CA Handicap Tournament

We have posted notice to the CA Fixtures Book of our first Handicap Tournament to be held on 28th & 29th July 2012.

28th November 2011

Lawns Closed

Working parties have been at the lawns yesterday and again today. The Hollow Tiner and Scarifier have behaved themselves and all lawns will receive Lawn Feed today.

The lawns are therefore closed.

21st October 2011

2011 League Summary

Handicap - 1st
Midweek - 1st
Advanced - 2nd
Golf - 4th
Short - 8th

1st October 2011

Secretary's Shield runners up

Fylde arrived at Bury for their first ever Secretary’s Shield final to discover that Nottingham had sent a very strong team to contest the match. The lawns had been prepared beautifully and play started in good conditions. Fylde had bisques in each of the three games and, in the singles, Betty and Ian both established early leads. However, as the bisques ran out, Nottingham came back strongly with Omied Hallam beating Betty, and Bob Thompson getting the better of Ian. In the doubles, Fylde established an early lead as Martin took his ball to 4-back and Terry got to hoop 6. Peter Moore responded for Nottingham and took his ball to peg. The next hour saw a very tactical battle with few hoops being scored. Martin and Terry maintained control for most of this period and held out for a +4 win on time.
After an excellent lunch provided by Barbara Young from Bury, play resumed with Fylde 2 –1 down. With the aid of bisques, Terry took control of his game against Sanaa Hallam and recorded a +26 win in good time, to level the scores. Ian had similar fortunes to his morning game, establishing an early lead but then being overtaken by his opponent, Omied Hallam.
The other two games provided a tense end to the competition. Betty established an early lead reaching rover and 2-back. She resisted Bob Thompson's challenge during a long period of tactical play, hitting a number of long roquets but, unfortunately, the balls were not positioned favourably enough to make a further break. Bob then had a late surge to pip Betty towards the end of time. The advantage swung between Martin and Peter Moore in their game, until Martin established a lead. However, Peter hit a full lawn roquet to start a break and catch up. He then accidentally peeled Martin’s front ball through rover and took the opportunity to peg out Martin’s ball. Despite valiant efforts, Martin was unable to prevent Peter from going on to win the game.
Congratulations to Nottingham who won the match 5 –2. Commiserations to the Fylde players who performed well against such strong opposition, the match being much closer than the score suggests.
Thanks need to be given to Bury CC ( and Barbara Young in particular) for hosting this final and for their generous hospitality, providing lunch, drinks and biscuits all day long.

Ian Vincent, Secretary to the CA, refereed the match and presented the trophy.

Martin Bradshaw (8) & Terry Vernazza (6) beat Sanaa Hallam (0.5) & Peter Moore (3.5) +4t
Betty Bates (10) lost to Omied Hallam (6) -14
Ian Theakstone (12) lost to Bob Thompson (4) –7
Terry Vernazza beat Sanaa Hallam +26
Martin Bradshaw lost to Peter Moore –5
Betty Bates lost to Bob Thompson –7
Ian Theakstone lost to Omied Hallam -10

Posted by Terry, 21st September 2011

League Handicap trophy retained

An away win at St Mary's has retained the trophy ahead of Pendle who have one game to play.

11th September 2011

Longman Quarter Final Exit

Mart reports from afar: Fylde 3 - East Dorset 4

Fylde: Terry Vernazza 6, Martin Bradshaw(c) 8, Betty Bates 11, Alan Morton 14
East Dorset: Roger Hesketh 6, Pat Oxley 7, John Pollard 9, John Lonsdale(c) 10

Edgbaston was the neutral setting for this North v South encounter; a good spot with a very friendly welcome made even better by the forecast rains miraculously unforthcoming. Lawns similar to ours but cut shorter. Having shunned the fleshpots of Brum the night before your team was raring to go. Betty and Alan leapt into life and established leads against John L. and John P. respectively. Betty was too accurate for John and had a comfortable win. John started to catch up with Alan who was unlucky to eventually lose out by a single hoop with time called. Roger & Pat eased ahead of Terry & Martin and were looking good. Martin then took his ball to peg and with time running out Terry levelled the game. After a cautious leave by the opposition, Terry had a terrific hit in and secured the golden hoop. 2 - 1 up at lunch.

