Fylde 6.5 Bury South 11.5

The very early morning weather of torrential rain improved throughout the morning and left us with a lovely day for our final golf handicap match of the season against a very experienced team from Bury South. Our all lady team included Jean who was playing her 1st home game.

Fylde: Jan Smith 7, Cyd Harbottle 11, Sue Elsmore 11 and Jean Audsley 12
Bury South: Ken Eccles 2, Margaret Eccles 4, Judith Gaskell 5 and David Dean 11

The morning doubles pitched Jan and Cyd against Ken and Margaret and Sue and Jean against Judith and David. Both games went to time and resulted in Bury winning both games 4/6.

Singles : Jan beat Judith 7/5, lost to David 5/7, beat Margaret 7/4 and beat Ken 7/4.
Cyd lost 5/7 to Davis, lost 5/7 to Judith, beat Ken 7/2 and lost 4/7 to Margaret.
Sue beat Ken 7/3, drew 5/5 with Margaret, lost 7/6 to David and lost 4/7 to Margaret.
Jean lost 4/7 to Margaret, beat Ken 7/5, lost to Judith 2/7 and lost 6/7 to David.

I had to feel sorry for Ken Eccles who had to give away 33 extra turns on the day and lost all his matches but this was balanced by the very experienced David (a previous handicap 2 player) who won all his games.

Posted by Jan, 25th September

Culcheth 11 Fylde 5

Scaled results: Culcheth 12 Fylde 6

Culcheth: Keith Woodward 5, Denis Cook 6, Mark Frayne 8 and Catherine Poole 10.
Fylde: Ian Theakstone 4, Jan Smith 7, Cyd Harbottle 11 and Jean Audsley 12

On a murky Saturday morning Fyldes handicap team travelled to Culcheth for our final away match of the season. Our team included Jean Auldsley who was playing her first ever league game. We had set off early as the forecast was for heavy rain during the afternoon and knowing that Culcheth only had one lawn we were hoping to get as many games played as possible before the downpours.

No Doubles matches.
Round 1 saw Culcheth take a lead with only Jan winning her game but both Jean and Ian taking the game to the golden hoop.
Round 2 Culcheth took a commanding lead winning all but one of the games.
Round 3 saw Fylde share the spoils and Jean win her first league game.
Round 4 and again Culcheth won 3 out of 4 games.

It's fair to say that it rained all day and sometimes it was absolutely torrential and we were all soaked to the skin which made play difficult (for both teams).

Jean played great in her debut match against a very good Culcheth side. More than a third of the games went to the golden hoop and Keith robbed Jan of a win by a brilliant long distance jump shot as she sat in the jaws of the golden

Ian lost 7/6 to Mark, lost 6/5 to Catherine, lost 7/5 to Mark and won 7/6 against Catherine
Jan beat Catherine 7/3, beat Mark 7/6, lost 7/6 to Keith and lost 7/5 to Denis
Cyd lost 7-3 to Keith, lost 7-2 to Denis, won 7/6 against Catherine and lost 7/4 to Mark
Jean lost 7/6 to Denis, lost 7/3 to Keith. beat Mark 7/5 and lost 7/3 to Catherine.

Posted by Jan, 4th September


FYLDE: Ian Theakstone (4), Betty Bates (4), Alan Morton (4)
BOWDON BANDITS: Alan Mayne (-2), Graham Good (0), David Holland (5)

On a lovely sunny day , Fylde were well beaten by a very experienced Bowdon team. The consistency of the play from the Bowdon team overcame some dogged play by the home side . There were 3 tie break games of which Fylde won 1.All the Fylde players won a game but Alan had the most pleasing win having been 'nilled' by Alan (Bowdon) in the first game came back and took the second game to tie break . Alan(Bowdon) sent his pink ball into a scoring position at Hoop 13 but Alan (Fylde) replied with a direct hit on pink blocking the scoring opportunity. Alan (Fylde ) won the game with a hoop run from the boundary.

