Southport 10 Fylde 8

Our last league game of the season. Our team included John Cutler and Lou Pel playing their first ever league game. Upon arriving in Southport the rain was coming down in sheets and the Southport men who were busy ridding the lawns of worm casts had to take shelter in the hut. As the rain eased we braved the weather donned in waterproofs only to have to remove them ten minutes later as the glorious sunshine joined us for the remainder of the day.

Southport: Derek Lunt 3, Terry Dunbar 4, Bryan Roberts 8 and Esther Jobs 12.
Fylde: Jan Smith 6, John Cutler 9, Cyd Harbottle 11 and Lou Pel 12.

Jan and Lou played Derek and Esther in game which went to time with Southport winning 5/4, John and Cyd played Terry and Bryan losing 7/3.

Jan beat Bryan 7/5, beat Esther 5/4, lost to Terry 7/2 and beat Derek 7/6
John lost 7/0 to Esther, beat Bryan 7/3, lost 6/3 to Derek and beat Terry 7/4
Cyd lost 7/4 to Derek, lost 7/6 to Terry, lost 7/6 to Esther and bet Bryan 7/4
Lou lost 7/2 to Terry, lost 7/5 to Derek, beat Bryan 7/6 and beat Esther 5/4

Today match was a game of two halves with Southport winning most of the first half matches and Fylde having the upper hand in the second half and winning all games in the last round. John and Lou had a shaky start but soon 'found their feet' and won a pair of games each. A great result for their first match.

Again we all had a lovely day and finished off with a choice of cakes before our journey home. (thank you John for chauffeuring us).

Posted by Jan, 25th August 2018

Fylde 10 Llanfairfechan 8

The weather looked a bit doubtful early morning but turned into perfect croquet weather with plenty of sunshine and pleasantly warm without the over-bearing heat of recent games. Our visitors making the long journey from the North Wales coast of Llanfairfechan.

FCCHalcyon Days.

Fylde: Jan Smith 6, Sue Clarke 11, Cyd Harbottle 11 and Jude Acda 12.
Llanfairfechan: Martin Seal (Sam) 9, James Thomas 10, Richard Hollas 10, and Peter Hughes 11.

Jan & Jude played Sam and Peter. Peter managed to 'jaws' his very first shot and then ran the hoop to right in front of hoop 2. Jan/Jude fought back but lost 7/5. Sue and Cyd played the grandfather/grandson team of Richard and James getting to the golden hoop but losing 7/6.

Jan beat Richard 7-5 lost to Peter 7-1 lost 7/5 to James and lost 7/6 to Sam.
Sue beat Peter 7/1, beat Richard 7/6 beat Sam 7/4 and lost to James 7/6.
Cyd lost 7/5 to Sam, beat James 7/6, beat Peter 7/4 and beat Richard 7/5.
Jude lost 7/5 to James, beat Sam 7/3, beat Richard 7/5 and beat Peter 4/3.

A brilliant afternoon for Sue and Jude playing their 1st league game this year, both winning 3 out of their 4 games and Cyd finding form also winning 3 of hers. Congratulations to Sue on triggering handicap 10. The afternoon was rounded off nicely with chocolate fudge cake and cream and plenty of banter. A lovely day with our Welsh visitors.

Posted by Jan, 11th August 2018

Bury North 10 Fylde 8

After a long dry spell rain had threatened for todays match at Coronation Park, luckily it kept away and we had perfect weather conditions for todays match.

Bury North: Richard Leach 9, Gill Freely 10, David Leach 10, and Carolyn Hampson 12.
Fylde: Jan Smith 6, Cyd Harbottle 11, Carole Ramsbottom 12, and Sita Gough 12.

Fylde got off to a flying start winning both doubles. Jan and Sita beat David and Gill at the golden hoop and Cyd and Carole beat Richard and Carolyn 5/7.

Jan lost 7/3 to David, lost 7/3 to Carolyn lost 7/5 to Gill and beat Richard 5/7.
Cyd beat Carolyn 5/7, beat David 6/7, lost 7/5 to Richard and lost 6/7 to Gill.
Carole lost 7/3 to Richard, lost 7/4 to Gill, beat Carolyn 4/7 and lost 7/2 to David.
Sita lost 7/4 to Gill, beat Richard 4/7, lost 7/6 to David and beat Carolyn 6/7.

