Chester 3 Fylde 2

Fylde: Peter Wilson 1.5 Capt. Liz Wilson 1.5, Nathan Baker 4.5.
Chester: Elmyr Hughes 1, John Dawson 4.5, David Boyd 6.

Liz & Peter beat John and David while Elmyr played precision stuff against Nathan who DNTC. Elmyr just failed the TP before lunch.

Nathan then got a good game and scored our other point.

Posted by Peter, 14th August

Bowdon 3 Fylde 2

Fylde: Peter Wilson 1.5 Capt. Liz Wilson 1.5, Nathan Baker 4.5.
Bowdon: Francois Garcia 3.5, Sylvia Steer 4, John Lucas 4.5 Capt.

Liz & Peter beat Sylvia & John +18
Francois Garcia beat Peter Wilson +5
Peter Wilson beat Sylvia Steer +12
Francois Garcia beat Liz Wilson +4
John Lucas beat Nathan Baker +4
No Bonus points involved.

We were grateful to Bowdon for allowing a prompt 9am start and a swift lunch to enable 'the Wilsons' to return home for a concert. The members appear currently critical of the lawns but for us it is a privilege to play at this renowned venue. Liz and Nathan had the best of the doubles playing on lawn 3 but Peter lost to Francois in a close but time affected game. Our hosts then provided a wonderful lunch.

The fine weather continued in the afternoon. Peter regained some composure against Sylvia but Liz was unable to overcome Francois's brand of play. Once again the match hung on Nathan's game but with a different outcome from the day before. Nathan has established himself well into the team and now is unquestionably an advanced player. His rise from beginner to this through Fylde establishes him among but a few players that have joined our club as a novice and achieved a low handicap.

Nathan hits a critical lift.

Posted by Peter, 7th August

Fylde 3 Southport & Birkdale 2

Fylde: Peter Wilson 1.5 Capt. Liz Wilson 1.5, Nathan Baker 4.5.
Southport John Haslam 0.5 Capt. Brian Kerr 2, Keith Roberts 6.

Liz Wilson & Peter Wilson beat John Haslam & Keith Roberts +19
Brian Kerr beat Nathan Baker +3
John Haslam beat Peter Wilson +9
Liz Wilson beat Brian Kerr +9
Nathan Baker beat Keith Roberts +12
No Bonus points involved.

A convivial day with many pleasant moments. We edged a close match. Nathan played very well but his experienced opponet handled a three ball ending very well to snatch victory in the morning. John contrived a two ball ending with a six hoop lead against Peter who had become stuck on hoop two. Liz played well to win a quick game on lawn 5. At our request, Brian brought his drone and we await the results of the photography. Many thanks to S&B for their company and sportsmanship today.

The Dronemeister in action.

Posted by Peter, 6th August

Bury 3 Fylde 2

Fylde: Liz Wilson 1.5, Peter Wilson 1.5 Capt. Ian Theakstone 10.
Bury: Paul Kenworthy 2 Capt. Ken Anderton 5, Barbara Young 8.

Liz Wilson & Ian Theakstone beat Ken Anderton & Barbara Young +3
Paul Kenworthy beat Peter Wilson +10
Paul Kenworthy beat Liz Wilson +13
Peter Wilson beat Ken Anderton +26
Barbara Young beat Ian Theakstone +8
No Bonus points involved.

Great debut from Ian getting a point in the doubles and having a great game with Barbara after lunch which was 'the battle of the hit ins'.

Coronation Park was in wonderful condition as was, unfortunately for us, Paul Kenworthy.

Many thanks to Bury for their sportsmanship and our lunch on a Sunny Monday Bank Holiday.

Posted by Peter, 30th May

Fylde 3 Pendle 2

Fylde: Liz Wilson 1.5, Peter Wilson 1.5 Capt. Nathan Baker 5.
Pendle: Robert Essler 1, Roger Schofield 2, Howard Bowron 3.5 Capt.

Robert Essler & Howard Bowron beat Liz Wilson & Nathan Baker +8
Peter Wilson beat Robert Essler +8
Roger Schofield beat Liz Wilson +13
Peter Wilson beat Roger Schofield +20
Nathan Baker beat Howard Bowron +3
No Bonus points involved.

Despite cutting on Friday conditions were extremly heavy caused by long grass, causing play to take tactical routes rather than break building.

This was Nathan's debut for the advanced team. Playing Howard with the match score poised at 2/2 and four minutes left on the clock Nathan was for 5 and 4 back against Howards Rover and 2 back. That is 5 points behind. Forced to play the back ball Nathan had an easy hoop to start but in taking it the prospects of getting a large enough break looked rather small. So Nathan took a medium length shot at oppo in corner four. He was rewarded with a roquet.

From this Nathan constructed one of the best four ball breaks, under pressure, we have seen for many a match, taking his ball forward and laying up with a three point lead. Howard, in the time turn, was then forced to play his back ball but narrowly missed the lift shot.

Many thanks to Pendle for their sportsmanship and company on a Sunny Sunday.

Nathan and Peter in play with crowd in background.

Posted by Peter, 22nd May