Fylde Coasters 8 Southport 10

Fylde: Philip Bass (8), Catherine Bass (9) (c), Sue Elsmore (11) and Pip Keeble (14 but limited to 12 in League).
Southport: Don Williamson (1) (c), Mike Armstrong (9), Eileen Rossiter (10), Barbara Nodwell (12)

The weather, for the last of the Club’s League matches, was forecast for a day of drizzle but, actually, after light rain for about 10 minutes, the remainder of the day was overcast but warm and pleasant without breeze.

It was a very close match, with all but two games completed within time, a good reflection of efficient play whilst double banked. First up were the two doubles matches – won by Southport which, in the final reckoning, turned out to be the critical factor.

In the other rounds, the spoils were divided equally with Fylde winning 8 games (91 hoops) and Southport winning 8 games (89 hoops). Fylde’s hope of retrieving at least a draw lasted until the last stroke of the final game at Golden Hoop.

Doubles: Philip and Pip were just outdone 5-7 by Don and Barbara. The other doubles went to time, the additional 8 strokes had no affect on the score - 4-6 for the Southport pair.

Singles – Round 1: Philip beat Eileen 7-4. Barbara scored Hoop 12, taking the game with Catherine to 6-6 on time. In the 8 extra shots, Catherine was first to the Golden Hoop from the West boundary alongside Hoop 1, scoring with that ball from an awkward angle on her third shot to win the game. Sue also took Don to Golden Hoop just losing out 6-7. Pip came close in her game with Mike 5-7.

Singles – Round 2: Philip beat Barbara 7-4 and Sue just lost out to Mike 5-7. Pip’s Red was in the jaws of Hoop 8 when Don’s Blue knocked it out. Pip wasn’t daunted – running the hoop with Red from a good 12 feet away but in-form Don took the game 3-7. Catherine, trailing 4-1 at the start, overtook Eileen 7-5, with three jammy long hoop runs – eg aiming to clear a ball from the front of Hoop 8, ran it instead from half way on the West boundary!

Singles – Round 3 Sue and Philip were the only Fylde winners beating Barbara 7-5 and Mike 7-3 respectively. Don, en route to a clean sweep, beat Catherine 4-7 and Pip lost out to Eileen 3-7.

Singles – Round 4 Sue, buoyed by her third-round win, beat Eileen 7-5 and Catherine beat Mike 7-1. Barbara beat Pip 3-7 taking the match total to 8-9 in favour of Southport. A last-ditch win for Fylde would draw the match. As the other games finished, Philip and Don were heading to Golden Hoop but Don just ran it taking the final score to 8-10 for Southport.

Posted by Catherine 15th September 2019

Falcons 13 Culcheth 5

Fylde had a deserved win against Culcheth. The newbies glowed in confidence in the glorious sunshine.

Fylde: Betty Bates 4, John Cutler 10, Lou Pel 14, Ted Walker 14.
Culcheth: Alan Wright 5, Eileen Lloyd 10, Alistair Scott 11, Janet Maxwell 12.

The one lawn at Culcheth meant the format was 16 singles (and the match pro- rated as the doubles matches were not being played). Culcheth as ever the friendly and hospital hosts. A beer festival was in progress so there was quite an audience, but it did not put off either side. The lawns played beautifully in the glorious sunshine however towards the afternoon the lawns quickened considerably.

Betty won all her games despite giving away 22 bisques. Betty played the newbie Janet who started off very well reaching 6-3 with three bisques left. Janet knew the tactics and jawed her ball with her extra turns in readiness to score, however Betty was too accurate for her, jumping 4 hoops in total including the golden hoop to win her game 7-6.

John Cutler

John Cutler had an epic set of games winning 3. In particular the cat and mouse match against Alan, many of the hoops were fought over with clearances and advances sometimes in excess of 10 minutes a hoop. Eventually John beat Alan 7-3 .