Ian v Alan 3-7,6-7
Ian v Graham 3-7,6-7
Ian v David 5-7,7-5

Betty v Alan 5-7,4-7
Betty v Graham 5-7,3-7
Betty v David 7-3,6-7

Alan v Alan 0-7,7-6
Alan v Graham 3-7,7-4
Alan v David 5-7,3-7

Posted by Alan, 17th August


FYLDE: Betty Bates (4), Ian Theakstone (4), Janet Smith (7).
PENDLE FORESTERS: David Widdison (-1), Andrea Widdison (6).

Pendle could only send 2 players for this match which meant that Fylde started the game 6-0. David and Andrea played very well and closed the gap in the score with only Ian winning games. The most entertaing match was Janet v David with the match score at 7-8 . During their second game ,David ran hoop 4 from 12 yards but Janet got a big cheer when she replied with 14 yard hoop run at Hoop 6.

It was a remarkable effort from the Pendle pair and demonstrates that you can get a match played if the players are prepared to play 4 games instead of 6.

Betty v David 3-7,4-7
Betty v Andrea 5-7,6-7

Ian v David 7-6,4-7
Ian v Andrea 7-4 ,3-7

Janet v David 3-7,4-7
Janet v Andrea 2-7,4-7

Posted by Alan, 10th August

Bowdon Sinners 18 Fylde 0 LPG

Due to being a player short, we conceeded a walk over. An unfortunate combination of our usual players being unavailable on Thursdays and Thursdays being the only day of the week Bowdon can host LPG league matches.

Posted by Alan, 4th August

Bury North 9 Fylde 9

Bury North: Sue Hardman (10), Jill Freely (10), David Leach (11), Carol Hampson (12)
Fylde: Betty Bates (4), Jan Smith (7), Cyd Harbottle (11), Geoffrey Lipshaw (11).

Jan and Cyd took on Sue and Carol. The game went to the golden hoop but Bury won the point.
Betty and Geoffrey played David and Jill and struggled on the really fast running lawns losing 7/2.

Betty beat Jill 7/6, beat Carol 7/3, beat David 7/3 and beat Sue 7/6.
Jan lost to Carol 7/4, beat Jill 7/6, beat Sue 7/5 and beat David 7/4.
Cyd lost to Sue 7/4, lost 7/6 to David, lost 7/5 to Carol and beat Jill 7/5.
Geoffrey beat David 7/2, lost to Sue 7/3, lost 7/5 to Gill and lost 7/6 to Carol.

Betty won all her singles games despite giving away 27 extra turns. She was on form with her jump shots, jumping Sue 3 times. Jan gave away 15 extra turns but managed to knock several opponents balls out from the back of the hoop from long distances and won 3 of her games Cyd was not on her recent good form today but won her last game spectacularly by running two hoops at once to beat Jill. Geoffrey won his first game well but faltered losing the next two but had a nail biting fight on the last game at the golden hoop (unbeknown to Geoffrey, a win would mean we had won the match) so both teams remaining players were watching from a distance. Unfortunately his opponent took the point which resulted in a draw.

Extra turns: Bury 50 : Fylde 5 , but a lovely day.

Posted by Jan, 30th July


Finally the rain has given us a break and our game against Chester was played in beautiful sunshine with a lovely gentle breeze.

Fylde: Jan Smith 7, Philip Bass 9, Cyd Harbottle 11, Geoffrey Lipshaw 12
Chester: Trevor Farrell 4, Chris Slater 6, Howell Roberts 9,Dorothy Bayley 11

Jan and Cyd played against Trevor and Howell. The gents were no match for the ladies who took no time in winning 7-3 Philip and Geoffrey took on Chris and Dorothy, after a long game, Chester took the spoils with a 7-2 win.

Jan beat Howell 7-3, lost to Dorothy 7-5, lost to Chris 7/4 and lost to Trevor 7-6.
Philip beat Dorothy 6-4, lost to Howell 7-5, beat Trevor 7-2 and lost to Chris 5-3.
Cyd beat Trevor 7-3, lost to Chris 7-4, beat Dorothy 7-3 and lost to Howell 7-4.
Geoffrey lost to Chris 7-2, beat Trevor 7-5, beat Howell 7-3 and beat Dorothy 7-5.

