fs Fylde Croquet Club

Short Team at home to Llanfairfechan 9th April 2005

We Won 9 - 7

Leonard (c), Lee, Betty & Terry braved artic conditions made bearable by Betty's beef stew

Short Team at home to Pendle 23rd April 2005

We Lost 6 -10
Leonard (c), George, Lee & Betty gained more experience for us on a bright sunny day

Handicap Team at home to Pendle 30th April 2005 (Postponed by Pendle from 16/4)

We lost 2 - 4

The first Handicap league match to be played at Fylde started with a bottle of bubbly in light drizzel. The day brightened but the visitors held on to the 2 point advantage gained in the doubles.

Liz (c), Leonard, Andrew & Lee.

Golf Team away to Culcheth 14th May 2005

We lost 14-2 but everyone had a good day and learned a lot

Handicap Team at home to Bury Peelers 21st May 2005

Photographed for our local paper Liz, Lee, Martin (c), & Leonard (braving the sunshine and thunder) Won 6 - 0

Golf Team away to Llanfairfechan 4th June 2005

Peter, Liz (c), Lee & Betty won 10 - 6 but there were many Close games

Golf Team at home to Pendle 7th June 2005

A DRAW 11/11 - Norman (4/4 singles), Brian, Alan (c) Ron were supported by Cath and Isabelle catering. 'It is a six person team from now on' and as requested the Red Arrows produced the fly-by at the crucial point

Short Team away to Chester 12th June 2005

Lee, Leonard (c), Terry & Betty lost 11 - 5 in difficult conditions - fast lawns

Handicap Team at home to Bowdon Firs 19th June 2005

Liz (c), Lee, Andrew & Leonard Drew 3 all. Both doubles were shared +1 .Several other games were also very close

Longman Cup - Away to Tyneside 24th June 2005

Fylde fall at the first
Liz (c), Lee, Andrew & Leonard lost 5 - 2. The home side were on form and we wish them good luck for the next round

Noth West Federation Club Championships 2nd July 2005

Fylde retain Short Lawn Title in 2005

Full LawnMartin (c)AndrewLeonard
Short LawnPeter WLiz (c)Terry
GolfAlan (c)CathRon

Full LawnPeter W (c)AndrewLeonard
Short Lawn Liz (c)TerryGeoffrey
GolfNormanIsabelle (c)Peter H

Our overall finishing positon was 4th

3rd July 2005

Short Team at home to Southport 10th July 2005

Terry (c), Lee, Betty & Alan lost 11 - 5. This was a match between some of the newer members from each club. well played by both teams.

Handicap Team away to Crake 16th July 2005

Liz, Lee, Martin (c), Leonard Won 4-2 in sunshine after sharing golden hoops in both doubles matches

Golf Team away to Bury Souths 24th July 2005

Alan (c), Cath, Isabel & Peter H. Lost 13-3. We gained valuable experience and enjoyed the day at Bury CC

31st July 2005 Golf Team at home to Southport Piers

Betty, Cath, Isabel (c) & Norman
We lost 5 - 17, All good fun

Handicap Team away to Southport 31st July 2005

Peter (c), Liz, Lee & Andrew. The doubles were shared as were the singles, all accompanied by Rick Astley's rehearsal in the park

Short Team away to Bowdon 7th August 2005

Leonard, George, Terry (c) & Alan lost 12 - 4 but what a beautiful day for playing croquet on very fast lawns and with nice tight hoops! We had fun despite the result.

Handicap Team at home to Bury Caesars 14th August 2005

Liz (c), Lee, Leonard & Betty won 4 -2
A close match in beautiful weather

Short Team away to Bury 20th August 2005

Lee, George Terry (c) & Betty lost 11 - 5. A day of mixed fortunes for us but enjoyed by all

Golf Team away to Southport Proms 31st August 2005

Betty's shoulder massage eases captain Alan's tension while Cath and Norman draw blood. 14-8 was anything but a walkover for 'Proms' (Gedit?)

Handicap Team away to Chester 4th September 2005

Peter, Liz, Andrew & Martin (c) lost 4-2 in scorching conditions. Club mascot Harry Webb watched Fylde fail to come to terms with the glassy surface

Handicap Team away to Bowdon St Marys 18th September 2005

Lee, Andrew, Martin (c) & Leonard put the home team's league victory celebrations on hold by winning 4 - 2

Golf Team at home to Bury Norths 18th September 2005

Geoffrey, Norman, Terry & Betty Narrowly lost 12 -10
Many matches were decided by golden hoops