Bowdon Earls743028-218
Pendle & Craven734021-286
Bowdon Griffins734020-296

Fylde 1 Bowdon Griffins 6

Fylde: Terry Vernazza (5) Peter Hallett (9) Betty Bates (9) Ken harper (14)
Bowdon Griffins: Charles Harding (4) Sue Cooper (14) John Saxby (14) Carol Steinberg (18)

Despite the forecast of showers, the sun was out to welcome the Bowdon players to Fylde. Both teams have struggled to get victories this season and were hoping for better fortunes in the day's games. In the doubles match, Peter and Terry kept in touch as they slowly managed to extract the Bowdon player's bisques. Once they had gone, John and Carol slowly slipped behind, giving Fylde a 20-16 win as time was called. Betty got off to a good start and established a large lead in her game. However, Charles rallied to tie the game and then scored the golden hoop to win the game. Sue proved too strong for Ken and won her game by pegging out as time was called. The weather decided to match Fylde's gloom and rain fell during the interval. Lunch over, the sun was out again and Fylde needed a good showing in the afternoon if they were to win. Terry had a good early break putting his ball on 2-back, but Charles came back strongly to record a comfortable 26-11 win. Peter was again faced by an opponent with far more bisques, and was unable to overcome Sue who was playing well. Betty had a tense match with John and narrowly lost out -4 on time. Ken and Carol had a close match and both players got to peg with both balls. Both had an unsuccessful attempt at a peg out, before Carol took the honours. So Bowdon won the match 6-1 In summary, a warm sunny day, only one shower (over lunch), a depression over the score line for Fylde, but a sunny disposition on the player's faces, having enjoyed a good day

Peter and Terry beat John and Carol +4 on time
Betty lost to Charles -1 (golden hoop)
Ken lost to Sue -7
Terry lost to Charles -15
Peter lost to Sue -8
Betty lost to John -4
Ken lost to carol -2

Posted by Terry, 2nd August

Westmorland 4 Fylde 3

Fylde's match captain picked herself for this match having never visited before. The grounds were all that was expected and more and the lawns were just like playing at Fylde, but flatter. Liz played with Ian in the doubles giving his wounded arm a little less to do than if he had played singles. It took a while to tease out the 7.5 bisques which Jim Allcock (9) and Mike Hodgson (24 playing off 20) had. They came out eventual winners +3 on time. Terry played David McInnes and again had to bide his time and be patient whilst the 12 bisque fell before winning. Ruth played well against Jim Allcock. In this game Fylde had the bisques and Ruth came out the winner. 3-0 up at lunch we were well chuffed! A lovely home made casserole in the Levens Hall cafe set us all up nicely for the afternoon. Liz lost easily against Jim Allcock who won +16 with 2.5 bisques standing. Ruth also lost to Mike with his 16 bisques, again with 2 bisques standing. Ian's game with David was much closer but he did eventually lose by some 7 hoops. This left all eyes on Terry’s game with John Shakespeare which was very close. With 5 minutes to go Terry was 2 hoops up and in control. John hit in across the lawn many times and pulled the game down to level on time. Golden hoop went to the bad guys! So final score Westmorland 4 Fylde 3, who would have believed it?!

Posted by Liz, 25th June

Earls 2 Fylde 5

Earls: Tony Hudson (3.5 ) Barry McKenzie (6) Andrew Kenyon (14) Helen Hudson (14)
Fylde: Ian (11) (c) Liz (2.5) Terry (6) Ken (16).

Sunshine and smiles greeted us and whilst the sunshine came and went taking turns with the rain, the smiles continued all day. The morning games all went our way. Ken beat Barry +17 well in time whereas the other two games went to time. Both Terry (playing Andrew) and the doubles pairing of Liz and Ian won their games +2 on time. Fylde 3-0 up!. After lunch Ken (AKA Flash) beat Helen + 19 in 1 hour 20 minutes giving Fylde an early victory. Liz was beaten + 16 by an on form Tony who used his one bisque to take a ball all the way to rover. Ian lost to Andrew who had also hit form. The whole team then had an hour to sit and watch Terry (who had early in his game three balled form 3 to 3 back) beat Barry 21-5 to close the match at 5-2. A good win for Fylde (or Field as Bowdon like to call us) and great to see captain Ian back in play.

Posted by Liz, 13th June

Bury 4 Fylde 3

Bury: Tony Philips 3.5, Barbara Young(c) 5, Graham Saunders 8, Mac Hardman 16.
Fylde: Martin Bradshaw(c) 8, Alan Morton 16, Ruth Rendle 16, Philip Bass 22.

Blue skies, light breeze, captain got us there early - something must be wrong! Lawns lacking moisture and growth, but, hey, same for all. Association league debut for Philip who partnered Martin in the morning doubles; dogged game, Philip not at all phased by those weird doubles tactics, went to golden hoop but the wrong way. Another golden hoop battle royal between Barbara and Ruth with a Fylde result. Alan found Tony in too fine a form unfortunately.

Soup (hot) before the cold collation - yum,yum.

Martin got ahead of Tony in the afternoon singles but was slowly reeled in once Tony realised he could actually hit in. Ruth got the measure of Graham, pegging out in style. Yet another close game with Alan edging Barbara by a single point. Philip lost by just four, and, against a seasoned (and marginally knarled) player in Mac, kept his opponent's hoop total down to 14; highly creditable.

Graham & Mac beat Martin & Philip +1t
Tony beat Alan +19
Barbara lost to Ruth -1t
Tony beat Martin +8
Barbara lost to Alan -1
Graham lost to Ruth -7
Mac beat Philip +4

Posted by Mart, 1st May

Fylde 2 Southport 5

Fylde: Terry Vernazza (5), Betty Bates (11), Alan Morton (16), Ruth Rendell (18)
Southport: Tony Thomas (5), Keith Roberts (5), John Mawdsley (11), Alan Farrell (12)

Southport sent a strong team for the opening match of the Midweek League and arrived in good time. In the morning singles, Betty and Alan Morton raced into early leads, dominating lawn time with the aid of their bisques. Betty maintained control throughout to beat her opponent, John Mawdsley, + 23 well within time. However in the other game, Keith Roberts started to take control of the match, overhauling Alan to win +4 on time. The doubles provided the usual tactical cat and mouse game, scoring being very slow to begin with. However one good break by Tony Thomas was enough to allow the Southport team to beat Terry and Ruth +3 on time.

After lunch, Terry and Tony had a close battle throughout the game, Tony winning +2 on time. Alan fared no better, losing by 7 to John. Betty and Keith had a close struggle, but despite a long break over a rules query, Keith managed to cross the winning line , beating Betty by a golden hoop. In the final game, Ruth was playing well and stayed in control throughout, beating Alan Farrell +5 on time. The win triggered an handicap change for Ruth from 18 down to 16. Well done to Ruth.

An enjoyable day....... good company, good food, good weather, although a disappointing result for Fylde,

Posted by Terry, 10th April