Newest Blues

Congratulations to those playing their first league match for us this season. They were all presented with their blues at the annual dinner today. We hope they have a successful, enjoyable and fun 2018 season.

L to R, Carol Ramsbottom, Lindsay Campbell, Sue Clarke, Jude Acda, Andy Brandwood and Sita Gough.

11th November 2017

THE FAB Trophy

Winner & R/U.

(Fylde Association Beginners). Seven newly trained association players entered this event. Eileen Moore was given a bye as she had an early morning date with a builder. Ted Walker played John Derbyshire and won 7 – 5. Jan Smith played Jean Audsley and won 9 – 4. Phil Blewitt played Barbara Walker and won 10 – 2. In the 2nd round Jan played Eileen and won 8 – 4. Ted played Phil and in a very close match which could have gone either way Ted came out the winner 14 – 11.

The final was set up between Jan and Ted. Ted went to peg with his first ball and as Jan did the same she was advised (advise flowed freely!) to peg Ted’s ball out. She did this with some skill but unfortunately followed his ball on to the peg and so the match came down to a game of one ball. Both 2nd balls were for hoop one and Ted pulled ahead. However with Jan’s remaining 4 bisques to Ted’s 2 Jan caught up, overtook and won with the final score 14 – 10. It was a great day with lots of good sportsmanship and enjoyment.

Fylde have some potentially good AC players coming through! Well done to the class of 2017

The players.

14th October 2017

Peter goes to scratch

Whilke playing a Mary Rose Semi-Final for Pendle at Wrest Park Peter's singles win against Bryan Harral triggered him to handiacap 0. \O/

14th September 2017

All England NW Area Final

We hosted this CA event. Phil Nuttall and Libby Dixon qualified for the final at Wrest Park in two weeks. Barbara made some scones for the event, helped wash up and spectated both days. Philip washed up on Sunday. Alan and Ian played in the event but a series of one or two point losses put them out of contention. Liz did the catering.

Fine weather brought many members to the event on Saturday to watch, but Sunday drizzled all day and just a few came for the last games.

2nd & 3rd September 2017

Lee plays and Betty wins at nottingham handicap C Level

Thee Nottingham trophy.

Fylde were represented at the multi event week long tournament. Everyone was made to feel very welcome. The eight lawns were very well managed and the oversubscribed nature of the tournament meant that with 37 people entered and only 32 people able to play at one time. 5 people had to sit out occasionally. The weather on the whole was glorious and the patio was a wonderful picture of English summer time repose. The occasional rabbit and squirrel running across the lawns made good entertainment too.

Lee and Betty were quietly confident in the doubles event having won the first round with a bisque left standing. The second round Betty played well getting to four back using one bisque but unfortunately a number of unusual errors by Lee meant the opposition took advantage each time.

Betty played very well with her new stance and grip, only marred slightly by the miscue occasionally resulting in a cut then a bruise to another ankle. The nature of the Robin Hood Handicap meant the top players got through to the final . Betty was paired against a few Nottingham players who were able to take home advantage on the fast paced lawns and although armed with a number of bisques (the lowest opponent was a 3) the fast lawns meant Betty came off the lawns a number of times despite aiming only at a hoop. The final was played between Sophie McGlen and Richard Foreman.

In the C level block the top two players played against each other for the final. Sophie McGlen was on four wins and Betty on 3. Having previously lost to the on form Sophie chances of Betty winning were slim. Sophie played outstandingly all week but her follow through on hoop running became her demise in the tense final. Betty had some sound hit ins and her four ball breaks were tight, playing to the conditions; compensating for sloping corners and avoiding the acorns. Betty was able to keep control, eventually winning on time 23 – 15.

Betty in total won 9 out of 13 games increasing her index by 57 points. Lee lost 28 index points.