We broke for lunch with the scores level but Bury came out fighting for round 3 winning 3 of the 4 games. The 4th round was honours even meaning that Bury had claimed victory.

Posted by Jan, 21st July 2018


FYLDE: Jan Smith 6, Cyd Harbottle 11, Sue Elsmore 12, and Pip Keeble 12.
CHESTER: Chris Thomas 6, Liz Sub 9, Judith Hawkins 9, and Brian Hayes 10.

Glorious sunshine once again with high temperatures predicted later today. Our lawns were looking in considerably good condition despite a long period with little (if any) rain.

Jan and Cyd played Chris and Liz winning 7/5 and Sue and Pip played Judith and Brian losing at the golden hoop 6/7.

Jan beat Judith 7/2, beat Brian 7/6, beat Liz 7/2 and lost to Chris 7/5.
Cyd lost 7/4 to Brian, beat Judith 7/3, beat Chris 7/6 and beat Liz 7/6.
Sue beat Chris 7/3, lost to Liz 7/4, lost to Brian 7/5 and beat Judith 7/6.
Pip lost 7/3 to Liz, beat Chris 7/4, beat Judith 7/6 and lost to Brian 7/4.

There were some close games with 6 being decided at the golden hoop. We cracked on with the games before the glorious sunshine became oppressively hot. We were very grateful for the sunshades to help keep us cool. Another fabulous day with fabulous company.

Posted by Jan, 7th July 2018

Culcheth 9 Fylde 7

Culcheth: Keith Woodward 4, Alan Wright 5, Ann Woodward 11, Alistair Scott 11.
Fylde: Jan Smith 6, Cyd Harbottle 11, Sue Elsmore 12, Sita Gough 12. This was Sita's 1st away game

On arrival at Culcheth we found that preparations were underway for a large private party complete with bouncy castles (Oh joy!!!!) adjacent to the croquet lawn.

Because Culcheth only have one lawn we dispensed with the doubles matches. The lawns were very dry and the balls were running unusually fast and given the sloping nature of the lawns, play was challenging for both teams.

Jan played Anne 7/5, Alistair 7/6, Alan 7/4 and Keith 7/6, winning all her games.
Cyd, lost 7/6 to Alistair, beat Ann 7/2, lost 7/6 to Keith, and lost 7/6 to Alan. (3 games only lost at golden hoop)
Sue Elsmore lost 7/4 to Keith, lost 7/4 to Alan, lost 7/5 to Alistair and beat Ann 7/3.
Sita lost 7/3 to Alan. lost 7/4 to Keith, beat Ann 7/4 and lost 7/4 to Alistair.

The sun was mercilessly hot and there was very little shade, making the time waiting between games quite uncomfortable but our opponents were great company so despite being a very long day we enjoyed our visit.

We seem to have developed a pattern this season whereby the result is decided on the final match of the day. Unfortunately it didn't go our way again. Culcheth's expertise at 'jump shots' were a valuable weapon in their armoury.

Posted by Jan, 10th June 2018

Fylde 9 Bury South 9

Fylde: Jan Smith 6, Cyd Harbottle 11, Carole Ramsbottom 11, and Lindsay Campbell 12.
Bury South: Judith Gaskell 4, Derek Deadman 5, David Dean 9, and Roy Spencer 9.

Lindsay runs the hoop.Lindsay scores another point.

Jan and Pip played Judith and Roy, Fylde lost 7-2 but the highlight was when Jan jokingly told Pip to go for the 2nd hoop from the halfway mark and Pip kindly obliged to a round of applause. Cyd and Lindsay kept the scores level winning 6-3.

Jan lost 7-2 to David, beat Roy 7-2, beat Derek 7-6 and beat Judith 7-4.
Cyd, lost 7-5 to Roy, lost 7-4 to David, beat Judith 7-3 and beat Derek 7-3.
Pip lost 7-4 to Judith, lost 7-2 to Derek, beat Roy 7-6 and lost 6-5 to David,( Well done Pip).
Lindsay beat Derek 7-5, beat Judith 7-3, lost 7-6 to David and lost 7-5-4 to Roy.

