde 5

Peelers: Ken Anderton(4½), Barbara Young(5), Margaret Anderton(14), Geoff Young(18)
Fylde: Terry Vernazza(5), Betty Bates(11), Ian Theakstone(11), Ken Harper(16)

Final game of the season and Fylde travelled to Bury under grey skies. Given the forecast for more heavy rain, it was decided to play the second round singles games in the morning. On lawn one, Betty and Terry quickly found their stride and got both their balls round within an hour of play starting. Betty duly pegged out giving herself an handsome victory. Terry was unable to complete the peg out after running rover and Ken Anderton hit in and took control of the match. However, Terry eventually regained the innings and finished the game. On lawn 2, Ken Harper proved too strong an opponent for Geoff Young and also completed his match well within time. Ian and Margaret had a much closer game with the lead constantly swapping, until Margaret took control at the end and gave Bury their first victory of the morning. After lunch, the threatened rain arrived but it was not as bad as predicted, being mainly patchy, heavy drizzle. Ian produced a dazzling display, taking his first ball round without a bisque and then completing the match in 45 minutes. Betty and Terry faced Barbara and Geoff in the doubles. Barbara gained the early initiative and took her ball to rover, Fylde responded with Betty also getting to rover. Geoff made a few hoops before Terry hit in, took his ball round and completed a rover peel and peg out in the same turn. In the final game, Margaret and Ken both had good innings to get their first balls round. With the scores quite close, Margaret pegged out Ken's ball and kept control of the game, to give Bury a second win.

Barbara Young and Geoff Young lost to Terry Vernazza and Betty Bates -14
Ken Anderton lost to Ian Theakstone -26
Margaret Anderson beat Ken Harper + 5
Ken Anderton lost to Terry Vernazza -8
Barbara Young lost to Betty Bates -25
Margaret Anderton beat Ian Theakstone +7
Geoff Young lost to Ken harper -16

Posted by Terry, 16th September

Fylde 3 Bowdon St Mary's 4

Fylde: Terry Vernazza (5) Ian Theakstone (11) Alan Morton (14) Ken Harper (16)
BSM: Ros Pimlott (16) Carol Steinberg (16) Chris Evans (24) Brian Rust (24)

'Lake Windermere has moved to Fylde's lawns' was the comment on Wednesday as it rained and rained and rained. The lawns were still flooded on the Thursday, so the game was switched to Bowdon. The forecast was good but, even if there was another deluge, the Bowdon team had plenty of bisques to build an ark, as they fielded a relativity inexperienced side. In the morning singles, the Bowdon players dominated the early play as they used their bisques to establish substantial leads. Chris Evans was playing really well and Ian was unable to prevent him winning well within time. However, Alan played steadily and mounted a good comeback against his opponent, Carol Steinberg. He eventually foundered on 4-back with his second ball as time was called, losing narrowly by one hoop. In the doubles, Terry was presented with an early opportunity to establish an early break and he took his ball to 3-back. Ros and Brian then slowly made inroads into the Fylde score to take a 3 hoop lead with 5 minutes to go. Fortunately, a mistake allowed Ken to get back the innings and he put Fylde into a one hoop lead as time was called. Lunch, and Fylde's hopes for a victory were still afloat.

In the 2nd round games, Chris Evans again used his bisques well to take control of his match, beating Alan with time to spare. Brian Rust had a considerable amount of lawn time in his game against Ken but was using his bisques rapidly without making a lot of headway. Two good breaks by Ken put him into a winning position. Terry again had an early opportunity against Ros and took his first ball to rover on his first full turn. Ros responded, and with the use of her bisques, also reached rover with her first ball and 2-back with the second. Terry then had another good break to reach 4-back before Ros slowly took control. However, a missed roquet when she was on peg and rover, allowed Terry back in to win the game +3. Scores were now tied at 3-3 and all eyes turned to the final game. Carol had reached peg and 4-back when Ian got his first ball round and pegged her out. Although Ian had a number of hoops to run with his second ball, and with time running out, he slowly closed the gap until he broke down at penult. Time was called before any more hoops were scored, leaving Fylde 3-4 losers on the day.

An excellent day's croquet in the dry and a good work out for Alan before he set sail for the All England finals in Ramsgate. Best wishes to him for this weekend.

