Open League

 PWLDGamesB PtsPoints
PENDLE & CRAVEN422021-1559
Crake Valley413015-2102

B Level League

 PWLDGamesB PtsPoints
Pendle & Craven422010-1004

Fylde 5 Chester 0 B Level

This match produced great sportsmanship and some interesting end games worth a mention.

Peter 1.5 beat John Dawson 5 +3. Peter, having pegged out the front ball from hoop two, missed the peg with the strike ball. John got to Peg and Rover when Peter shot at a twenty yarder wide double and hit. Liz 2 & Terry 4 Beat Jerry Guest 1.5 & David Boyd 6 +3. Having pegged out Jerry, Terry could have pegged himself out leaving Liz on Rover and David on 4back. This was the best play according to the gallery eagerly awaiting lunch of pasta bake with Czechoslovakian spam and leftova Pavlova. David nearly completed the finish, but not quite.

L to R John Dawson, David Boyd & Jerry Guest visit FCC.

Having put the World to rights, we set off on round two. Liz went to 4back, took second ball to peg and then completed the game against John. Wham Bang. Best play of the season from our captain. Terry and David had a tight game all balls closing in on the peg. In fact David put Terry in the box and after a long battle Terry won.

Peter and Jerry had a peg ball each and balls on four and five. The game turned very tactical as each tried to defend against being pegged out. Peter pegged Jerry out, but Jerry got a lead with a good three ball break. The game ebbed and flowed. But the last mistake was Jerry's.

Peter, 12th September

Fylde 4 Bury 1 B Level

Wet start but no rain, Chilli at lunchtime, Sunshine for second round. Fylde on form.

Peter 1.5 lost to Andy Brandwood 2 -23
Liz 2 & Terry 4 beat Malcolm Daines 5 & Graham Saunders 7. +5

Peter beat Malcolm +23
Liz beat Andy +4
Terry Beat Graham +12.

Then the Chairman took us out to a little Italian at Star Gate, where we all ate too much.

Peter, 12th September

Southport 3 Fylde 2 B Level

Day 3 of the B level weekend started off in drizzle and improved to clear blue sky later. Peter, Liz & Terry faced Don Williamson, Barbara Haslam and Tony Thomas.

Liz & Terry beat Tony & Barbara
Peter Lost to Don
Peter beat Barbara
Tony beat Terry
Don Beat Liz.

All good fun lots of good turns for everyone, a close match but no cigar.

Peter, 10th August

Fylde 5 Bowdon 0 B Level

Day 2 of the B level weekend and Blackpool air show with the Red Arrows due at 16:00. Low cloud and they did not land at Blackpool, but the soloists gave us several low turning fly pasts at crucial moments including this one.

Years of practice means Terry arrived at the peg right on cue.

Terry Vernazza (4) beat Sylvia Steer (6) +1
Liz (1.5) beat Barry (7) +15
Peter (1.5) beat Mike (4.5) +18
Terry beat Barry McKenzie+21
Liz & Peter beat Mike & Sylvia +21.

Bowdon arrived with four large bottles of water which was much appreciated. Since the poison water scare you just can not get any round these parts at the moment. Nice thought. The day started with a drizzle and ended in blazing Sunshine. Terry's win over Sylvia was a well played time turn. Forced to play the Blue, needing two hoops and the peg point to win, Terry made a crucial long hit in and held his nerve. It is a cruel game sometimes.

Peter, 9th August

Pendle 2 Fylde 3 B level

Another struggle on a wet day. Only kidding, Summer arrived at last and the Sunshine and clear sky stayed all day.

Pendle turned out three wonderful lawns and a tasty lunch for us. Many thanks to them for their efforts. Terry returned to play for us in a triple header weekend bonanza of B level play.

Andrew Webb (3) beat Liz Wilson (1.5) +19
Roger Schofield lost to Peter Wilson -1
Howard Bowron lost to Terry Vernazza -16 Andrew lost to Peter -15
Howard & Roger beat Liz & Terry +19

No bonus points.

Peter, 8th August

Fylde 3 Bury 6

Another struggle on a wet day. Both sides with guest players.

Congratulations to Andy on his second TP. Looks like many more to come.

Liz Wilson (1.5) beat Phil McCardin (1.5) +26
Peter Wilson (1.5) lost to Paul Rigge (-0.5) -1
Lorna N'dawarda (1) lost to Andy Brandwood (2) -26
Liz lost to Andy -4TP
Peter beat Phil +26
Lorna lost to Paul -26
Liz lost to Paul -16
Peter beat Andy +15
Lorna lost to Phil -20

The rain helped with washing up.

Peter, 2nd August

Pendle 6 Fylde 3

There seemed to be something missing from the start. Not just the corner pegs or peg extension but David's handicap card too! LOL HWCYD? CLV.

What was not missing was the dreary dull miserable rain constantly falling. But there were some big breaks from both sides, a couple of failed triples from Da Macheeeen and two interesting three ball endings for Peter. Everybody played well, but with the short time frame being in control towards the end of the game is often critical and Pendle achieved that in every case. Three lawns in use single banking, what a treat, thank you Pendle.

Roger Schofield (2) beat Peter Wilson (1.5) +7
Andrew Webb (3) beat Lee Hartley (-0.5) +1 on trifle
David Roe (3) lost to Liz Wilson (1.5) 0-7
Roger beat Liz +15
Andrew beat Peter +1 on trifle
David lost to Lee 0-11
Roger lost to Lee 0-11
Andrew beat Liz +5 on trifle
David beat Peter +4

We were better than them on paper (although we can not be sure of that due to the missing card) so three bonus points for them.

Peter, 1st August

Fylde 1 Bowdon 8

It is just one team in the league for Bowdon this year and here they are on a Sunny and warm wind free Blackpool coast. -1.5 (David Walters), -1 (Brian Storey) and -0.5 (Richard Smith).

David played precision Croquet from the off. If that triple was delayed any further it would be straight. Peter got to 4back. The Boss only has one ball for 3back against Brian's Peg and 5, interesting. Lee is doing a crossword. Looks as if 3 down will be the answer. Will Richard take his ball off with 15 minutes left and a 14 point lead? No, they both declare to end the game with 15 minutes left. Brian has equalised but can not continue. Liz on the last turn roquets and run the golden hoop for a great win.

Make yourself lunch turned up a Scotch Egg, without an egg in it, only an egg shaped space. No one can figure out what has happened or give an eggsplanation. It is seriously spooky. Google no use here. Oh well, on to round two.

Oh well lets save some time and skip round two.

Off we go for round 3 and David's friends are having a joy ride over Blackpool from the airport. They cheer Bowdon on.

We show some spirit but can not get close to a score.

Peter, 7th June

Crake 4 Fylde 5

The Crake lawns were playing quite fast and the Sun was shining, but OH the wind was persistent and the cause of several missed shots during the day. Our hosts treated us to a warming and wholesome take away chip shop lunch. We also took a bonus point away.

David Nicholson (-1) beat Liz Wilson (2.5) +26TP
Tom Griffiths (0) lost to Lee Hartley (-0.5) -4
Peter Wardle (1.5) lost to Peter Wilson (2) -23
David beat Peter +17
Tom beat Liz +17
Peter lost to Lee -19
David lost to Lee -6
Tom lost to Peter -5
Peter beat Liz +26

Peter, 6th June

B Level mayhem

Chester and Southport both cancelled their Blevel matches on the 2nd and 3rd of May as they can not raise a team.

Peter, 23rd April