Lou oozed with a new found confidence and had a tremendous day having three wins and losing one 7-5. A ‘what happened next’ video on the match between Lou and Alan would never have been predicted. Starting with poor Alan giving Lou 7 bisques and offering her a wheelbarrow to carry them! Lou played extremely accurately both attacking and defensively with only occasional misses around the hoop. Her tactics were fabulous. Every tactic that Alan employed to stop her ended with a fluke deviation or rebound on either other balls or bounced off the hoop that helped Lou to score. You couldn’t make it up! ‘OOOS’ came from the crowd and Alan just continually laughed in disbelief. Lou beat Alan in a fabulously fought game 7-5.

Ted won 2 out of the 4 games and only narrowly lost the other two by one hoop. Poor Culcheth’s luck was against them as judgement after judgement on whether a ball had gone through went against them. Although at the bottom of the table, the win kept the Falcons off the bottom spot for the end of the seasons rankings, not bad for a first season group of rookies. The new season bodes well with all the team energised from their new found confidence. Well done Falcons!

Posted by Betty, 14th September 2019

Falcons 5 Llanfairfechan 13

FYLDE: John Cutler 9, Barbara Walker 12, Ted Walker 12, Jean Audsley 12.
LLANFAIRFECHAN: Martyn Seal 7, Richard Hollas 8, Davyth Fear 10, Peter Hughes 11.

Fylde no match for the Welsh Assembly.

The doubles completed at one game each after a tense golden hoop playoff eventually won by Fylde’s Barbara.

Lunch time recess saw the scores in Llanfairfechan’s favour 8-2 The Fylde contingent however never gave up - in the knowledge that if they were to win the rest of the games - they could come away with at least a draw.

Unfortunately Fylde could not contend with the accuracy of Davyth Fear who did three 20 yard hoops all in spectacular fashion! Continuing his fine form this season. Davyth’s handicap duly triggered to 9. Martyn made light work on Fylde’s lawns winning 3 out of 4 only missing out to John Cutler on golden hoop. John also denied Richard Hollas of his whitewash beating him with an emphatic 7-0. Peter Hughes won 2, Fylde’s Ted and Barbara won one each in the singles and their pairing in the doubles. Fylde’s John won 2 games and only narrowly missed out on another: taking Davyth to a golden hoop, but was unsuccessful.

Everyone played in good spirits. Before the opponents went on their two and a half hour journey home they were treated to Barbara’s home- made ginger cake, a cup of tea and some light banter. A special mention to Lou Pel for coming down and helping both to make tea and do the washing up.

Posted by Betty, 31st August 2019

Bury South 9 Fylde Coasters 9

Not a good start for Fylde losing both doubles Jan and Andrew losing at the golden hoop to John and Roger and Carole and Pip losing 7-4.

Bury South : John Gilmartin 3, Derek Deadman 5, Roger Harper 10 and Pat Lord 12.
Fylde Coasters: Jan Smith 6, Carole Ramsbottom 12, Andrew Sinclair 12 and Pip Keeble 12.

Fylde got off to a good start winning 3 out of 4 games as the rain started. Only Carole and Pat were still playing as the rain turned torrential. It was decided that we would have an early lunch hoping that it would easy off. This was a great decision as by the time we had finished it had eased off considerably. After a pitch inspection play re-started.

The next round reversed the wins with Bury winning 3 to Fylde's 1.

Round 3 went to Fylde with everyone winning their games.

The the last round we needed 2 out of the 4 for a win. As in previous matches it all hinged on the last games. Unfortunately we only got 1 win which resulted in a draw.


Jan beat Roger 7-4, beat Pat 7-4, beat Derek 7-3 and lost 7-6 to John
Carole beat Pat 7-1, lost to Roger 7-4, beat John 7-6 and lost to Derek 7-4
Andrew lost 7-4 to John, beat Derek 7-6, beat Pat 7-2 and lost 7-5 to Roger.
Pip beat Derek 7-6, lost to John 7-4, beat Roger 7-4 and beat Pat 7-4

Posted by Jan, 31st August 2019

Fylde Coasters 9 Bury North 9

A little chilly early morning for our handicap match today. The downpours of rain yesterday meaning that our couldn't be cut. In spite of this, lawn 5 looked good.