The teams were neck and neck throughout the day, both winning a doubles match and level at lunch time and finally finishing the day with a DRAW. Geoffrey was the star of the show today winning three of his games and triggering handicap 11

Great day, lovely opponents, delicious lunch and beautiful weather and being serenaded by the tennis club disco with the Cha Cha Slide?

Posted by Jan, 16th July


FYLDE: Ian Theakstone (4), Alan Morton (4), Janet Smith (7).
BURY: Ken Eccles (2), Margaret Eccles (4), Vi Richards (6).

Fylde entertained Bury knowing defeat would leave them at the bottom of the league table. Heavy showers before the match subsided and playing conditions were dry and cool. The Teams agreed to play their opponent's in one session which added to the flow of the match.
Fylde drew the first session 3-3, won the second 4-2 and the third 5-1. There were many 12 yard hoop runs through Hoop 6 by both teams. Fylde won 3 of the 4 tie break games and all the Fylde players contributed wins to the match result . (Ian 5,Alan 5, Janet 2). The croquet was competitive and played in a friendly and sporting manner.

Ian v Ken 3-7,7-4
Ian v Margaret 7-3,7-4
Ian v Vi, 7-6,7-5

Alan v Ken 5-7, 7-5
Alan v Margaret 7-3,7-5
Alan v Vi 7-6, 7-4

Janet v Ken 5-7, 2-7
Janet v Margaret 3-7, 6-7
Janet v Vi 7-5,7-6

Alan and Ian were awarded a Mars Bar for their stellar performances of winning 5/6 and the Team winning the match

Posted by Alan, 13th July

Fylde 12 Llanfairfechan 6

Fylde: Betty Bates 4, Ian Theakstone, Jan Smith 7 and Philip Bass 9
Llanfairfechan: Georgina Llewellyn 4, Russell Crompton 8, Richard Hollas 11 and Sarah Crompton 11

On another beautiful summers day ! our team donned their waterproofs to welcome Llanfairfechan after their long journey north. Their team had travelled with Janet Lockett as a non-playing captain.

The remaining part of this report is awaiting a comment from the league manager before publishing.

Betty and Philip beat Georgina and Sarah 7/1.
Janet and Ian beat Russell and Richard 6/5.

Betty lost to Richard 5/7, beat Sarah 7/2, beat Russell 7/1 and lost to Georgina 4/7.
Ian beat Sarah 7/4, lost to Richard 4/7, lost to Georgina 1/7 and beat Russell 7/5
Jan lost to Georgina 6/7, beat Russell 7/4, beat Sarah 7/6 and beat Richard 7/4
Philip beat Russell 6/4, lost to Georgina 4/6, beat Richard 7/4 and beat Sarah 7/4

Posted by Jan 9th July


FYLDE: Peter Wilson (4),Ian Theakstone (4), Alan Morton (4).
CULCHETH: Bob Connop (1), Keith Woodward (5), Alan Wright (5)

Fylde still looking for their first win entertained Culcheth on a mainly dry day. Culcheth played well in the morning session with only Peter able win games . However, 7 of the 9 games were completed at either Hoop 12 or 13.


Fylde improved in the afternoon session winning 4 games .Peter had an outstanding match by winning 5/6 and only losing to Bob at Hoop 12 earning him a Handicap Reduction to 3. Alan chipped in with 2 wins but Ian had no luck today as he was denied a win in five of his 6 games whereby he lost by 1 or 2 hoop points.

Peter v Bob 7-5,5-7
Peter v Keith 7-5,7-4
Peter v Alan 7-4,7-2

Ian v Bob 5-7,5-7
Ian v Keith 5-7,6-7
Ian v Alan 6-7,2-7

Alan v Bob 5-7, 7-4
Alan v Keith 5-7, 7-6
Alan M v Alan W 2-7,4-7

Posted by Alan 22nd June

Bowdon 6 Fylde 12

Unfortunately the promised heatwave has still not materialised so on another miserable morning we set off to the manicured lawns of Bowdon .