20th August 2017

Alan won at Pendle

Alan won the Pendle and Craven August Handicap tournament held on August 11th to 13th by being unbeaten and winning 5 matches and triggering to handicap 12. In his final match he had to beat Gary Wilson (Pendle and Craven) to ensure the Tournament win. In a close game Alan took an early advantage and then had a good break with Red form Hoop 4 to Rover. Gary responded and took Black to 1 back and Blue to 3 back. Another break from Alan taking his yellow ball from Hoop 4 to peg and with I bisque left looked to be in a strong position but Gary came back again getting black to Peg. The game changer was an attempted Peg out (Black on Yellow) by Gary which was missed leaving his black ball at Peg. Alan shot at Black ,took his final bisque , pegged out Gary's black ball and set a rush for red to Rover. Gary missed with his next shot allowing Alan to rush the red ball to Rover, make the hoop and peg out.

Jim Gillespie (Wetherby) +10
Roger Schofield (Pendle and Craven ) +22
John Crompton (York) +10
Fiona Crompton (York) +20
Gary Wilson (Pendle and Craven) +5

Garry presents Alan with the trophy.

Thanks to the Pendle and Craven Club and in particular Gary Wilson who played, managed, presented the trophy and provided the catering for the tournament.

11th - 13th August 2017

Nathan Retains Southport BClass

The Southport lawns were immaculate, winning high praise from many competitors. The weather was kind, catering wonderful and everyone enjoyed their croquet in the summer sunshine. The B Level went to the last minute as a titanic battle to clinch the trophy between Barbara Haslam (Southport) and Nathan Baker (Fylde), either of whom could have taken victory. However, with his last turn Nathan came from 3 down to go to peg securing the trophy and a handicap reduction.

30th July 2017

John Henderson Retains the Jubilee Trophy

Thank You Everyone For Coming To Fylde, see our Tournaments page.

John Henderson Retains The Trophy.

29th & 30th July 2017

narrow pelt

The lawns have been closely cut and were due another ahead of the weekend tournament, when the clutch went. SSLTC offered us use of their mower. The hoops have been moved 1 width on each lawn.

28th July 2017

wrapt loner

Will the mystery ever be solved!? The lawns are in great shape and looking wonderful. Remembering to put the nets down over the hoop holes in Rabbit Corner is helping. King of Spades has been repairing the mower and now it can be set accurately and is providing a good cut. Ian's lines attracting compliments from Bowdon. Quite right, they are nicely done. The grass is also in good shape, in fact it is easy to miss that there is not a weed in sight.

17th July 2017

Nathan and Andy trigger down

From 4 to 3.5 and from 2 to 1.5 respectively.

16th July 2017

Nathan at Nailsea

Read the CA Report from Nailsea here.

9th July 2017

Festival of Croquet


Liz writes: The third win in a row. I watched the crucial last match between Fylde and Liverpool (the best team on paper!) After much hilarity and crazy smashing through hoops play from Paul Rigge the Fylde team got the innings and Nathan did a controlled break to 4 back. A real feat given the barracking that goes with the advanced play at the Festival. “Come on I’ve had two birthdays since you started this break” being the best from Mr Rigge. Liverpool missed the lift shot and Lee performed a text book triple on the difficult North Lawns to win the event.

Retaining the Advanced Shield - Lee and Nathan.


Betty writes:As well as entering an advanced team, short team and golf team our tiny club also entered the handicap section. Much larger clubs were unable to fulfil their quota to field teams in all disciplines. Fylde’s team consisted of Betty Bates (Player Captain on Saturday and Sunday), Philip Bass played Saturday and Sunday, Alan Morton played Saturday and Ian Theakstone on Sunday. There were a number of games that could have gone either way with minutes to go, with three matches being lost by one hoop and one by two. As a conclusion to the weekend Betty’s handicap was reduced to 12.

Team Results
Fylde v Crake 1-2
Fylde v Southport 1-2
Fylde v Chester 2-1
Fylde v Pendle 1-2
Fylde v Bowdon 1 -2


Jan writes: Our golf handicap team of Jan , Cyd and Jean were given a much appreciated late start for our Saturday schedule of four matches on the lovely main lawns at Southport. Our first match against Llanfairfechan saw our girls take all the spoils winning 3-0. Our next match against Southport, proved more difficult with only Jan winning her game beating Terry Dunbar for the first time ever after pulling off an 'impossible' long angled jump shot. After our tasty lunch prepared by the lovely ladies of Southport we faced Westmorland, winning two of our three games to win the match.