Fylde: Jan Smith 6, Sue Clarke 9, Cyd Harbottle 11, and Jude Acda 11.
Bury North: Richard Leach 5, David Leach 7, Gill Freely 8, and Sue Hardman 10.

The doubles did not go Fyldes way losing both games 7-3.

Jan lost 7-2 to Gill, lost 7-5 to Sue, beat David 7-5 and beat Richard 7-4.
Sue beat Sue 7-, beat Gill 7-2, beat Richard 7-6 and lost to David 7-6.
Cyd lost 7-4 to Richard, lost 7-5 to David, beat Sue 7-6 and lost 7-4 to Gill.
Jude beat David 7-2, lost 7-2 to Richard, beat Gill 7-2 and beat Sue 7-2

At lunch Fylde were lagging behind 7-3 but went up a gear in round 3 winning all their games and pulling level. Everything hinged on the last round but with both team winning 2 games each the final result was a very respectable draw. The sun came to join us for afternoon tea and cake and we were all finished by 2.30.

Posted by Jan, 11th August 2019


The wet and windy conditions did not dampen the croquet spirit. Deluges during the night before meant a pitch inspection but the fabulous hard work from lawn team ensured the lawns drained well. The match started early so that the away team did not get stuck in the tourist traffic going home after the air-show. Play was complete by 2.15.

FYLDE: BETTY BATES 4, GEOFFREY LIPSHAW 14, BARBARA WALKER 14, LINDSAY CAMPBELL 18 (League rules state highest handicap can only be a 12 in matches).

The first round of play saw a draw of 2 a piece with Betty and Lindsay winning their two matches and Walter and David winning theirs. Barbara could not compete with an on form David who did a spectacular hoop run from the north boundary to go through hoop 6 and finally won his game.

Second round again saw a draw with Betty and Lindsay again winning their matches with Geoffrey narrowly missing out losing 4-5 to Eve, and Barbara battling well only to lose 7-5.

Fylde won all but two of the last ten 10 games with a Dunkirk spirit worthy of the Spitfire flypast. In total for the day Fylde had 4 wins thanks to Betty, 4 wins for Lindsay which included a fantastic jump shot on the golden hoop against David Edwards, 2 wins for Barbara, 1 win for Geoffrey and a win in the doubles for Barbara and Lindsay . MVP went to Lindsay for her fabulous contributions. As a consequence of their good play Lindsay and Barbara both received a handicap reduction to 12 at the end of the day.

Drizzle didn’t stop play but at the end a relaxing cup of tea and drizzle of a different sort – Barbara’s home- made lemon drizzle cake went down well before our friendly opponents set off back home; beating the traffic.

Posted by Betty, 11th August 2019

Bowdon 7 FYLDE falcons 11


Bowdon: Barry Keen 5, Ros Pimlott 6, Carol Steinberg 9, Alison Cort 10.
Fylde Falcons: Ian Theakstone 4, Betty Bates 4, Jean Audsley 14, Lindsay Campbell 16 (maximum handicap can only be 12 on league games).

The temperature reached a sweltering 32 degrees. Bowdon kept everyone hydrated with a welcome flask of iced water that was replenished regularly. The Fylde Falcons kept their cool starting the doubles with two wins. Jean had two wins in the singles, one convincing win was 7 -0 against Barry Keen; there was almost a third as one other games was unsuccessful on the golden hoop.

Ian had 3 wins with a magnificent finish on golden hoop against Barry Keen. Betty had two wins against Alison and Ros; and came close to winning two others losing both 7 -5.

Lindsay also played wonderfully, she beat Alison and Barry and gave Ros a competitive game unfortunately losing on the golden hoop. The first match win for the Falcons was celebrated with an ice cold lolly each.