Bowdon: Frank Moir (2), Barry Keen (4), Leo Fletcher (10), Anne O'Reilly (11). Fylde: Peter Wilson (4), Liz Wilson (5), Jan Smith (7), Cyd Harbottle (12).

Peter and Cyd beat Frank and Anne 3/7 and Liz and Jan beat Barry and Leo 2/7.
Great start for Fylde despite the rainy conditions. Liz has been sacked as weather girl for incorrectly forecasting sunshine !!!

Round 1 Frank beat Jan 7/4, Cyd beat Barry 4/7, Peter beat Leo 4/6 and Liz beat Anne 5/6.

Round 2 Frank beat Cyd 7/3, Jan beat Barry 4/7, Liz beat Leo 4/7 and Peter lost to Anne 4/6

At the break for lunch Fylde were leading by 7 wins to 3.

Round 3 Liz beat Frank 6/7 Peter beat Barry 0/7, Cyd beat Leo 5/7 and Jan lost to Anne 7/5

Round 4 Frank beat Peter 7/5, Liz beat Barry 3/7 Jan lost to Leo 5/7 and Cyd beat Anne 5/7.

A great result for Fylde with the help of our 'big guns' with Liz winning all of her games. Cyd also achieved 3 great wins. Barry consulted the rule book regarding his ball stuck in the hoop. The result was that after he had adjusted the hoop he had the choice of retaking the shot or leaving ball as it was. His choice was to leave in situ. Liz achieved a reduction in her handicap from 5 to 4.

Peter adds: I had a remarkable series of shots against Barry. Counting shots in the game, with shot 5 (S5) I ran hoop 1. Then from level with hoop 1 with S7 I ran hoop 2. My ball was in the jaws of hoop 3 when on S15 I rush peeled it through to score the point leaving it half way through hoop 4. At S23 I had a view of very angled hoop, but Barry's ball placed about 6 inches dead in front of it was very close to obscuring the far wire. I drove my ball hard against the near wire, it bounced off hitting Barry's away from the hoop and stopping mine dead but then the top spin on my ball kicked in taking it it through the hoop. I played that on the fly, but will be practising this audacious shot from now on. Can not wait to see if I can ever do it again.

Posted by Jan, 26th May

Southport 10 Fylde 8 LPG

FYLDE: Peter Wilson (4), Ian Theakstone (4), Alan Morton (4).
SOUTHPORT: Don Williamson(1), Alan Farrell (3), John Maudsley (3).

The playing conditions were dry and cool.

Fylde led for most of the match but needing to win 2 out of the last 3 games to secure a win, Southport came back strongly to win the last 3 games to win the match. Ian had 5 tie break matches and won 4 of them ( but no Mars Bar) with the first two wins by jump shots. Ian and Alan ran 21 yard hoop points during the day but they would have preferred to have secured the win in their final games. Peter with 2 wins had 4 narrow defeats during the day so Fylde competed well but couldn't get over the finish line. Congratulations to Don winning 5/6.

Peter v Don 6-7, 5-7
Peter v Alan 6-7, 7-5
Peter v John 7-3, 4-7

Ian v Don 7-6, 5-7
Ian v Alan 7-6, 6-7
Ian v John 7-6, 7-4

Alan v Don 3-7, 4-7
Alan vAlan 6-7, 7-4
Alan v John 7-5, 2-7

Posted by Alan, 25th May

Southport 12 Fylde 6

The weather for our re-arranged match at Southport promised to be a great improvement following the drenching we received for our first league match against Westmorland.

Southport: Derek Lunt 7, Terry Dunbar 10, Mary Warren 11, Sandra Disley 12.
Fylde: Jan Smith 7, Philip Bass 9, Cyd Harbottle 12, Geoffrey Lipshaw 12.

