Lawn report

Catherine has been out and about with the camera again. Here are a couple of her photos both of which she tells me are entitled "Ian Lines". The lawns were playing very well and running fast all season so far. As you can see Ian has the liner working beautifully, so when you go off you can console yourself by admiring the no dribble, lawn friendly white stuff.

8th September 2013

Jump shot practice area

To avoid damaging the area around the hoops with constant jump shot practice and lessons there is a new area between lawns 1 and 5 created for this purpose. Any spare hoop from a spare lawn may be used.

1st September 2013

Honours updated

Liz beat Peter in the final of the 2013 advanced tournament.

31st August 2013

Midgeland Trophy Live Commentary

Phil McCardin will be giving his expert views from about lunchtime on the Live Commentary page.

26th August 2013

Red Cards in Chester

Once again Alan Red Cards Morton will be in the All England area final being held at Chester on the weekend of 31st of August. Alan is looking to secure a top four finish there and make it to the final at Colchester on the 15th September.

26th August 2013

flag pole mended

With the help of a few out of towners the top section of the mast has now been repaired and is ready to fly the flag again.

11th August 2013

Rotary night

Blackpool South Rotary Group paid their annual visit and as can be seen from the photo a thirst quenchingly good time was had by all.

11th August 2013

the Fringe of success at Edinburgh

Betty and Lee report from a week in Edinburgh.

Some super games of croquet played this week at the Fettes College in Edinburgh with the weather being very kind with only occasional spots of drizzle. Betty returned to the Fylde with the Lauder Bowl, an accolade given to the player who wins the most games without winning a final. She won the award for getting to the final in the advanced singles (with bisques) and the final in the doubles (played with partner Lee) and unfortunately losing both.

Although Betty played some remarkable croquet with true northern grit, beating Fergus McInnes was the most epic, in a nail biting, cat and mouse game, Fergus peeled one of her balls through Rover and pegged her out, leaving her second ball at one back with no bisques left. A lot of thinking from both parties was evident with scratching heads and whirling dervish glances to check the what if scenarios. The lawns of Fettes were certainly on a par with the Chester cambers which helped Betty to judge, unfortunately the hill before three back fooled her to leave her at an almost impossible shot for the hoop, but she shook herself down and concentrated on the Tim King jump shots she had been practising all year, and cleared the hoop. There were a number of scrappy and inspired moments from both players to the end, where it could have gone either way, but Betty dug deep and finally prevailed winning +3.

Betty won 8 out of 12 games. In the advances singles (with bisques) Betty got to the final but unfortunately the form of the previous week seemed to desert her, whether this was down to nerves having a watching crowd or the lay of the lawns no one will ever know. Betty could not have lost to a nicer player, Hamish Duguid who won +4 . Betty increased her index by 40 points but the true star of the tournament was John Surgenor who gained an awe-inspiring 105 index points triggering from 1 to scratch. The handicap singles was won by an unbeaten John Surgenor who won all of his games, including the advanced, throughout the week, with a remarkable record of 13 out of 14 wins. Lee played some very high bisquers who were also playing better than their handicaps and unfortunately had better experience of the undulating Fettes lawns.

8th August 2013

Working party

Geoff and Philip spent some time today putting new felt on Ally Pally.

8th August 2013

New Members

We currently have 9 ladies on a beginners golf croquet course with Alan. They will be deciding whether to join in the next two weeks and we are very hopeful as they are all good fun. Liz has also been coaching 6 new association players who are expected to join this next week.

6th August 2013

Graham Good wins Jubilee Trophy 2013

For a full report please see Tournaments.

25th July 2013

Honours updated

With the weather finally improving, Betty pegged Ian out and went on to win in the postponed 2012 internal handicap tournament today.

25th July 2013

Terry wins B level

with 4/5 Terry won the Southport B level tournament. This was an outright win with Liz as runner up. He achieved a handicap reduction to 5. There is a beautiful trophy that goes with it, but that must stay at Southport.

21st July 2013

Lawns Opened

The hoop setting had to be postponed due to snow but the hoops were placed today on all 9 lawns. The lawns were in great shape with a smooth finish, slightly soft in places they were running true and far from heavy. Terry shook the dust off with a practice session ahead of his first tournamnet next week.

24th March 2013

Work Party

With the lawns opening on 24th March all the equipment was returned to the club. The hoops having been beautifully painted during the recess. 120 yards of ball stops were painted all over. Ally Pally received a clean out and make over. A final scarifying was done on all lawns. The Hoover was used. Further concrete was taken out of the ditch. The corners of the lawns were located. This was a long session involving two tea breaks.

Next Saturday the hoops will be set.

16th March 2013

First cut 2013

Phillip writes: The first cut of the all 3 lawns was completed today. The lawns were also scarified (in 1 direction only). Approximately 1.75 cubic metres of moss and cuttings were removed. The second pass of the scarifier was planned for the following Saturday but postponed as the weather was unsuitable.

Ian cut the lawns with the Webb mower whilst I used the Dennis with the borrowed scarifier module. Both machines performed well following the recent annual service and repairs. Geoffrey helped with re-turfing the area near the new lawn 'soak-aways'.

6th March 2013

Apps Heley award

The Apps Heley award for 2013 has been given jointly to Fylde and West Worthing.

25th February 2013

Sump #2 opened

Sump two has been sunk and a drainage channel has been dug from the middle of lawn one. The drainage channel has been laid with a drainage pipe and gravel. Hopefully we will have the only dry grass on the Moss. Picture shows Philip being helped out after getting stuck in to the job too literally!

Another great turnout from the membership and the work is nearly done.

8th February 2013

Sump #1 opened

The drianage pipe running South between lawns five and three has been opened and lined with a protective brick casing. On top of this rests the large circular structure provides a void and water will drain rapidly into it before running out to the ditch. The outside has been filled with gravel and a removable paving slab on the top provides protection and access. The sump is located at the lowest point of the whole lawn complex.

Sump #2, using the same design, is planned for a location near Corner one of Lawn one as well as some under lawn gravel filled channels leading into them from the main problem areas.

2nd February 2013

Working party rampage

The new ramp will prevent damage to the mower.

A large party turned up with paint brushes making light work of protecting the woodwork on the Clubhouse, Porch, Allypally and Shed 2. Further organisation to the equipment has made the place look neat and tidy.

13th January 2013

Work continuing

With the hard base finished ahead of schedule we met for an early start to erect our original clubhouse in the shed two position. This was to be the third time it had been assembled but it showed no signs of age. The roof felt will be replaced this weekend and the electricity reconnected. With all the buildings now in place we need to work out the small details of how best to use them. The annual exterior painting of the clubhouse and shed will be the next phase. By extending our facilities in this way the club believes it has the necessary infrastructure to be able to improve the quality of the lawns over the coming years.

15th December 2012

Work continuing

Ahead of laying a concrete base between the Fortress and the clubhouse the tree and Rose Bush (replanted in a secret location) needed removing because they would be in the way of access to the Fortress.

When the concrete has set Shed3 will be reassembled and the electricity reconnected. Three sets of robust shelving have been donated and these will be assembled inside the fortress.

8th December 2012

Now that's what i call storage

Congratulations to the donors and the doers on an early start on this crisp morning. Much more to do of course. Any plans for a roof balcony?

28th November 2012


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8th December 2011