Posted by Betty, 25th July 2019

Fylde Coasters 9 Culcheth 9

Fylde Coasters : Jan Smith 6, Sue Clarke 9, Cyd Harbottle 11 and Andrew Sinclair 12.
Culcheth: Alan Wright 5, Keith Woodward 5, Keith Hardman 10 and Alan Litton 12.

2 Alans and 2 Keiths confusing !

Jan and Cyd played Alan W and Keith H. A close fought game which went to time resulting in Culcheth winning 6/5. Fylde almost pulled it back during last 8 balls with a ball in the hoop to finish.. Sue and Andrew played really well winning 7/5.

The first round ended with scores level with Jan and Andrew winning 7-2 and 7-3 respectively. Round 2 saw Fylde edge in front with Jan, Sue and Cyd all winning Round 3 and it was Culcheths turn to pull the scores level with only Andrew winning for Fylde. Final round and it was honours even again with Sue and Cyd both winning.

A lovely day with lots of banter finished off with cake. A big thank you to Sue who stepped in as a last minute reserve after Pip had injured her shoulder and also to Jude who let her !!! and also helped us with the clearing up. Well done to Andrew playing his first home league match and did really well winning his doubles and 2 single matches.

Posted by Jan 21st July 2019

Chester 12 Fylde coasters 6

We left Blackpool at 7.30 in glorious sunshine with both air con and sunglasses on only to arrive a couple of hours later at a very murky looking Chester. They had had downpours but the lawns had dried out very quickly. Chester were also hosting an association match as well so we were sharing lawns.

Chester: Janet Jackson 5, Brian Hayes 9, Edward Baskerville 9, and Liz Baskerville 12.
Fylde: Jan Smith 6, Sue Clarke 9, Jude Acda 11, and Cyd Harbottle 11.

The doubles games did not go well for a Fylde team unaccustomed to Chester's notoriously sloping lawns losing both games 7-5 and 7-4.

First round the Fylde teams rallied with both Cyd and Sue winning their games.
Round 2 Chester dominated with only Jan winning her game.
Round 3 went to Fylde with Sue, Jan and Jude all winning.
Round 4 was a clean sweep for Chester winning all 4 games.

Posted by Jan 13th July 2019

CRAKE 10 FYLDE falcons 7, 1 draw


Fylde: Betty Bates (4), Lou Pel (12), Maurice Myers (12), Patricia Myers (12).
Crake: David Lloyd (3), Elaine Newman (6), Peter Uglow (6), Sandra Cornes (9).

Fylde’s pairing of Betty and Lou beat David and Sandra 5-3 (thanks to two gifted hoops from the opponents). Crake were triumphant in their pairing against Maurice and Patricia winning 6 -4.

Supershot of the day was that made by Maurice Myers being under pressure at the golden hoop with the opponent in the jaws, the only thing he could try was a jump shot from the boundary, which he did in spectacular fashion to the cheering crowd. Barnes Wallace had nothing on him! It bounced before the hoop and to the ‘Oos’ of the crowd, bounced again over the jawed ball and through the hoop winning 7 -6. Maurice played well and games were well fought, he drew his first game 6-6, and lost on another golden hoop 6-7 Betty won all her games 7-5, 7-5, 7-2 and 7-3.

Although Fylde’s Patricia only won one, she came very close losing on the golden hoop. She was overjoyed that her first ever competitive jump shot was successful. Patricia was unlucky that her mallet got damaged and had to loan one from another player, that turned out to be a visiting Fylde player showing support, it was with this mallet she secured her win.

Newbie Lou was unsuccessful in securing a win but her opponents praised her play and said how well she did and couldn’t believe she hadn’t won a game.

The Fylde team took the opportunity to sample the local chippy and a very hospitable Crake stayed at the ground so that we were able to eat together, and even supplied a lovely cup of tea. From a wild and windy start, the clouds cleared and the sun graced them during their lovely journey home. A big thank you goes to John Cutler for his support during the day. Also a big thank you too to John for loaning his mallet.

Posted by Betty, 6th July 2019

Fylde coasters 6 bowdon 12

It was a murky morning with rain threatening for our match against Bowdon. However as the day progressed the sun came out in all it's glory giving us a beautiful sunny afternoon.