The afternoon singles gradually swung towards E.D. Despite taking his first ball round Martin took little further part due to a very solid Pat. The game swung back and froth in Terry's game against Roger who eventually ground out a win. On the other lawn tense was not the word! Alan and John L. were slugging it out before Alan took charge and claimed the game. Meanwhile, Betty had got ahead of John P. but he was creeping back. He took the opportunity to peg out Betty and with time called she was just unable to catch him. A very tight finish to a very close match.

Another Longman adventure came to a close, but we will be back! A big thank you to all who contributed to this year's campaign.

Terry & Martin beat Roger & Pat +1t
Betty beat John L. +10t
Alan lost to John P. -1t
Terry lost to Roger -6t
Martin lost to Pat -15
Betty lost to John P. -2t
Alan beat John L. +11

6th September 2011

High bisque trophy goes to Betty

The Pendle August Bank Holiday Tournament took place during Friday to Monday of the holiday weekend. The lawns played well in spite of changing weather which affects the speed of the turf. Fourteen players coped well with the conditions and the Manager Barry Keen from Bowdon thanked them all for speedy play. He was the speediest of all winning the Fastest Game trophy in just 31 minutes!

Joe Lennon from Glasgow took the overall trophy winning 6 out of 8 . The final game between Joe and Betty was hard fought both having 11 handicaps and no bisques, Joe worked well splitting up Betty’s balls and the millimetre demon denied Betty of some long roquets. If Betty won the match she would have won outright but unfortunately Joe kept his cool and went on to win by +3. Betty won 6 out of 9 (beating Lee 26-0). Betty took the over 10 handicap trophy and Mike Bowser from Spalding took the under 10 handicap.

Well played to the other Fylde contingents Lee Hartley who won 6 out of 10 to a handicap change to -1. Alan Morton won 3 out of 6. The loss of the last game for Betty meant she was denied a handicap change to 10.

3rd September 2011

Handicap trophy 2011

Martin beat Terry +24 in the fial of the Handicap Trophy.

2nd September 2011

Liz Wilson Bowl 2011

After a recent handicap reduction to minus 1, Lee concluded the semi final and final in under ninety minutes to win the tournament consecutavely for the fourth time.

31st August 2011

Alan passes GC Referee exam

Fylde is proud to have a newly qualified GC referee in their ranks and congratulates Alan for passing the examination.

30th August 2011

midweekers league victory

The Fylde MW Squad: Martin, Terry, Betty, Ken, Peter H, Leonard, Ian and Alan.

After a golden hoop finish to their last game against Chester, the NW Fed Website confirms that we have won the midweek league. Captain Martin Bradshaw will undoubtedly be organising some celebrations. Your very own Webmeister has offered to pay for an open top tram trip down the Prom (two stops maximum and excluding bus pass holders) followed by six donuts per person if everyone can attend.

25th August 2011

Catherine wins the midgeland

The sun blazed down on our Jubilee Celebrations along side the annual Midgeland tournament.