Our last match of the day was against Bowdon, Cyd was playing Margaret Moss in a game that was stopped by Jean Hargreaves as it had over-run time. It was deemed that when time was up Cyd was in the lead and she was awarded the game. Jan had already won her game which meant that the Fylde team finished the day winning 3 out of their 4 matches.

On Sunday our team consisted of Jan, Cyd and Sue and our games were all in the cage. Sue and Cyd both won their games meaning we beat Chester in this match. There was uncertainty about the games against Culcheth as they only had one player so players from other teams were drafted in to play. Sue beat Alistair, (their only player) whilst both Jan and Cyd lost to the stand in players.

We narrowly missed out on a clean sweep against Bury with Sue losing at the golden hoop and Cyd and Jan winning their games. This meant that our final tally was five out of seven match wins. Bury had won the same amount of matches but were awarded the trophy due to winning more individual games meaning that the Fylde golf team came a very respectable second.


Peter writes: Roger Edwards joined me, Ian and Geoffrey for eight matches. I was delighted with our fourth place finish considering I was in the team. Our opponets ranged from absolute beginners to the experienced. The double banking experience was consequently variable to say the least. Roger turned out to be our star player, winning nearly all his games.

25th June 2017

Peter and Liz at Crake's Cumbria Cup

Liz scored 3/5 on Crake's immaculate lawns, but Peter was on fire in the blazing conditions with 4/4 narrowly winning the event.

Peter Wins!

18th June 2017

Peter at Pendle

Peter played for Pendle Midweek, won and triggered to 0.5 handicap. \0/

14th June 2017

Three Fyldes at Pendle

Peter Liz and Andy took part in the Pendle Advanced. Rain during day one and then wind during day two. Pendle put on a great event and there were several players from down S. taking part. Managed by Paul Rigge Peter won the B level Trophy for the third time and came to within one index point of handicap 0.5 with some good breaks and several intentional contact lifts plus one by mistake.

Peter Wins!

11th June 2017

parlor newt

The third anagram and still unsolved !? The lawns are in great shape and looking wonderful. There has been some broken glass near Lawn 1 corner 2 and everyone should take care in that area in case some has remained. Please remember to replace the wire nets over the hoop holes in corner three of lawn three to prevent rabbits digging.

4th June 2017


Fine weather for two internal tournaments today. Alan, Ian and Jan contested the level play Progress Cup. Elsewhere tem members played a four round Swiss handicap event for the Trafalgar Plate. Jan went 3/3 making her fourth game a dead rubber. John was the only member to go 4/4 in the Trafalgar Plate, Cyd, Geoffrey and Sue C were joint runners up. Club Chairman Martin presented the trophies.

Jan wins the Progress Cup.

John wins the Trafalgar Plate.

4th June 2017


Sue and Jude Golf debut against the big guns of Culcheth, Lee wins Pendle Weekend Handicap Tournament.

7th May 2017

Partner Owl

Two further short lawns have been set up on lawn 3. These will get used this Saturday when Westmorland visit us for a league match. Mowing due to be done early on Friday. Generally the lawns are as good as we expect them to be although there is some rabbit damage in the South East corner.

25th April 2017

The MacRobertson Shield

Follow it all in California.

Starts 18th April 2017

Warn Petrol

The first anagram of the season in a Fawlty Towers sort of way.

Today Philip has applied the spring treatment to the lawns. Liz and Ian cleared out the equipment shed.

Heavy stuff!

19th April 2017

Federation Event

We hosted the NW Federation Millennium Advanced Tournament over two days of Sunshine. Read more by clicking here. It was a demanding remit to get the lawns playable for the best in the North West but we managed it. Rigge and Walters managed a triple each. Thanks to all who came and supported the Federation and our club. Several of our members provided invaluable help with catering. Paul Rigge and Dave Nick set some great hoops.

Steve's video, watch in full screen if you can, the details are wonderful.