Fylde Team : Jan Smith 6, Sue Elsmore 11, Cyd Harbottle 11, and Carole Ramsbottom 12.
Bowdon Team: Graham Abraham 5, Liz Webb 7, Leo Fletcher 9, and Margaret Moss 12.

The doubles team of Jan and Sue managed to pull off a win at the golden hoop against Graham and Liz whilst Cyd and Carole, also reached the golden hoop but missed out against Margaret and Leo.

The first round of singles saw Cyd and Carole both winning their games and Jan and Sue narrowly losing out. Round two saw Bowdon winning all the games. In round three only Jan winning for Fylde And finally round four, Bowdon and Fylde won 2 games apiece with Jan and Cyd winning for the home side.

Fylde battled hard against strong opposition and the games were very close. At the end we all chilled out with tea and cakes and enjoyed the glorious sunshine.

Posted by Jan, 3rd July 2019


BURY NORTH: Richard Leach 5, David Leach 9, Gill Freely 9, Sue Hardman 10.
FYLDE FALCONS: Ian Theakestone 4, Betty Bates 4, Jean Audsley 14, Lindsay Campbell 14.

The Fylde team arrived at Whitehead Park early, the traffic was light. Both teams were bright and early; so captains decided there was no point hanging around and started good and early.

After the first set of doubles the match was drawn at one apiece, the pairing of Richard and David and Ian and Jean was a closely fought fight, with Bury as the victors 7 -5. Gill and Sue could not compete with the accuracy of Betty and Lindsay. Lindsay scored almost all but one of the 7 hoops, with Fylde Falcons winning 7-4. At the lunch time recess the score was Bury North 5, Falcons 1.

Bury’s Richard won 3 out of the four singles matches as he continually outplayed Fylde using fabulous clearing and promoting strategies. Also, with 3 wins were David and Sue. The experience of Sue and her generous bisques could not be competed against. During the match she scored 4 hoops from 28 yards! Gill won two of her games. Fylde’s Betty had three wins in the singles, being able to do jump shots repeatedly was the order of the day, as the bisques allowed opponents to jaw and get near placement, Betty took the opponents to golden hoop twice and won both, one won from a shot from the boundary. Ian had a fabulous win over Sue (although he was giving away 6 bisques!) he won 7-4, the other win was Jean as she beat Gill in the last game 7-2. Her other games were tightly fought but not successful. Lindsay battled on, only able to play off maximum 12, if she were allowed her true handicap allowance it may have been a different matter. As usual the games were very tight with 4 golden hoops. The weather remained warm and calm with no sign of rain. All games were played expeditiously and the games were all completed before 2pm. Falcon’s Captain Betty praised her team for their efforts, she was proud of their positivity and motivation.

Fylde Falcons thanked the home team for their hospitality and went on their way, the traffic remained thin and trouble free and all the team arrived home, enjoying what was left of the sunshine; at home by 3.15. A big thank you went out to Ian for being chauffeur for the day.

Posted by Betty, 23rd June 2019

Westmorland 13 Fylde Coasters 5

Given the amount of rain that had fallen the previous days there was some doubts whether the lawns at Levens Hall would be playable for this match. However the sun had put it's hat on and we were treated to perfect croquet weather.
Fylde's team consisted of two players playing their first ever league match.

Westmorland: Mike Hayward 3, Dave Edwards 6, Nancy Gregory 8, Eve Gardner 9.
Fylde: Jan Smith 6, Sue Elsmore 12, Andrew Sinclair 12, Betty Brown 12.

The doubles matches were both close matches with honours even.
Singles 1st round
This round did not go well for Fylde losing all 4 games.
Round 2
We pulled back a little in this round winning 2 out 4 games. Noticeably Andrew beating Dave 7-1, a great win for our novice.
Round 3
Only Sue winning in this round beating Mike 7-5.
Round 4
Again only an on form Sue winning in this round. Jan losing at the golden hoop (again) as Mike pulled off a stunning long range jump shot.