Derek and Sandra took on Jan and Geoff with the home team making short work of Fylde beating them 7/3. Terry and Mary played Philip and Cyd, a game that went to time with a lot of confusion regarding the extra time ruling. It eventually was played correctly finishing with a draw 5/5

Derek beat Cyd 7/5, Terry beat Geoffrey 7/4, Mary lost to Jan 6/7 and Sandra beat Philip 6/4.
Derek beat Geoffrey 7/5, Terry beat Cyd 7/5, Mary lost to Philip 4/5 and Sandra lost to Jan 5/7
Derek beat Philip 7/4, Terry lost to Jan 6/7 Mary beat Geoffrey 7/3 and Sandra lost to Cyd 6/7
Derek beat Jan 7/4, Terry beat Philip 7/4, Mary beat Cyd 7/5 and Sandra and Geoffrey drew the last game 6/6.
There was equal numbers of 'extra turns' for both teams.
There continued to be confusion about the "8 ball rule" for some reason, and also touching balls, but in general it was a fabulous day with lots of banter and a lovely lunch.

Posted by Jan, 15th May

Fylde 10 Westmorland 8

Fylde: Janet Smith 7, Cyd Harbottle 12, Sue Elsmore 12 and Geoffrey Lipshaw 12.
Westmorland: Dave Edwards 7, David Lloyd 8, Eve Gardner 10, and Collette Edwards 14.

Jan and Sue versus Dave and Collette. A very close game that went to the golden hoop but Westmorland gained the advantage using their bisque and snatched a winner. Cyd and Geoffrey versus David and Eve. This game ran out of time with a final score of 6/2 to Westmorland.

Round 1
Jan lost to Eve 5-7, Cyd beat Collette 7/6, Geoffrey lost to Dave 4/7 and Sue lost to David 2/7.

Round 2
Jan lost to Collette 2/7, Cyd beat Eve 7/4, Geoffrey lost to David 2/7 and Sue beat Dave 7/5.

Result at break was 3/7 to Westmorland. After a lovely lunch of savoury mince and potatoes cooked by Cyd, Fylde returned to battle in the pouring freezing rain winning all but one of their games.

Round 3
Jan beat David 7/5, Cyd beat Dave 7/6 Geoffrey beat Collette 7/2 and Sue beat Eve 7/3.

Round 4
Jan beat Dave 7/2, Cyd lost to David 3/7, Geoffrey beat Eve 7/6 and Sue beat Collette 7/6

After a grim start Fylde pulled out all the stops to win the game overall with both Cyd and Sue winning 3 games apiece and Goeffrey and Jan winning 2 each.

Posted by Jan, 1st May


CHESTER: David Crawford (-2), Trevor Farrell (5), Rosemary Williams (5).
FYLDE: Peter Wilson(4), Ian Theakstone (4), Alan Morton (4).

Both teams unveiled their new signings for this match . David Crawford recently signed from Bury St Edmund's captained the Chester team and Fylde signing Peter Wilson a quality striker from Chelsea on a free transfer . The journey was eventful as traffic delays contributed to a late mallet off at 1010 a.m. The weather was cold with flurrys of hail and snow however it brightened up in the afternoon with some sunny spells.
The morning play saw Chester take a 6-3 lead at half time with Alan winning 2 and Peter 1 game with another game lost on a tie break when Trevor beat Peter. 7-6.In the afternoon session, Fylde had a better performance with 4 wins which included a tie break when Ian got onto the score sheet with a 7-6 win over Rosemary. At the end of the match Chester had won 11-7 with David winning 5/6 games.

Peter v David 5-7,7-5
Peter v Trevor 6-7, 4-7
Peter v Rosemary 7-3,7-3

Ian v David 2-7,4-7
Ian v Trevor 5-7,3-7
Ian v Rosemary 4-7,7-6

Alan v David 3-7,2-7
Alan v Trevor 7-5,3-7
Alan v Rosemary 7-6,7-5

Alan, 27th April