30th July 2011

it is Nottingham in the final

Terry reports on the Secretary's Shield match.
After a week of rainy weather, Letchworth brought the sun with them for their first ever visit to Fylde. Martin Bradshaw and Terry Vernazza quickly got into their stride, Martin taking his ball round to rover very quickly. Terry followed suit to give Fylde an emphatic first win of the day. In the singles, Ian Theakstone and Alan Morton made good use of their bisques to establish early leads as their Letchworth opponents tried to adapt to the Fylde lawns. However both matches began to see-saw as the Letchworth players started to establish themselves. Jeremy Scott slowly overhauled Alan going on to win by 7 hoops. Ian held on to his lead and, after a rover peel, pegged out to give Fylde a 2 – 1 lead at lunch.
Suitably refreshed after lunch, the afternoon singles started and Terry continued his morning form, winning well against his opponent Nick Mountfield. The other games were much more closely contested. Ian lost out to his opponent Jeremy Scott, who won his second game of the day. However, the other Fylde players took inspiration from a fly-past by the Red Arrows, Alan sealing the match victory with his win over Keith Rhodes and Martin completing the match by beating Ian mantle. An excellent 5 – 2 win for Fylde which puts them into the final against Nottingham. Venue and date to be organised.

Full Draw

24th July 2011

The 29th McWeeny Trophy

Fylde hosted the 29th Mcweeny Trophy between the CA and the CAI.

From Left: Jane Shorten (I), Alan Pidcock (E), Brian Lewis (E), Robert Barklie (I), Ben Reves Smith (I), Bob Burnett (ECapt), Jack Clingan (I), Michael O'Shaughnessy (I), Lee Heartley (E), Peter Wilson (E), David Roe (E), Nathanial Healy (ICapt). Picture below: James Hawkins (E).

England's Captain Paul Rigge writes: The Vera McWeeney Trophy is travelling back down to Cheltenham, after being retained by this year's CA squad at Fylde CC. This was the 29th time that England has played Ireland with both having previously held the title fourteen times, England now having the bragging rights 15-14. With the overnight score of 13-10 in our favour, it should have been an easy morning's work to secure the final point required for victory in the last round of doubles outstanding before the visitors left for the airport for their lunchtime flight. However they seemed to dominate most of the play and it appeared at times that only Irish players had turned up since they were occupying all three courts, indeed there was much speculation that if the three doubles went the wrong way, to level the score, the 'dead' singles game from Saturday would have to be played after lunch (Burnett vs Morrison). This proved unnecessary with the final three scores all being secured in timed games, final result; 15-11 after some very nervy play with single yard roquets being missed and wrong balls being played.

The weather was cold, windy, wet and miserable, just the opposite in fact of Fylde CC's hospitality, that was nothing short of superb; They acted as taxi's from/to the airport. The club was bedecked with appropriate bunting and national flags. Local press came down for interviews and pictures that made both the front page and all of page 3 on Saturday (do not ask who modelled for the p3 shot! - no don't!). They billeted all the visitors with club members including feeding and watering them for the weekend. New solid friendships were made this weekend. The Irish were a delight and both teams played in excellent sprit.

CAI Report:

Press cuttings:
McWeeny2011#1 McWeeny2011#2 McWeeny2011#3

Nathaniel Healy beat James Hawkins +15
Bob Burnett beat Robert Barklie +9
Lee Hartley beat Jane Morrison +16
Michael O'Shaughnessy beat David Roe +16
Ben Reeves Smith beat Brian Lewis +8
Peter Wilson beat Jack Clingan +5
Lee Hartley beat Nathaniel Healy +8
James Hawkins beat Robert Barklie +14
Michael O'Shaughnessy beat Brian Lewis +22
Peter Wilson beat Ben Reeves Smith +10t
Jack Clingan beat David Roe +11
Bob Burnett beat Nathaniel Healy +5
Lee Hartley beat Robert Barklie +8
Jane Morrison beat James Hawkins +2
Peter Wilson beat Michael O'Shaughnessy +26
David Roe beat Ben Reeves Smith +8
Jack Clingan beat Brian Lewis +13

Healy & Clingan beat Hartley & Roe +26
Hawkins & Wilson beat Barklie & Reeves Smith +22
Burnett & Lewis beat Morrison & O'Shaughnessy +19
Healy & Clingan beat Burnett & Lewis +17
Barklie & Reeves Smith beat Hartley & Roe +14
Hawkins & Wilson beat Morrison & O'Shaughnessy +12
Healy & Clingan beat Alan Pidcock* & Wilson +2t
Burnett & Lewis beat Barklie & Reeves Smith +1t
Hartley & Roe beat Morrison & O'Shaughnessy +1t
*Alan Picock was substituted for James Hawkins on Sunday Morning.

