Pendle & Craven752024-2510
Bowdon Earls743027-228
Bowdon Griffins734022-266
Southport725019 304


BOWDON EARLS : John Lucas (5), Graham Good (6), Andrew Kenyon (12), Bob Hunter (12)
FYLDE:Terry Vernazza (4), Alan Morton (12), Peter Hallett (12), Ken Harper (14).

The playing conditions were excellent as Fylde attempted to finish the season unbeaten in the League. Bowdon had a very good morning winning all the matches to establish a 3-0 lead at lunch time. However, there were only a few points diffence in the scores. Peter lost to Graham 22-26 whilst Alan and John had a low scoring match John securing the win in the last 5 minutes 14-12. Meanwhile in the Doubles Terry and Ken we're involved in another low scoring game losing 8- 12 to Bob and Andrew. Fylde had found the speed of the lawns challenging in the morning and faced an uphill task in the afternoon matches. Alan got Fylde off to a good start by beating Graham 26-11. This was followed Peter beating Andrew 21-11. However, Terry lost to John 13-23 and Ken also lost to Bob 6-14.

Thank you to the Bowdon Club for their hospitality.

Alan, 11th September

bury 2 fylde 5

BURY; Tony Phillips 2.5 Graham Saunders 7 Margeret Anderton 10 Maureen Whittle 24
FYLDE; Ian Theakstone 10 Peter Hallett 12 Alan Morton 14 Ken Harper 14

Ian teamed up with Ken to play Tony and Maureen. Tony started off and was soon round to 4 back leaving Maureen all the work to do, which suited us. A steady plod saw Fylde Knock off Hoops in 1s 2s and 3s. By saving our 4 bisques to near the end and a fine finish from Ken gave us our first win. Alan had a tough game with Graham in the end but with a start of peg and 4 back proved too good and won 26 - 17. Peter took on Margaret who showed some good plays to eventually win 23 - 20 on time.

The afternoon started with Ian against Tony and with 7 bisques and soon showed the way to a 26-1 win, Peter played Graham and although Graham was well in the lead Peter came through with a final flourish but could not catch him and Just lost by 1 hoop 22 - 23. Alan was up against an inform Margaret but a solid determination after his morning win outplayed his opponent to a score a convincing win 26 - 2, this gave us a victory of the match. Ken played Maureen and his superiority showed as he not exactly cruised to a fine win 26 - 19. This gave FYLDE a 5 - 2 victory and after some calculations realised we had won the league for 2015. WELL DONE to all who took part in the MIDWEEK team who have just proved we are the best in the whole of the North West !!!

Ian Theakstone (c), Betty Bates, Alan Morton, Ken Harper, Peter Hallett, Philip and Catherine Bass and Peter and Liz Wilson .

Ian, 25th August

Westmorland 2 Fylde 5

Westmorland: Jim Allcock 6 (capt), Ivan Wheatley 9, John Shakespear 9, Ian Smith 18.
Fylde: Ian Theakstone (capt) 11, Ken Harper 14, Alan Morton 14, Philip Bass 22

As usual , it was don the waterproofs and as it was due to be heavy, the captains decided to play the singles in the morning. Ken had a tough game against Ivan who showed his handicap of 9 coming out on top 26 - 16. Alan fared better against John and after a tight game throughout only lost on time by 1 hoop losing 22 - 21. Ian played Jim and by saving 2 bisques it enabled him to use them on his peg out to win 8 - 26. Philip continued his form against Ian playing a steady game saving bisques to the end coming on top 20 - 16. Lunchtime saw a 2 all draw so far. Alan took on Ivan and was soon in command with some steady breaks winning our first game of the afternoon 8 - 26. Philip played John and again played a great game to overwhelm him to peg out 5 - 26. The final game still playing was Ian and Ken against Jim and Ian which proved a cat and mouse affair but gradually the home team forged ahead. Not deterred Fylde battled on but by saving 2 bisques it proved a good decision, as by playing to time 1 hoop was enough to secure a clean sweep in the afternoon games. Final score keeps us top of the league so its well done to all the team.

Ian, 28th July

FYLDE 6 Bowdon 1

FYLDE: Peter Wilson 2, Ian Theakstone 11, Catherine Bass 20, Philip Bass 24.

