Pendle & Craven743026-238
Bowdon Griffins734020-296
Bowdon Earls725018-314

Bowdon Griffins 4 Fylde 3

Bowdon; John Saxby 14, Carol Steinberg 14, Anne Whalley 18, Leo Fletcher 20
Fylde; Ian Theakstone 11, Peter Hallett 14, Ruth Rendle 16, Philip Bass 24

A beautiful day at Bowdon. Ian and Philip made up the doubles game against John and Carol, which produced a ding dong battle with us losing 18 - 21 at the bell.Peter had another battle with Anne finally winning 26 - 24. Ruth came up against an inform Leo to lose 12 - 26. In the afternoon Ian beat John 19 - 17 Peter beat Carol 21- 20 Ruth lost to Anne 17 - 12 and Philip lost to Leo 18 - 16. So after some hard fought games Bowdon scraped home 4 - 3.

Posted by Ian, 19th Sept


FYLDE Ian Theakstone 11 (c) Alan Morton 14 Ruth Rendle 16 Philip Bass 22
PENDLE Roger Schofield 1 Cath Parnell 9 Gary Wilson 10 Robin Delves 12

The match was held in very blustery conditions but at least the rain held off. Ian teamed up with Philip for the doubles game against top boys Roger and Gary but they had to give away 11 bisques,so after Ian went round using 2 of them and Philip using the rest to his advantage they eventually won 21-18. Alan had a tough game against Robin finally losing 4-26.Ruth was up against an inform Catherine but played a great game to win 26-8. The afternoon games could only muster a win from Ian who had 10 bisques against Roger and pegged out 26-0. Alan lost to Catherine 17-22. Ruth lost to Gary 13-26 and Philip lost to Robin 8-26.

Posted by Ian, 13th August

Chester 5 Fylde 2

Chester: David Guyton 6 Paul Watson 8 Gareth Edwards 12 Helen Brophy 14
Fylde Terry Vernazza 5 Peter Hallett 8 Ian Theakstone 12 Ruth Rendell 16

We arrived at Chester on what was to become the hottest day so far, with no shade about we all became rather overheated to say the least. Ian and Ruth paired up for the doubles against Gareth and Helen,and after a steady plod with a couple of short breaks each we secured a win +11. Neither Terry or Peter could beat Paul or David so the lunchtime score was 2 - 1 to Chester.

Terry played David in a close game but eventually lost 17 - 21. Paul played Peter and was definately on form to beat Peter by 17. Ruth came up against Helen and after a lot of nip and tuck Helen managed to sneak ahead to win the game. Ian came up against his arch enemy Gareth and after some good play from Gareth, Ian kept on scoring 2 and 3 hoop breaks to win +5. Overall we struggled with the slopes to the corners and the speed in some areas,on top of the extreme heat.

Posted by Ian, 23rd July


Fylde: Peter Hallet -11, Alan Morton 14, Ken Harper 14, Ruth Rendle 16
Bowdon Earls: Barry Mckenzie 6, Andrew Kenyon 11, Chris Evans 14 , Bob Hunter 20.

The weather was sunny and warm for this midweek A/C match. Fylde had a good start with Ruth and Peter winning the doubles +8. Ken beat Andrew 26-11 and Alan had a close game with Chris which Chris gained the advantage and won +1. An excellent lunch was provided by Liz which was Pasta Bake and Salad If you want the recipe , check out the Celebrity Masterchef Website.

The afternoon session saw Fylde take control. Alan beat Andrew 26-5 with another boundary peg out. Ken overcam Chris +9, Peter had a tussle with Barry but won +2 but unfortunately Ruth narrowly lost to Bob -3.

A great day's croquet. For those who are curious about the origin of Bowdon Earls - they are named after the Earl of Stamford who owned lots of land in and around wher the Bowdon Club is situated. All the players thanked Liz for her culinary expertise and this Temporary Captain was grateful for her support.

Posted by Alan, 18th June

Southport 6 Fylde

Southport: Keith Roberts 4.5 Tony Thomas 5 John Mawdsley 11 David Key 16
Fylde: Betty Bates 10 Ian Theakstone 11 Philip Bass 22 Catherine Bass 22

Arriving at Southport the lawns had not been set up which looked ominous as the rain poured down, we were assured even if continued all day lawns 5 and 6 would still be ok. Ian and Philip made up the doubles game against Keith and David with a combined total of 7.5 bisques. After a slow start Ian took control and went to rover using 2 bisques.Philip did some good breaks using the remaining bisques, eventually the game became a close call but Fylde held on to win 19 - 18. Catherine played well with some good long breaks using her bisques to do so but finally lost to John 23 - 10. Betty played Tony who was in good form and dispite 5 bisques and playing well lost the game 20 - 26. The afternoon games were all played in good spirit but all games were lost. Betty lost to Keith 15 - 23 Philip to John 13 - 17 Catherine to David 13 - 26 and Ian to Tony although close 23 - 26.

Posted by Ian, 28th May


Fylde: Ian Theakstone 11 (c) Ken Harper 14 Alan Morton 16 Ruth Rendle 16
Bury: Tony Phillips 2.5 Barbara Young 6 Graham Saunders 8 Mac Hardman 14

A very blustery day and quite cold with rain forecast for the afternoon. Ian & Ruth formed the doubles against Barbara & Mac. Ian raced off taking 1 bisque to reach rover out of 5.5 received . Ruth then proceeded to 4 back without Bury making a start. However, Barbara managed 5 hoops before we won the game 26 - 5. Alan came up against Tony who gave away 13.5 bisques, Alan used them well and won 26 - 0. Ken had a long fight with Graham eventually losing 24 - 26. This was caused by a timing error when Ken pegged his own ball out with still an hour still to play. After a superb hotpot supplied by Liz we continued. Ken had another tough game Barbara losing 8 - 26.Alan played Graham and was well in front finally pegging out his final ball from the boundary. he now triggered down to 14 well done Alan. Ruth came up against Mac and put her ball to rover, however, Mac then went round peeled Ruth and pegged her out with 2 hours still to play. Ruth battled on but eventually lost 21 - 26. Ian's game with Tony who gave him 8.5 bisques was not really a game as it took Ian just 45 minutes to win the game 26 - 0.Tony only went onto the lawn once.

Posted by Ian, 7th May

Fylde 2 Westmorland 5

Fylde: Peter Hallett 9 Betty Bates 9 Ian Theakstone 11 (C) Alan Morton 16
Westmorland: John Shakespear 8 Ivan Wheatley 9 Jim Alcock (C) 9 Sue Pritchard 16

Our 1st match of the season in fine but still nippy conditions,the doubles game featured Ian and Betty against John and Sue. John steered Sue around to good efect leading to a resounding win + 10. Peter had a tight game with Ivan losing by just 3 hoops. Alan came up trumps with a fine win against Jim 17 - 9. The afternoon games saw Peter lose to John 12 - 21 Betty lose to Ivan 13 - 17 Alan losing a battle against Sue 14 - 16 with the only win going to Ian with a closely fought game pegging out 26 - 21.

Posted by Ian, 16th April