Terry Vernazza and Ken Harper beat Ros Pimlott and Brian Rust +1
Ian Theakstone lost to Chris Evans -24
Alan Morton lost to Carol Steinberg -1
Terry Vernazza beat Ros Pimlott +3
Ian Theakstone lost to Carol Steinberg -2
Alan Morton lost to Chris Evans -14
Ken Harper beat Brian Rust +9

Posted by Terry, 13th September

firs 6 Fylde 1

The intrepid Fylde team travelled to Bowdon for the re-arranged game against Bowdon Firs. They were greeted by warm sunny skies and a very strong Bowdon team. As the doubles game got under way, Ian ignored the weather and the forecast and kept his waterproofs on! However, with Betty feeling unwell and Alan Mayne playing exceptionally well, a depression quickly set in, clouding Fylde's hopes, and Alan and Steve Reynolds scored a +16 win for Bowdon well within time. in the singles, Martin faced Barry Kean who was also showing exceptional form. Barry quickly took his first ball round, leaving Martin struggling to get into the game. Barry did make a couple of errors on his second break, allowing Martin to rally and score a few hoops. However, Barry got back the innings and quickly finished the game. Two hours gone and three of the Fylde players were sat out sun bathing. In the final morning singles, Terry scrabbled a break to get his first ball to hoop 5 but then Barry McKenzie made full use of his bisque to take control of the game and establish a lead. However, towards the end of the game, a blobbed hoop allowed Terry back in and he managed to establish a small lead as time was called.

In the second round games, Barry Kean faced determined resistance from Betty. However, her bisques ran out quickly and Barry again produced exceptional form to quickly win the game. Steve Reynolds took early control of his match against Ian establishing an early lead. However, by now the waterproofs were off, and Ian fought back well to close the gap. This late surge was not enough though and Steve held on for another Bowdon victory. On the other lawn, Martin's efforts were not enough to stop Barry McKenzie from scoring another win for Bowdon. Terry faced Alan Mayne in the final game and, after a shaky start and the waste of half his bisques, got his balls to peg and 4-back. Inevitably, Alan took control and pegged Terry's ball out. He than gave a master-class in how to keep an opponent perfectly wired in a three ball ending, his win giving Bowdon a 6-1 victory.

Not Fylde's best result but two positives...... it was warm and sunny all day, and Ian managed to scrounge a pair of gloves and a switch (for removing dew off the lawn) !

Alan Mayne (-1) and Steve Reynolds (9) beat Betty Bates (11) and Ian Theakstone (11) +16
Barry Kean (7) beat Martin Bradshaw (8) +20
Barry McKenzie (6) lost to Terry Vernazza (5) -4
Alan Mayne beat Terry Vernazza +4
Barry McKenzie beat Martin Bradshaw +24
Barry Kean beat Betty Bates +18
Steve Reynolds beat Ian Theakstone +8

Posted by Terry, 6th September

Pendle 3 Fylde 4

Pendle; Abdul Ahmad (4 1/2) David Pollitt (8 ) Catherine Powell (10) Paul Dowdall (20)
Fylde: Liz Wilson (2 1/2) Terry Vernazza (5) Ken Harper (16) Leonard Ainsworth (22)

Fylde travelled to league leaders Pendle for their fourth game in 11 days, hoping for a third consecutive win. The team was greeted by sunny skies and the sight of several of the Pendle lawns under netting as much needed repair work was under way. In the morning singles games, Catherine established an early lead with her bisques, but two good breaks by Terry gave him control of the game and the eventual win. Ken and David were playing in the other singles match, and the innings kept changing as both players tried to contend with the very fast lawn. However, David eventually hit good form to complete a win +11. The doubles also proved to be a close encounter, with Liz and Leonard playing well to hold Abdul and Paul for most of the game. However, the Pendle pair took the match to give Pendle a 2 - 1 lead at lunch. In the afternoon, the sun got hotter, as did the play on the lawns. Terry continued to play, making the most of his chances to win +13 against David. Liz and Abdul had a very close game, with both players scoring well. As time approached, Liz established a one hoop lead which she held to give Fylde another win. Ken and Leonard both had good periods of play in their games but were unable to overcome their opponents, this giving Pendle the two wins they needed for an overall victory of 4-3.

