Fylde 11 Bury North 6

A beautiful sunny day for our home match against Bury North. Fylde team included Carole Ramsbottom playing her first league match.

Fylde: Jan Smith 6, Catherine Bass 9, Philip Bass 9, and Carole Ramsbottom 11.
Bury North: Maureen Whittle 8, Gill Freely 10, David Leach 12, and Helena Nuttall 12.

Jan and Carole played Maureen and Helena winning 7-3
Catherine and Philip played Gill and David also winning 7-3.

Jan lost 7-3 to David, beat Helena 7-1, beat Gill 7-1 and beat Maureen 7-2.
Catherine beat Helena 7-4, beat David 7-5, lost 7-6 to Maureen and beat Gill 7-6.
Philip beat Maureen 7-4, drew with Gill 6-6, beat Helena 7-4 and lost to David 7-4.
Carole lost 7-1 to Gill, lost 7-5 to Maureen, beat David 7-3 and lost 7-5 to Helena.

A great result for an on form Fylde team despite giving away extra turns in most games. A lovely day with the added attraction of the air show display. All games finished by about 2.30 leaving time for a leisurely afternoon tea.

Afternoon tea (for some).

Many thanks to Cyd and Eileen who came and looked after us serving lunch and afternoon tea and doing all the washing up.

Posted by Jan, 13th August

Fylde 10 Bowdon 8

The weather for our match today against Bowdon was totally unpredictable and you would have to be very brave not to be armed with waterproofs even though they weren't required in the end. Sita was playing her first league game today for Fylde and Hilary playing her first for Bowdon (although she had previously played for another team).

Fylde: Jan Smith 6, Sue Elsmore 11, Cyd Harbottle 12 and Sita Gough 14.
Bowdon: Leo Fletcher 8, Hilary Kenny 12, Caz Sinclair 12 and Margaret Moss 14.
Sita and Margaret have to play as 12 in the league.

Jan and Sita beat Leo and Margaret 7/3. Hilary and Caz beat Sue and Cyd 3/7.

Jan beat Caz 7/1, lost to Margaret 4/7 beat Hilary 7/6 and lost to Leo 6/7
Sue beat Margaret 7/5, beat Caz 5/7, beat Leo 7/1, and lost to Hilary 4/7
Cyd beat Leo 7/6, beat Hilary 7/6, lost to Margaret 5/7 and beat Caz 7/4
Sita lost to Hilary 6/7, lost to Leo 6/7, beat Caz 7/4 and lost to Margaret 1/7.

A lovely day with pleasant company, a great lunch and the added surprise of Pip and Sandra coming to help with the washing up, very much appreciated ladies x. Sita enjoyed herself and was over the moon with her win. She played really well, winning her doubles game and her game against Caz and only losing two others at the golden hoop. Cyd has triggered handicap 11 again after winning three of her games.

Posted by Jan, 11th June

Chester 10 Fylde 8

Our first away game of the season against current league leaders, Chester, meant an early start to try and dodge bank holiday traffic. It was a warm morning but heavy rain and thunderstorms had been promised for later in the day.

Chester: Janet Jackson 6, Pauline Walters 8, Mavis Sellers 10, and Liz Subrahanian 11.
Fylde: Betty Bates 4, Jan Smith 7, Geoffrey Lipshaw 11, and Cyd Harbottle 12.

Betty and Cyd played against Janet and Liz losing at the Golden hoop Jan and Geoffrey played Pauline and Mavis winning 7/4.

Betty beat Mavis 7/4 beat Liz 7/5, lost to Pauline 7/3 and beat Janet 7/5
Jan lost to Liz 7/2, beat Mavis 7/6, lost to Janet 7/3 and lost to Pauline 7/0
Geoffrey lost to Janet 5/4, lost to Pauline 7/4, beat Liz 7/5 and lost to Mavis 7/1
Cyd beat Pauline 6/5, lost to Janet 7/4, beat Mavis 7/4 and lost to Liz 7/5

We managed to escape the rain (apart from a few odd spots). The lawns were very dry and even more unpredictable than usual making play more a game of luck than skill. Geoffrey has unfortunately increased his handicap to 12.

Posted by Jan, 27th May

Fylde 8 Culcheth 9

A chilly but dry morning for our second match of the season against the 'big guns' from Culcheth.   Our team included Sue and Jude playing their first league match.

Fylde:            Jan Smith 7,   Cyd Harbottle 11,  Sue Clarke 12 and  Jude Acda  12.
Culcheth:        Bob Connop 1,    Keith Woodward 4,   Anne Connop 5  and Alan Wright 5

Jan and Jude played Bob and Alan running out of time with a score of 5/6 to the visitors. Cyd and Sue played Keith and  winning 7/4.

Jan beat Anne 7/5, lost 4/5 to Alan, beat Keith 7/5 and beat Bob 7/3.
Cyd lost 7/6 to Alan, beat Anne 7/6, lost 3/7 to Bob, and lost 5/7 to Keith.
Sue lost 5/6 to Bob, lost 2/7 to Keith, lost 4/7 to Alan and drew 6/6 to Anne.
Jude lost 4/7 to Keith, beat Bob 5/4, beat Anne 7/5 and beat Alan 7/3.

Todays games were particularly  hard fought against very experienced opposition with several games going to time.  Jude winning 3 of her singles and triggering handicap 11.  Sue played well and almost snatched a draw for us as she was leading in her final game as the timer went.  Anne managed to pull a hoop back during the final 8 shots earning a draw against Sue and a win for Culcheth.

It was another fun day with plenty of banter and an accompaniment of Kentucky fried chicken and Pizza hut ringing out from the kids party at the tennis club lol.  We had a lovely meal (Cyd and I are getting quite good at gourmet meals ! now) and another great big thanks to Freda and Carole who came to help with the washing/clearing up.

Posted by Jan, 6th May

Fylde 8 Southport 9

A sunny but chilly day for the golf teams first match of the 2017 season. Our opponents were last years league champions.

Fylde: Jan Smith 7, Cyd Harbottle 11, Sue Elsmore 11 and Jean Audsley 12.
Southport Terry Dunbar 5, Derek Lunt 5, Brian Roberts 8, and Mary Warren 11.

Jan and Jean took on Terry and Mary winning 7-3.
Cyd and Sue played Derek and Brian going to the golden hoop with Fylde taking the spoil 7-6.

Jan beat Brian 7-3, beat Mary 7-3, lost to Derek 2-7 and lost to Terry 5-7.
Cyd beat Mary 7-2, beat Brian 7-3, lost to Terry 6-7 and lost 3-7 to Terry.
Sue drew 5-5 against Terry, lost 4-7 to Derek, lost 2-7 to Mary and beat Brian 7-5.
Jean lost 4-7 against Derek, Lost 5-7 to Terry, beat Brian 7-3 and lost to Mary 3-7.
1 drawn game.

We had a lovely day with lots of banter and were leading for most of the day, just lost it on the final round. Many thanks to Ian who came to help with the lunch and to Freda who took over from Ian and did a fantastic job.

Posted by Jan, 23rd April