Not a good result for Fylde but a lovely first match for our newbys against a strong Westmorland team in the stunning grounds of Levens Hall in glorious sunshine.

Congratulations to Sue winning 3 of her matches triggering handicap 11.

Posted by Jan, 9th June 2019

Flyde Falcons 7 Bury South 11

Bury: Ken Eccles 3, John Gilmartin 4, Derek Deadman 5 and Roy Spencer 9
Fylde: Betty Bates 4, John Cutler 9, Lou Pel 12 and Geoffrey Lipshaw 12

The day started a little drizzly and after the first round of doubles the games were drawn at one a piece. The pairing of Geoffrey and Betty worked well as they won 7 -5, Lou and John just failing to win their match in a tightly fought game at 5-7
The final score was 11 – 7 which did not truly reflect the valiant efforts of the Fylde Falcon team.

Well done to Lou Pel for her two wins against strong opposition and getting to grips with having lots of bisques and knowing how to use them. There were two wins for Betty and one each for Geoffrey and John C. John C played extremely well ,he was able to take the opposition to the golden hoops on three of his other games. On one occasion John jawed his ball and his opponent hit in from hoop 6 and knocked him out! There were 7 golden hoop matches in total with only one of them won by the home team (Betty).

Captain Betty praised the tenacity of the Falcons’ team against a strong opposition. MVP was awarded to Lou for her jolly persona and her two wins, despite being overwhelmed by the accuracy of her opponents.

At the end of the day consoled by tea and cake..and then the sun came out.

Posted by Betty, 1st June 2019

Fylde Coasters 8 Crake 10

Fylde: Jan Smith 6, Cyd Harbottle 11, Carole Ramsbottom 12 and Pip Keeble 14 (playing off 12)
Crake Valley: David Cornes 5, Frank Sharps 6, Sandra Cornes 10 and Peter Uglow 11.

Our opponents today travelled down from the Lake District on this May Bank Holiday week-end. This was their first ever visit to Fylde for a golf handicap match.

The doubles match pairings of Jan and Pip v David and Peter went to time with Fylde losing 4/6 and Cyd and Carole beating Frank and Sandra 7/5. Fylde won 3 of the first 4 singles matches but Crake pulled back in round 2 also winning 3 out of 4 meaning that at lunch time we were all square.

The visitors were the stronger in round 3 winning all their matches but the home team almost pulled back in the last round winning 3 out of the 4. Novice Pip gained her confidence improving with each match finishing with a much deserved win on the last game. Also congratulations to David Cornes (Crake) who triggering handicap 4. A lovely day, finished off with tea, cake and a helping of banter just as the threatened rain arrived.

Posted by Jan, 25th May 2019

Southport 12 Fylde Falcons 4 (2d)

SOUTHPORT: Tery Dunbar 4, Tina Kelly 9, Mike Armstrong 10, Barbara Hind 12.
FALCONS: John Cutler 9, Lou Pel, 12, Shelagh Fagen 12, Jean Audsley 12.

Playing relaxing piano music on the drive there, to relieve the tension, proved a little too successful as the team arrived in Southport half comatose. This was further emphasised with four opening losses before rousing ourselves for a fightback that got as far as 'fig' before petering out. With the sun melting the last of our resistance and the outstanding play of our opponents, cake was brought out in a vain attempt to console us. We thanked the victors for a great day of croquet and sang our hearts out on the journey home to The Greatest Showman, maybe we should have played that on the way?

Special mention to Lou, our player of the day, well done Lou.

HGL Southort Fylde scoresheet.

Posted by John, 12th May 2019

FYLDE falcons 8 CHESTER 10

FALCONS: Ian Theakstone (4), Maurice Myers (10), Patricia Myers (14 – but played off 12 due to league rules), Lindsey Campbell (12).
CHESTER: Maureen Ivens (5), Janet Jackson (5), Christine Thomas (7), Pat Wheeler (12)

An anxious start to a chilly morning - Rookie Golf Captain Ian took charge of the three nervous rookie league players. Non playing captain Betty came to watch and was impressed by the confidence of the play of the newbies in their first league competition. It was a very entertaining day as the results switched from advantage to home team then to away after each game.