Match Captain Paul Rigge and Deputy Bob Burnett

15th - 17th July 2011

Fylde 5 Edgebaston 2

Victory for the Longman Team who now have a second round match with Hamptworth to be played by 14th August.

Fylde: Terry Vernazza(6), Martin Bradshaw(8)(c), Betty Bates(12), Leonard Ainsworth(20).
Edgbaston: Paul Trafford(4.5), Richard Thompson(6), Ian Whitlock(10)(c), Phil Bate(11).

Mart writes:
We welcomed Edgbaston for the first time to Fylde for a late start. Having got to Blackpool safely, one of their cars was cut up on Morrison's roundabout by a 3-wheel motorbike, losing part of a bumper!. All were safe. Not long after their arrival, code confusion led to the clubhouse alarm activating; so it was quite a diversion to get down to some croquet.
A new law compels the two lowest handicap players to play doubles. Terry and Martin had a tight game against Paul and Richard with the visitors managing to stay ahead until time. Ian and Phil found difficulty getting to grips with the pace of the lawns, Betty winning well and Leonard holding on for the second point. 2 -1 up at lunch.
Terry was taking no prisoners against Paul, allowing just a single hoop. One more win required, and with Martin faltering against Richard's consistency, fortunately both Betty and Leonard were in control of both their games, Betty applying the coup de grace.

Terry & Martin lost to Paul & Richard -3
Leonard beat Ian +5
Betty beat Phil +21
Terry beat Paul +25
Martin lost to Richard -16
Betty beat Ian +13
Leonard beat Phil +8

30th June 2011

International Debut for Fylde Croquet Club

Press Release:

Fylde Croquet Club will host its first international competition at its South Shore lawns from 15th to 17th July. Contested between Ireland and the UK, the McWeeney Trophy tries to uphold Vera McWeeney's ideals - " the importance of developing young players for the overall health of the game". The UK is the current holder. The two teams are level with 14 wins each.

Two teams of six players will compete in doubles and singles over three days. Two Fylde players making their International debuts are Lee Hartley and Peter Wilson, with UK rankings of 75 and 166 respectively. They are joined by Bob Burnett (Bristol), David Roe (Pendle), James Hawkins (Liverpool) and Brian Lewis (Southport).

The venue selection criteria given by the Irish team for a UK venue was for a Club with three full lawns, near an airport. With Blackpool International Airport right on our doorstep, Fylde fits the bill perfectly. Over the last couple of years, Fylde Croquet Club has been striving to improve its facilities. With only 22 members, it has been a struggle but volunteers have dug ditches, scarified and cut lawns, fended off the rabbits and improved the built facilities. The Club hosted its first British Open competition earlier in the year which was a great success. Spectators are very welcome.

Note about Vera McWeeney: Vera McWeeney made a unique contribution to Irish sport, first as a multi-disciplined athlete – representing Ireland in hockey, tennis, croquet and squash from the 1920s and then, after her playing days were over, she was instrumental in bringing publicity to women’s involvement in sport through her career as a journalist, reporting on women’s hockey, tennis, badminton and squash. As a journalist, she was said to be very fair to up and coming players and any criticism of their play always ended on a positive and constructive note.

11th July 2011

Secretary's Shield Letchworth next

Because last nights lottery draw bonus ball was even we play at home.

30th June 2011

The Festival runners up

Photo and table by Tony Thomas who writes: What an excellent tournament the Federation Festival was this year. Great weather, wonderful company, excellent catering, over 300 games as 10 clubs competed in Golf, Short, Handicap and Advanced formats. Even the infamous North Lawns were winning praise as players who were critical in the past were promising to return next year. It is estimated over 100 players participated in the two day event. The festival once again brought Northwest players together, creating new friendships and renewing friendly rivalries. The obvious enjoyment experienced by everyone made this a festival to remember and once again to feel so much pride in our Federation. Thank you everyone who attended and thank you to Southport for all their hard work in making this event so successful.


