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Southport v Chester

Chester 10 Fylde 6 (Mud Wrestling!)

Fylde: Liz (0)(c), Terry (1½) , Leonard (8), Geoffrey (10)
Chester: John Dawson (2½) , David Boyd (3), Gareth Edwards (5), Jane Taylor (9).

This match, played on Friday , was a rearranged match at Chester's request as they could not find a team for the original date. Due to the recent weather only two 'patches of mud' were playable and so the games were double banked on lawn 5. The weather stayed mainly dry all day with just one shower over lunch. In the first round the only win for Fylde was from Geoffrey playing David Boyd. By the start of the 2nd round the balls were becoming indistinguishable, not only to the two colour blind players, but to all, as the mud gathered turning the balls to 16 shades of grey. Round two saw 2 games apiece with wins for Liz and Terry. The highlight was a spectacular pirouette from Gareth when he lost his footing and landed broadside in the mud fortunately causing more damage to the lawn than to himself. After a welcome hot lunch and a change of clothes by Gareth the scores were unfortunately a repeat of the fist round with only one win for Fylde (Terry vs John). The final round needed a win from all 4 Fylde players to snatch a draw. This we failed to do with wins only for Leonard and Terry.

Posted by Liz, 21st September


Fylde: Ruth Rendle 6, Philip Bass 9, Catherine Bass 10 (c), Geoffrey Lipshaw 10
Barbara Young 0.5, Richard Harvey 5, Bob Whittle 8, Graham Good 10

With the recent weather problems, we weren't sure if the match would go ahead. Trusty Fixtures Captain Ian was down at the Club at 7.30am to check all was well.... and it was!!!

Although it was a bit smirly during the morning, it was warm and later the sun came out. It was Graham's first competitive league match and he played well. In a couple of games though, his concentration slipped and having set himself up well, played the wrong colour ball through a hoop.

After the first round, all was level with two games each. Bury went ahead before lunch adding a further three games to their tally. So, the pressure was on. Liz came down to help with the washing up and give support to the team which was brilliant. After lunch, the Fylde team came back strongly with three wins - so all level again!

In the final round, on-form Catherine beat Bob 14-4 with 20 minutes remaining. Philip just lost to Richard 8-10 on time. Ruth was level with Barbara, but just after time Barbara scored an extra hoop to win the game. Geoffrey was battling with Graham and took the game 11-8 on time - making it a drawn match!!
Thanks go to Ian and Liz for their support and to the whole team who kept fighting when things weren't looking too good.

The point lifts Fylde off the bottom and puts us mid-table but other teams have games in hand.

Posted by Catherine, 26th August

Southport 3 Fylde 13

Southport: Anne Mitchell 7 Margaret Flemington 10 Jean Nolan 9 Jenny mawsley 9.
Fylde: Betty Bates 3 Ian theakstone 3.5 (capt) Ken Harper 5 Ruth Rendell 7.

This match was a postponed match from June. Although rain threatened it stayed away for us to enjoy a fine match. Round 1 was a win for all 4 players. Round 2 saw a single defeat for Ken so it was looking good at lunch 7-1 up. Lunch was not going to stop us as we grabbed another 4 wins. round 4 gave us 2 more to complete a very good day for Fylde. Player of the match was Ruth with 4 wins and received drop in her handicap to 6. Well done Ruth and team for the 1st win of the year.

Posted by Ian, 19th July

Fylde 5 Bowdon 11

Bowdon: Neil Thompson 8 Louise Cheynne 9 Chris Evans 10 Alison Court 10 (capt).
Fylde: Ian Theakstone 3.5 (capt) Ken Harper 5 Philip Bass 9 Catherine Bass 10.

Still a cold overcast day for July but the team was ready to take on Bowdon's high bisquers. The lawns are still the best around and take some getting used to but we managed 2 wins from Ken and Ian in round 1. Round 2 saw a single win from Ian even after giving 6.5 bisques away. After lunch another single win this time from Philip and again round 4 saw yet another single win this time from Catherine. So the final score came out at.

Posted by, Ian 15th July

Llanfairfechan 10 Fylde 6

Llanfairfechan: Georgina Llewellyn (3.5), Jack Pattenden (5), Roger Edwards (8), Cecilia Lilley (8) (c).
Fylde: Ian Theakstone (4). Ken Harper (5). Catherine Bass (9) (c). Philip Bass (10).

Bank Holiday weekend, so Ken got us off to an early start. Traffic thin on the ground, we made good time, arriving at 8.45am. It was sunny with a wind chill factor. We waited in the car, watching train travellers, trains, blossoming trees, discussing jackdaws and starlings, guessing plant names - until Roger arrived. Apart from a short hailstorm, the weather continued sunny but chilly all day - we put on all our layers including waterproofs to keep warm. Eleven games went to time. Fylde won three of the other five within time. So after a very early start and, for some, the first match of the season, the team battled in spite of the score-line. In both morning games, Ken got his first ball round to peg but, facing high bisquers, couldn't thwart them. He lost out 14-9 to Roger and was just pipped 11-10 by Cecilia. With play more level in the afternoon, Ken put in a strong showing and won both games emphatically against Georgina (2-11) and Jack 10-11. Catherine squandered bisques against Georgina and couldn't get organised losing 11-2. Against Jack, at 8-6, she returned to the lawn just before time, made a long roquet and three hoops (8-9) but having miscounted, attempted, but failed, to run rover, leaving available roquets for Jack's return. Jack levelled at 9-9, sought clarification that a Golden Hoop was needed and left the balls positioned accordingly. Catherine could do nothing, so Jack returned and easily took his next hoop 10-9. She lost both games in the afternoon, unable to get breaks going against Cecilia (10-5) and Roger (10-5). Philip couldn't make best use of his bisques against Jack and Georgina losing 10-5 and 11-4. He had a good start, but then lost to Roger (10-6). In his last game against Cecilia, grit and determination saw him through. Cecilia was hanging onto her bisques, playing two-ball and Philip had just one left. He took more time to plan leaves, which paid off. With his last bisque he managed an eighth hoop and left Cecilia's balls separated with his own together behind hoop 3. Cecilia used up her bisques but was unable to fight back and Philip won 6-8. Ian had a difficult first game (14-0) against high-bisquer Roger, (who won all his matches on the day). Ian came from some way behind to pip Cecilia to a fine 13-14. It was also a close game against Jack. Ian had peeled his balls through rover earlier and all four clips were on peg. Ian hit in and pegged out his two balls first, finishing 12-14. He went on to beat Georgina 7-14. Winning three games, Ian was Fylde Man of the Match on the day.

Posted by Catherine, 6th May

Pendle 10 Fylde 6

Teams from Pendle and Fylde had a lucky dry day for their battle in the Short Croquet League on Tuesday 24th April. The home team of Paul Dowdall, Garry Wilson, Roy Berry and Ian Maxwell took on Ian Theakstone, Ken Harper, Len Ainsworth and Geoff Lipshaw from Fylde. The first session was honours even at 2-2, 2nd session Pendle took a 3-1 lead and the same in the 3rd session, final session was honours even again 2-2.

Posted by Pendle website, 24th April