8th & 9th April

Lawns Open

The full lawns have been marked out. Generally the surface is good and playable. There is still a little softness underfoot but the ditch has been cleared and the lawns are expected to return to their usual condition soon. The rabbit damage on lawn three has been repaired and it is hoped these repairs will grow back into the lawn within a week or so.

Setting the corners.

What a Guy.

Vrooooom Vrooomm King of Spades burns some grass Red Cards sorts the brambles.

The equipment has been washed and prepared for the season and the club house, Ally Pally and Pavillion all given a Spring clean. A very good turn out from the members as well as from Glasgow member Joe Lennon also enabled lots of weeding to be done and the old wood formed a bonfire.

The ball stops were brought back. (This may be fake news, citation required.)

27th March 2017

Shakers and movers

There was a quick get together to move the ball stops from lawn 5 so that SSLTC can get a digger into Derek's Ditch and clear it out Westwards to the culvert under Progress Way. This is principly to help drain their new grass courts North of Lawn 5 but the process should be helping us too. Phillip took the tyner for a spin over the lawns too.

Moving the long ball stops so the digger can get in.

SSLTC have removed a lot of bracken from near lawn 5.

17th December 2016

Tournament and League news for 2017

In the NW Federation we plan to enter teams in the Blevel, Handicap, Short and Handicap Golf leagues.

As well as our usual Jubilee Handicap Tournament 29th & 30th July we will host the NW Federation Advanced Millennium Tournament on 8th & 9th April.

After three years Peter has stepped down as director of the All England A/C Championships and the new director, John Dawson of Chester CC, has kindly asked Fylde if we would host an area final on 2nd & 3rd September. Of course we are delighted to do so. The fixtures calendar and tournament pages have been updated.

23rd November 2016

CA Diploma for the king of spades

CA Diplomas recognise those club members who have given outstanding service to croquet and have been active in club or federation affairs over a long period. The Diplomas have nothing to do with croquet prowess and everything to do with help given to other members. Click here to see a list of previous winners. That page will be updated in due course to include the 2016 winners. You may scroll down to 2008 and see The Boss getting her diploma too.

Philip gets his diploma from Quiller Barrett, the President of the CA.

The citation, written by the Chairman and Treasurer, that was submitted and will appear on the CA webpage follows:

Fylde Croquet Club would like to nominate Philip Bass for a Croquet Association Diploma for his services to Fylde Croquet Club. Philip joined in 2007 and has proved invaluable to the development of the club at its new site within South Shore Tennis Club. We started with three neglected tennis courts and one small 12 by 10 shed. Soon after we moved to the new site in 2006 it became obvious that flooding was going to be a major problem. In fact one of Philip’s first visits to the lawns in 2007 was to witness the filming of the infamous “Synchronised Croquet” Video (1289 views on YouTube to date!) In order to alleviate the problem Philip more or less single handedly dug a 68 yard ditch to drain water from the blocked underground clay pipes to a culvert in the road. He supervised the dismantling and erection of a new larger shed bought from eBay and then designed, supervised and, with help, built a very secure awning which has withstood the coastal winds admirably. Recently he has plumbed water into one of the sheds. Along with these major works Philip maintains the machinery and has designed and built an aerator from an old ride on mower.

Every project comes with engineered drawings and costings (Thank you British Aerospace for your ex-employees skills). Philip is often found down at the club mowing and strimming the areas surrounding the lawns and maintaining the lawns themselves. It is hard to convey just how much effort and sheer graft Philip has put into the club Philip would be the first to admit he has not been a natural croquet player but has worked hard at his skills when many would have given up. After some eight years of trying he is now becoming a competent player. Quite honestly the club would not be much of a force without Philip’s input. Being able to advertise and run a CA Tournament with no fear of cancellation due to weather, having suitable facilities to cater for visitors and to know the lawns are the best we can offer requires confidence in the club and Philip has provided us with all this. We recommend Philip for this award.

And of course our Honour Board is proudly updated.

22nd October 2016

The 2016 News has been Archived Here

23rd November 2016