Brian v Catherine started very cautiously until she ran a hoop from the boundary when the scoring flood gates opened. Philip had a lot of bisques and made them tell in style. In the doubles, Chris went to Rover on the fourth turn leaving Carol with four bisques. Peter and Ian had to be cautious while they remained standing. Eventually the last one was extracted and then the Fylde duo started to catch up. It was only in the last minutes that a one point lead was established and retained in the time turn.

Lunch was served by Mrs Wilson. Hot potatoes and cold meats, eggs and salad main course. Peaches Ice Cream and Caramel Sauce desert, A selection of Cheese and a bottle of White Wine.

David set up a break with a bisque and then executed a fine break of 12 hoops without needing another one. Peter scrapped a ball to the peg as well, but rather than box David, cross wired him at hoop two laying up at hoop one. From there Peter also made 12 points and pegged out. The match was won.

Carol and Catherine battled it out in a game of swinging fortunes. Catherine had to use her last bisque with minutes running out but could not equalise. Ian steadily accumulated points against Chris who fell behind with both balls.

Philip went to the peg with partner still on hoop one. Brian was able to peg him out leading to a three ball ending with over an hour to play and both sides having bisques. An entertaining game to watch for your reporter from the comfort of the Croquet shed on the bar stool, out of the now bitterly cold wind sweeping in under the grey cloud. Brian had a shot in the final time turn to level the score, but the ball stuck in the hoop leaving Philip with the win.

Many thanks to Bowdon for an enjoyable day and their company and sportsmanship throughout the match. The Sun came out at the end.

Carol Steinberg (16) and Chris Evans (12) lost to Peter Wilson (2) and Ian Theakstone (11) -1T
David Holland (5) lost to Philip Bass (24) -12T
Brian Rust (20) lost to Catherine Bass (22) -1T
David lost to Peter -6
Chris lost to Ian -17T
Carol beat Catherine +10T
Brian lost to Philip -1T

Peter, 22nd June


PENDLE: Roger Schofield 1, Andrew Webb 3, Howard Bowron 4, Ron Welch 10
FYLDE: Liz Wilson 2.5, Ian Theakstone 11, Peter Hallett 14, Philip Bass 24

First thing to do was don the waterproofs as the soaking drizzle started and continued throughout the day, and chilly with it. Liz and Ian were the doubles against Roger and Ron, a cat and mouse game evolved but a closing flurry of 4 hoops by Liz secured a the 1st for Fylde 16 - 20. Peter was up against Andrew with a very tight game all round but Andrew came out the winner 24 - 22.Philip against Howard was going to be a tough game for Philip but with the good use of his bisques and a steady game it turned out an outstanding win for Fylde 11 - 23.

The second half saw peg out finishes for Liz v Roger 19 - 26 Ian v Andrew 9 - 26 and Peter v Howard 24- 26 another fine win for Philip against Ron 10 - 21 saw a clean sweep of afternoon games, well done team !!

Ian, 18th June

Fylde 4 Southport 3

FYLDE: Liz Wilson 2.5 Ian Theakstone (c) 11 Peter Hallett 14 Alan Morton 14
SOUTHPORT: Tony Thomas (c) 4.5 Keith Roberts 5 Alan Farrell 9 John Mawdsley 11

It was touch and go if we started as the weather was awful but we did although a bit later.The captains decided that we should make the games 18 pointers with both balls starting on hoop 5 which was agreed by all,with the bisque situation adjusted to the 18 point game. Alan encountered Tony and was soon in command using his bisques to good effect and beating Tony for our first win.Peter came against an inform Keith who soon rattled round to peg winning 18 - 7. Both these games were on lawns 5 and 6 which were very playable although soggy to say the least.As lawn 1 was virtually under water, Liz and Ian played Alan and John on lawn 3 on which puddles were forming as we played.This made the game entertaining trying to negotiate the water but with the use of a brush it became akin to a curling game.With some expert advice from Liz on tactics Ian managed to hold his own and a storming last few hoops from Liz we won 15 - 10.

Lunch time came as four bedraggled players soaking wet made their way to the clubhouse to be served a piping hot casserole made by Liz which was appreciated by all. Forcing ourselves out to the elements again Liz played a tight game against Tony but lost on time 12 - 13.Ian managed a win against Keith by saving his bisques to peg out 18 - 12. Peter had a fine win against Alan pegging out 18 - 5. Another tight game saw our Alan miss out by 1 hoop losing 12 - 13. However,in the face of the extreme conditions FYLDE came out on top.

Ian, 6th May