For the record – In the Advanced Tournament Lee lost only one game and Peter scored the highest break of 4 (also conceding a contact) on their way to winning the event and retaining the trophy for a second year. Crake Valley resplendent in Pink won the Handicap with some beautiful peeling turns in most games. Bury took the Short and Llanfairfechan the Golf. In a very close analysis of all the results, Bury emerged as champion club while Fylde were the runners up.

Catherine Bass writes: In the Golf Maureen Clayton, Claire Addy and Chris Verity made their debuts in the Golf section at the Festival of Croquet and acquitted themselves well. Maureen and Claire said that they enjoyed the experience and met some very friendly people. Maureen used her bisques well and secured at least an equivalent hoop for each bisque. Claire was thrilled to get to Golden Hoop and narrowly missed out on a win. On Sunday, Chris went a step further, claiming her first match victory - and intends to build up her match experience by entering the Midgeland Trophy event in July. Well done all.

In the Short Tournament, Alan Morton was the star as Fylde 1, winning all five of his games on Saturday. Catherine and Philip managed to add a win to three of these giving three match wins from five. On Sunday, Geoffrey joined the team as Fylde 1. He and Philip won three games taking Fylde's match wins to six out of nine. Unfortunately, all three players lost to Bury in round two on Sunday and Bury went on to win the competition with Fylde taking a creditable second place.

Ken Harper writes of the Handicap Event: The Fylde team consisted of Ian, Ken and Leonard. Saturday started well with a 2 – 1 win over Southport. Next came Westmoreland and after close matches. Fylde came second best at 2 – 1, so at lunch it was 1 – 1. In the afternoon our opponents were the eventual winners Crake, who with a strong team won 3 – 0. There was a notable match with Ian playing Dave Nick when Ian lost by the smallest of margins, one point. At the end of Saturday we were down 2 – 1. Sunday saw a marked improvement with 3 – 0 wins over Bury and Bowdon. Leonard impressed with dogged determination to win his two games, whilst Ian was the star of the two days winning 4 out of his 5 games. This triggered his handicap down to 12. We scored 3 wins out of 5 matches.

25th & 26th June 2011

Secretary's Shield: Fylde 6 Shrewsbury 1

It is Letchworth or Ashby next by the 14th August.

Fylde: Terry Vernazza (6), Martin Bradshaw (8), Betty Bates (14) and Alan Morton (14).
Shrewsbury: Robbie Dodds (1/2), Brian Christmas (3 1/2), Graham Colclough ( 8) and Allan Knight (9).
The overnight rain had freshened the Fylde lawns, although conditions were cloudy and cool. Shrewsbury had brought a strong team but were giving a lot of bisques to the Fylde team, who were full of confidence after their Longman Cup win earlier in the week. In the morning singles games, Terry was quickly into his stride making good breaks to get both balls around the hoops. He pegged out well within time beating his opponent, Brian Christmas +25. Betty had a much closer game against Allan Knight but eventually won +6, again well within time. In the doubles, Graham Colclough quickly took his ball to rover but his partner Robbie Dodds was kept out of the game by the Fylde pair. Alan and Martin slowly established control and, after a long tactical struggle, Martin eventually pegged out to give Fylde a 3 –0 lead at lunch. After suitable refreshments, the players were ready for the afternoon singles. Although Terry played well and got his balls to penult and 4 –back, Robbie Dodds was in excellent form and required only a small number of turns to peg out, giving Shrewsbury their first game of the day. In the second game, Betty used her bisques well and established control of the match, going on to beat her opponent, Graham Colclough, +13, thus guaranteeing Fylde an overall win. Both Martin and Alan were also doing well in their games, and despite resistance from their opponents, they both went on to win giving Fylde a 6 –1 victory. Although the score didn’t truly reflect Shrewsbury’s performance on the undulating Fylde lawns, they were generous in their praise and wished Fylde well in the next round.