Welcome to Fylde Croquet

The afternoon was spent in glorious sunshine the quintessential croquet vista -interrupted only by the break for a cup of tea and cake (but no cucumber sandwiches). The morning started with the doubles with Ian T completing a successful jump shot during the golden hoop to secure a win for the Coasters. Chester won the other pairings so a draw at the end of the first set. The matches continued to be drawn after each set of games. Ian won all of his games so he won the MVP trophy of a Mars bar!

All the other Fylde players won a game each, notably one of the games featuring rookie Maurice -he secured a golden hoop victory with a magnificent jump shot, proving practice does make perfect. The games could have gone either way with two games going to golden hoop and others resulting in 7-5, some superb clearing shots and excellent strategy play from both sides. Very close games played with respect and humour. Coming up to the end of 16 games the match was tied with 8 games each. The match finished 10 -8 to Chester .

A big thank you to Chester players who were warm and helpful to the Fylde rookies.

Posted by Betty, 5th May 2019

Llanfairfechan 8 Fylde coasters 10

Our league match against LLanfairfechan fell on a not so sunny bank holiday weekend and the team decided that, rather than travel there and back on the same day we would make a 'jolly' of it and travel up the day before.We had a lovely evening the night before in Llandudno trying out the local restaurants/bars. Up bright and early on match day arriving at Llanfairfechan at 9AM!

Llanfairfechan: Anwen Williams 7, Richard Hollis 10, Martyn (Sam) Seal 10 and Rod Bowden 11
Coasters: Jan Smith 6, Sue Clarke 10, Cyd Harbottle 11, and Jude Acda 11

Anwen and Rod v Jan and Cyd.
Richard and Sam v Sue and Jude.

Fylde got off to a poor start losing at the golden hoop on first game and losing 7/5 on the second.

Jan won all her games beating Sam 7-5, Rod 7-5, Richard 7-4 and Anwen 7-4 .
Sue beat Rod 7-2 and Anwen 7-3 and lost 4-7 to Sam and 6-7 to Richard.
Cyd beat Anwen 7-3 and Sam 7-6 and lost 2-7 to Richard and 6-7 to Rod
Jude beat Anwen 7-2 and Rod 7-6 and lost 2-6 to Richard and 6-7 to Sam

We had a really lovely day (if a bit chilly) and our hosts were brilliant plying us with chocolates and cake and lots of fun and laughter.

Posted by Jan, 4th May 2019


Fylde Coasters: Jan Smith ©, Sue Clark, Cyd Harbottle and Jude Acda
Fylde Falcons: Betty Bates ©, Geoffrey Lipshaw, Barbara Walker and Ted Walker

The day started off very overcast and windy. There was a chill in the air, but not in the atmosphere between the two teams. All the matches were played with good humour and mutual respect. Both teams were very apprehensive about playing as adversaries, rather than friends just having a knock- about. Everyone soon warmed up when the sun came out and spirits were lifted as the threat of rain disappeared.

All matches were close apart from Sue’s who wiped the floor with Betty using her 6 bisques, Sue couldn’t put a foot wrong, an amazing 18 yard hoop taken like a walk in the park - Sue won 7-2. There were four golden hoop games throughout the day which could have gone either way.

All the Coaster players won three games each and the pairing of Jan and Cyd against Betty and Barbara contributed to their doubles win on the golden hoop. The two newcomers Barbara and Ted Walker enjoyed their first experience of competitive play at the club and it is such a shame that their results did not reflect their wonderful efforts with some very close games.

Special thanks to Barbara for providing an afternoon cherry cake and all the spectators who helped to bring in hoops and tidy the kitchen. We very much appreciated their support and it just showed what a fabulous club we have and how everyone helps out regardless of whether they played or not.

Posted by Jan, 7th April 2019