Abdul Ahmad and Paul Dowdall beat Liz Wilson and Leonard Ainsworth 26 - 13
Catherine Powell lost to Terry Vernazza 11 - 26
David Pollitt beat Ken Harper 26 - 15
Abdul Ahmad lost to Liz Wilson 20 - 21
David Pollitt lost to Terry Vernazza beat 13 - 26
Catherine Powell beat Ken harper 23 - 16
Paul Dowdall beat Leonard Ainsworth 26 - 16

Posted by Terry, 14th August

Fylde 4 Crake 3

Fylde: Peter Hallett (8) Alan Morton (14) Ken Harper (16) Leonard Ainsworth (22)
Crake: John Shakespeare (10) Ivan Wheatley (12) Jim Allcock (14) David MacInnes (18)

Bright sunny skies and Fylde looking for their second win of the season. Ken got the home team off to a winning start, using his bisques well to overcome John 26 - 15 well within time. Alan and Jim had a much closer tussle until Jim managed to get himself ahead to win +2 on time. The doubles game was also fiercely contested, neither side establishing a winning lead. However Peter and Leonard prevailed to win +1 on time. At lunch, advantage to Fylde with a 2 - 1 lead. In the afternoon games, Ken faced Jim with the innings constantly swapping until Ken surged ahead to win +11. Alan established an early lead in his game, but as his bisques ran out, Ivan slowly took control to win by +6. Peter and John also had a close battle, John eventually winning by +1 as time was called. In the final game, both players had opportunities but Leonard used his experience to maintain a winning position, beating David +7 on time. So a number of very close games but Fylde achieved an overall 4 - 3 win.

Peter Hallett and Leonard Ainsworth beat Ivan Wheatley and David MacInnes 18 - 17
Alan Morton lost to Jim Allcock 23 - 25
Ken Harper beat John Shakespeare 26 - 15
Peter Hallett lost to John Shakespeare 23 - 24
Alan Morton lost to Ivan Wheatley 20 - 26
Ken Harper beat Jim Allcock 26 - 14
Leonard Ainsworth beat David MacInnes 19 - 12

Posted by Terry, 11th August

Fylde 4 Southport 3

Fylde: Terry Vernazza (5) Martin Bradshaw (8) Ian Theakestone (11) Ken Harper (16)
Southport: Eileen Gallagher (10) John Mawdsley (14) Eileen Rossiter (20) Anne Mitchell (22)

The early morning of the match saw torrential rain sweeping across the Blackpool area, causing extensive flooding of the lawns, so the match was switched to Southport. As the teams got ready to play the skies brightened and good weather predominated for most of the day. Ken was in brilliant form and took his first ball round without the use of a bisque. Eileen Rossiter also scored heavily on her first real turn but at the cost of a number of her bisques. Ken then completed the match pegging out in excellent time. Ian also was playing well but had a much closer match with his opponent, John Mawdsley. Both players reached an advanced position before Ian took control to peg out the game. Eileen Gallagher and Anne Mitchell were playing well in the doubles with Terry and Martin struggling to get into the game. However, in the second half of the game, Martin had an excellent break taking his ball round to rover followed by a later break by Terry who advanced to 4-back. Eileen had a good break at the end scoring several hoops but was unable to overtake the Fylde pair. After lunch, Ken continued to play well and beat his opponent in quick time with two bisques to spare. Ian and Eileen Rossiter were both progressing well , Ian eventually getting one ball to peg and his other to 4-back. Eileen responded and having run rover with her first ball, pegged Ian's ball out. This gave her control of the game and she ran out the winner 26-24. In the other two singles, Martin and Terry both had good breaks but struggled to overcome their opponents who were playing well with their bisque advantage. An overall score of Fylde 4 Southport 3, this giving Fylde their first win of the season and lifting them off the bottom of the League table

Martin Bradshaw and Terry Vernazza beat Eileen Gallagher and Anne Mitchell 21 19 on time
Ian Theakestone beat John Mawdsley 26 20
Ken Harper beat Eileen Rossiter 26 16
Terry Vernazza lost to Eileen Gallagher 14 23 on time
Martin Bradshaw lost to John Mawdsley 12 20 on time
Ian Theakestone lost to Eileen Gallagher 24 26
Ken Harper beat Anne Mitchell 26 11

Posted by Terry, 6th August

Longman Cup First Round

Bowdon 7 Fylde 0

There are sunny days and there are rainy days. There are happy days and there are sad days. There are good days and there are bad days - this was the latter. Lined up to welcome your team were high handicaps and there were low(ish) handicaps. Strange that no mention was made by their captain of OUR handicaps. Basically folks we were thumped into the forest (of white sticks). But we maintained our composure and gracefully left them to contemplate a trip to Cheltenham in the next round; they had already tossed for it with a visiting player! As a fully paid up member of the "Friends of the M6" I can vouch that their journey may well be hazardous!

In the morning Ian got closest but missed out by two against Andrew. Adam was letting fly all over the place and the doubles combo were edged out. Terry could have been forgiven for thinking that this was 'speed croquet'. Barry shot round with both balls in 39 minutes using two of his three bisques. The rest of us found things difficult, your captain carelessly losing one of his balls with time to spare.