A close match with the final result resting on the last game again. This was Pip v David which had gone to the 8 ball rule. With the very last strike of the game Pip went for the hoop but unfortunately it stuck half way through the hoop depriving her of a draw and Fylde of an overall win but still a very respectable draw.

A lovely day with lovely company and all contributing to the result but particularly good results from our new players.

Posted by Jan, 26th May 2018

Crake 9 Fylde 8 plus 1 drawn game

Crake: Elaine Newman 7, David Cornes 10, Helen Allcock 12, and Frank Sharps 12.
Fylde: Jan Smith 6, Cyd Harbottle 11, Carole Ramsbottom 11, and Lindsay Campbell 12.

Crake got off to a great start winning both set of doubles. Elaine and Frank beat Jan and Lindsay 7-4 and David and Helen beat Cyd and Carole 7-3

Jan beat Helen 7-5, beat Frank 7-6, beat David 6-4 and lost to Elaine 5-7 giving away 17 extra turns altogether.
Cyd lost 6-7 to Frank, beat Helen 7-6, beat Elaine 7-4 and lost 4-7 to David.
Carole lost 6-7 to Elaine, lost 4-7 to David, lost 5-7 to Frank and beat Helen 4-3
Lindsay beat David 7-6, drew 6-6 against Elaine, beat Helen 7-2 and lost 6-7 to Frank.

Most of the games were very close with 6 going to the golden hoop and 3 going to time and 1 draw. Fylde were in the lead going into the last games but unfortunately not quite able to pull off an overall win.

Posted by Jan, 12th May 2018

Fylde 5 Bowdon 12 plus 1 drawn game

Bowdon: Barry Keen 4, Graham Abrahams 5, Carol Steinberg 10, and Hilary Kenny 11.
Fylde: Jan Smith 6, Philip Bass 9, Catherine Bass 9, and Cyd Harbottle 11.

Graham and Carol played Jan and Cyd in a slow game that went to time. result 4 - 4
Barry and Hilary played Catherine and Philip winning 6 - 4.

Jan lost 5/7 to Carol, beat Hilary 7/4, lost 5/7 to Graham and lost 4/7 to Barry.
Philip beat Hilary 7/4, lost 5/7 to Carol, beat Barry 7/3 and lost to Graham 4/7
Catherine lost 5/7 to Barry, beat Graham 7/3, lost 3/7 to Hilary and lost 5/7 to Carol
Cyd lost 2/7 to Graham, lost 3/7 to Barry, won 7/6 to Carol and lost 6/7 to Hilary.

Not really a great day and we were behind right from the start but we did manage to escape the showers. No incidents or anything of note

Posted by Jan, 26th April 2018

Fylde 8 Westmorland 9 plus 1 drawn game

Our first league match of the new season started with some promising weather after yesterdays downpours although the lawns were still pretty sodden but certainly playable.

For the 1st 20 minutes we had to play 'hunt the hoop holes' on lawn 3 and finally left John with the task and swapped to lawn 5.

Fylde: Alan Moreton 4, Jan Smith 6, Cyd Harbottle 11, and Sue Elsmore 11.
Westmorland: David Snaith 5, David Edwards7, John Burrows 9 and Eve Gardner 11.

Alan and Jan took on the two Davids winning 7-3.
Cyd and Sue played John and Eve winning 7-3.

Alan lost 5-7 to John, beat Eve 7-6, beat Dave E 7-5 and drew against Dave S 5-5.
Jan beat Eve 7-4, beat John 7-4, lost 4-7 to David S and beat Dave E 7-2.
Cyd lost 3-7 to Dave S, beat Dave E 7/2, lost 4-7 to Eve and lost 1-7 to John..
Sue lost 3-7 to Dave E, lost 6-7 to David S, lost 1-7 to John and lost 3-7 to Eve.

Fylde had their nose in front all day but the final result rested on the two final games. Unfortunately we lost 1 and drew the other leaving Westmorland winner by 1 point. It was a lovely day and the sun had come out to play as we all ate our lunch al'fresco.

Posted by Jan, 14th April 2018