Martin Bradshaw and Alan Morton beat Robbie Dodds and Graham Colclough +7
Terry Vernazza beat Brian Christmas +25
Betty Bates beat Allan Knight +6
Terry Vernazza lost to Robbie Dodds - 5
Martin Bradshaw beat Brian Christmas +14
Betty Bates beat Graham Colclough +13
Alan Morton Beat Allan Knight +15

5th June 2011

Longman victory

It is Edgbaston next by 17th July!

Fylde: Terry Vernazza, Martin Bradshaw, Ian Theakstone, Betty Bates.
Bowden: Mike Steer, David Holland, Barry Keene, Louise Cheyne.

A dull start to the day but it was to get a lot hotter later. Terry and Betty played the morning singles against David and Barry respectively. Barry raced to rover but Betty was not to be daunted and ran out the winner. Terry celebrated his handicap reduction by comfortably beating David into an early submission. Martin and Ian on the top (fast) lawn creped steadily ahead of Mike and Louise, but the visitors staged a comeback. But for Louise going off lawn near the end a home win might have been snatched away. So, Alison's lunch could not have been nicer with a 3 nil lead for Fylde.

The afternoon singles saw Ian enjoying the fast lawn again and he got away from Barry with time to spare completing a match winning victory. Betty found the relatively inexperienced Louise quite tricky to handle but a comfortable win ensued. Terry was not at ease on the fast lawn, and with Mike getting ahead, was not able to reel him in. Martin started fitfully and by the time he found his game it was too late to catch David who was very steady. So, a good home win by 5 - 2.

Martin & Ian beat Mike & Louise +3
Terry beat David +22
Betty beat Barry +8
Terry lost to Mike -15
Martin lost to David -6
Ian beat Barry +11 Betty beat Louise +15

2nd June 2011

Terry Wins Southport handicap

Photo by Tony Thomas

Betty and Terry joined 10 other players for this competition, which was played to a Swiss format, base difference. The weather over the weekend was cool, cloudy, windy and occasionally wet. The first round of matches saw Betty beat Barry Keene (Bowden) and Terry overcoming Eileen Rossiter (Southport). This meant the two Fylde players faced each other in their second game. Betty established a good lead which lasted most of the game. However Terry slowly overhauled her in the last 30 minutes, going on to win the game. In the third round, Betty had a good win well within time. Terry had a long battle with Brian Lewis (Southport) and the outcome was unsure to the end, until Terry got control back and managed to peg out with Brian’s two balls both on peg.

On Sunday, there was heavy rain during the first game, but this didn’t stop Terry achieving a good win, well within time. Betty was not as fortunate, losing out to Eileen Galagher. In the final match, Betty returned to winning form, finishing the weekend with 3 wins out of five. Terry faced Tony Thomas in a competition decider. Tony was in front for much of the game but Terry stayed within touch and managed to get one hoop in front with one minute to go. Tony equalised the match as time was called. As the game entered a golden hoop phase, Terry hit a long roquet to get control back and went on to win. This gave Terry 5 wins out of five and the competition victory. It also resulted in him triggering down to six handicap. A excellent weekend of croquet, socialising and fun, accompanied by excellent catering, was had by all.

28th & 29th May 2011

Peter Wins Pendle B Class

A cosmopolitan field of twelve gathered together to sample the usual hospitality. Liz scored 3/5 loosing one of the games by a single point and sensibly hunkered down to sit out the sixth. However Peter hit some form and achieved 6/6 to win outright on a weekend where the weather caused all the players problems.

Heavy rain and hail alternated with bright sunshine while the winds blew hither and thither throughout the weekend. The lawns were superb, as good as ever seen at Pendle.