Barry Kean & Louise Cheyne beat Terry & Martin +7
Adam Swinton beat Betty +10
Andrew Kenyon beat Ian +2
Barry beat Terry +26
Adam beat Martin +7
Andrew beat Betty +15
Louise beat Ian +6

Posted by Mart, 9th July

Crake Postpone

They haven't got a team.

Posted 2nd June

Secretary' s Shield

Nottingham 4 Fylde 3

Nottingham: Omied Hallam Sue Wilemen David Gunn Dan Greenaway

Flyde: Terry Vernazza Ian Theakstone Ken Harper Alan Morton

Format: Handicap rules, bisque difference, time limit 3 hour 30 minutes.
After an early start, the Fylde team arrived in good time to be greeted by leaden skies and persistent rain. In the singles, Ken received 3 bisques from Dave Gunne and made good use of these to score some hoops. However, Dave was in good form and regularly hitting in from long distances. He took control of the match and eventually won by 15. Alan gave six bisques away to his opponent, Dan Greenway. Dan is a relative newcomer but, with the aid of his bisques, kept control of the game. Alan's efforts were in vain, Dan winning +17. In the doubles Terry and Ian were playing Omied and Sue. After a few early skirmishes, Terry got a good rush to Hoop 1 and took his ball round, electing to stop as 4-back. The game then developed into a see-sawing tussle with Ian and Omied advancing their balls. Omied then took control of the game, shutting the Fylde pair out and aiding Sue to make hoops. Omied then completed the peg out, with a couple of minutes to spare, Nottingham winning +5. Lunch and both the match score and the weather were looking bleak. In the afternoon singles, Ian faced Sue having 2 bisques in his favour. He quickly raced round the hoops, completing a rover peel, before pegging out +26. Ken had to give six bisques to his opponent Dan Greenway. Dan continued his good form shown in the morning and managed to keep Ken out of the game, eventually winning +26. Terry faced Omied Hallam, who quickly established a lead, taking his first ball to rover in the first 20 minutes of the game. Terry did not make much progress with his bisque and Omied hit in from long distance and started his second ball. However, a failed hoop allowed Terry back in and he took his ball to rover. Another mistake by Omied allowed Terry to pick up and go on to win the match +12. Alan was playing Dave Gunne . Alan used his bisques well and took control of the game. He made steady progress, as Dave struggled to get into the game, and won the game by 23.

Morning Games:
Omied Hallam and Sue Wilemen Beat Terry Vernazza and Ian Theakstone +5
Dan Greenaway beat Alan Morton +17
David Gunn Beat Ken Harper +15
Afternoon Games
Omied Hallam lost to Terry Vernazza -12
Sue Wilemen lost to Ian Theakstone -26
David Gunn lost to Alan Morton -23
Dan Greenaway beat Ken Harper +26

Posted by Terry, 28th April

Fylde 3 Chester 4

Fylde: Terry Vernazza (7), Peter Hallett (9), Ian Theakstone (12) and Ken Harper (14)
Chester: Alan Clare (8), David Guyton (9), Janet Davies (14), Gareth Edwards (16)

Fylde welcomed the Chester team for the opening match of the season. The weather was cloudy with a brisk wind but the promised showers held off. In the doubles match, all four players struggled in the early stages of the game, with few hoops being scored. However, despite the best efforts of Terry and Ken, the Chester pair of Alan and Gareth slowly inched ahead and ran out eventually winners +15 on time. In the singles, Ian used his bisques well and quickly took his first ball to rover. The rest of the game was much more even, Janet and Ian both scoring hoops, until Ian won +3 on time. Peter and David also had a close game, neither player gaining the upper hand. The game was tied after the final timed turn, David going on to win by scoring the golden hoop. In the afternoon, the sun came out and play warmed up. David Guyton found good form and beat Ian +23. Terry had a good tussle with Alan but slowly inched ahead to win +11. Ken played much better in the afternoon, and built up a good lead over Gareth. However in the final minutes, Gareth put a good break together and went on to win +1 on time. Peter and Janet also had a close game, both players taking their two balls to an advanced position. After pegging out Janet's first ball, Peter took control in the final stages and won +2.

Terry Vernazza and Ken harper lost to Alan Clare and Gareth Edwards by 15
Ian Theakstone beat Janet Davies by 3
Peter Hallett lost to David Guyton by 1
Terry Vernazza beat Alan Clare by 11
Peter Hallett beat Janet Davies by 2
Ian Theakstone lost to David Guyton by 23
Ken Harper lost to Gareth Edwards by 1

Posted by Terry, 21st April