Photo by Barbara Dutton

Fergus McInnes (Manager) Phill Scarr (Runner Up), and Matt Holmes (Third).

22nd May 2011

Silver gilt Terry

Terry reports from Southport on another excelent NW Federation Flying Circus course:

The Silver Gilt coaching course held at Southport was run by James Hawkins and Bob Burnett. The course was aimed at players of handicap 8 or less and was attended by 12 people. The course was a mixture of theory discussions and practice. The morning session covered the construction of breaks making best use of “rush lines”, types of leaves in Advanced play and how to construct the break to achieve this. The afternoon session covered peeling and the mechanics of setting up a triple peel. This was an extremely interesting and useful day and there are some notes pinned up in the club house.

2nd April 2011

FCC's first tournament

The Northwest Federation Millennium Short Lawn Trophy sponsored by Aspire-ts.

Twelve players from six clubs played in three blocks. In the Semi finals, Fylde's own Ken Harper was beaten up by Bury's Bob Whittle who was playing dazzling Croquet and John Mawdsley steady and accurate style from Southport was enough to get the better of Howard Bowron from Penrith. Ken went on to win the plate event and was presented with a wonderful 'plate' of Blackpool rock. There had been a a cloudburst (conveniently) after round one, and this gave the club the chance to show off (and the players to avail) the new canopy which has been generously funded by the CA. The sun then came out and for the final the spectators drew up their chairs and settled in to watch Bob and John play.

After an entertaing and close battle John pegged out. Fylde's Chairman, Martin Bradshaw presented the trophy to John. The general tennor of the event was relaxed and fun and several players made their tournament debuts, which was one of the aims of the event.

8th May 2011

Longman Draw

Its changed! We now have a preliminary round draw against Bowdon to be played on 2nd June. Full draw.

10th April 2011

Secretary's Shield Draw

We have a first round draw against Shrewsbury now arranged to be played on the 5th June. Full draw.

10th April 2011

Honour Board Idea Rejected

The Webmeister is always happy to receive ideas to expand the site however the proposal to extend the FCC honours board 'Locked in the Club House' by three further honours to include 'Locked in the Pavilion', 'Locked in the Equipment Shed' and 'Locked in the Office' was narrowly rejected by a vote of 0 for and 1 against.

Please note that 'Locked in the Clubhouse' will continue to be awarded. Mixed Doubles being particularly welcome to enter.

1st April 2011

Mcweeny Tournament

The CA v CAI Match for the Mcweeney Trophy will take place at Fylde Croquet Club on 16-17 July 2011. Players who have a handicap of eight or below and who are interesting in taking part should contact the organiser, Paul Rigge, or use the availability application. More details are available in the CA online Fixtures Calendar.

13th March 2011

Lawn Report

Ian and Philip have scarified and tyned the lawns. On Sunday 13th the weed and feed will be going down so do come and help if you can.

12th March 2011

Canopy Completed

With the construction completed work turned to finishing off the area between the clubhouse and equipment store with some concrete. Several slabs needed relaying under the canopy and with ten pairs of hands there was time to lay some of the ones from around the back in front of the store room. The surplus turf was used to cover and level part of the bare strip where the fence used to be.

20th February 2011

Canopy update

All the supports are in place and painted ready for the final job of fitting the panels. A large workforce will be required to ensure this part of the operation is completed in one day. Please contact Philip if you want to help.

8th February 2011

Canopy update

Solid as a rock the canopy has been painted and raised on four green supports one each corner. Further supports will be fitted where the temporary supports can be seen in this photo.

3rd February 2011

Jubilee Year

This July will mark the club's Jubilee and we are opening the Midgeland Trophy up, for one year only, to players from any club. The tournament will be held on the Jubilee date of 30th July. Non players will also be welcome to come along and join in the celebrations.

22nd January 2011

2011 World golf championships

Hurlingham & Surbiton 18th - 24th July.

15th January 2011


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