B Pts
Crake Valley413016-1913
Pendle & Craven404010-2611

b level

B Pts
Pendle & Craven431014-1028

Bury 4 Fylde 5

Win or loose this is the sort of day Croquet dreams are made of. Sunshine, laughter and a light lunch. Well actually pork chops and chips.

Bury set out two lawns at Coronation Park with a four yard overlap down the East boundary of both. Tertiary colours were employed for single banking. In the final game it was noted that these had expended in the Sunshine and were jammin I say jammin in the immaculately set hoops.

Although these lawns have the same dimensions as our own lawn 5, the effect was disorientating for us and some mistakes were directly attributable to this. The old white lines were very much still there and had to be ignored in favour of a string boundary. But it was an interesting experiment.

Lee hartley (-0.5) beat Barbara Young (4.5) +4
Peter Wilson (2) lost to Paul Rigge (-0.5) -4
Liz Wilson (3) beat David Barret (2.5) +3
Lee beat David +12
Peter beat Barbara +6
Liz lost to Paul -16TP
Lee beat Paul +22
Peter lost to David -6
Liz lost to Barbara -10

Our final games this season.

Posted by Peter, 28th September

Fylde 8 Pendle 1

Win or loose this is the sort of day Croquet dreams are made of. Sunshine, laughter and a light lunch.

Fylde took advantage of some unforced errors here and there but were playing on top form. Lee winning with a triple was good to see. Peter gave away two contact leaves and finished the last one with a three ball break from hoop one. Liz's tactics were up to the usual mark as was her break play.

Lee hartley (-0.5) beat Andrew Webb (3) +10
Peter Wilson (2) beat Roger Schofield (1) +8
Liz Wilson (3) lost to Robert Essler (1.5) -5
Lee beat Robert +17TP
Peter beat Andrew +8
Liz beat Roger +13
Lee beat Roger +13
Peter beat Robert +24
Liz beat Andrew +5

Posted by Peter, 27th September

Fylde 3 Pendle 2 B Level

A muggy day with low cloud cover for both Croquet and the Red Arrows who did several low level slow steep banks over the lawns perhaps to approach Blackpool Airport or maybe to see Howard in play.

On lawn three Peter streaked away to a two hoop lead against Howard, but he kept his cool and with a couple of precision breaks pegged that lead back and converted it to a win. We also lost the doubles as Garry enjoyed a very fine early break and Andrew finally clicked. Our hot slow cooker lunch and crusty bread obviously upset the visitors. Things were different in the afternoon.

Liz (3) and Terry (5) lost to Andrew Webb (3) and Garry Wilson (10)
Peter (2) lost to Howard Bowron (4.5) -4
Peter Beat Andrew +25
Liz beat Howard +24
Terry beat Garry +8

Posted by Peter, 20th September

Bury 4 Fylde 1 B Level

Constant cycle of blazing sunshine (5 minutes), High winds and cloud (5 minutes), Rain (5 Minutes).

A closer match than the score suggests. As always in this game a snick here or a fractional miss there decides the game. Fylde played well with several all round breaks but the points went to the home side.

Liz (2.5) and Terry (5) beat Graham Saunders (7) and Paul Kenworthy (2.5)
Peter(2) lost to Andy Brandwood(3.5)
Peter lost to Paul
Liz lost to Andy
Terry lost to Graham

Posted by Peter, 17th August

Fylde 3 Bowdon 2 B Level

Our opponents were generous to a fault allowing us an early start and a fast lunch in order that we might return to the last night of Lytham Proms in good time. It is not unusual to see Bowdon looking so good. We played on the green green grass of the high lawns.

Peter, being at his best hit a couple of thunderball roquets in the doubles, Liz brought a woman's touch to the game with a good break to peg.

Didn't it rain? you may well ask. Well no, although the forecast was hit or miss, it was dry. Terry suffered a bit, leaving his approaches short. "Run on" ! he exclaimed. The home side asked us, "What if he should ever leave you"? "Ask him to stay until tomorrow" We replied.

Liz (2.5) and Peter Wilson (2) beat Barry McKenzie (6) and Mike Steer (6) +16
Barry Keen(3.5) beat Terry (5) +24
Peter Wilson beat Barry Keen +26
Liz Wilson beat Barry Mc Kenzie +21
Mike Steer beat Terry Vernazza +12

Posted by Peter, 3rd August

Fylde 2 Southport 3 B Level

Our first match in the new B level league played in warm Sunshine. The lawns looking beautifull had some early dew with the hoops set quite tight.

In the morning Peter (2)/Betty (10) lost to Ray Lowe (1.5)/Tony Thomas (5) -14 while Terry (7) beat Keith Roberts (5) +7.

After a good lunch Peter beat Ray +15, And Betty lost to Keith -25 leaving Terry and Tony to entertain the crowd who were finishing off the cakes. This game went to Tony +7 taking the match too. There were no bonus points.

Posted by Peter, 4th May

Bowdon 6 Fylde 3

Warm friendly conditions. Again Peter was right off it but Liz played well and deserved more with Lee warming up and playing like a Macheeeen. Perhaps the luck went against us rather often. No bonus points.

Alan Mayne (-1) beat Liz Wilson (2.5) +10
Ken Cooper (-1) beat Lee Hartley (-0.5) +10
John Lucas (4.5) beat Peter Wilson (2) +11
Alan beat Peter +26
Ken beat Liz +12
John lost to Lee -23
Alan lost to Lee -22tp
Ken beat Peter +23
John lost to Liz -12

Posted by Peter, 4th May

FYLDE 0 Chester 9

Warm friendly conditions. Peter was right off it. Lee needed to warm up and play like a Macheeeen. Perhaps the luck went against us rather often. 3 bonus points given away.

Lee hartley (-0.5) lost to Elmyr Hughes (1.5) -26
Peter Wilson (1.5) lost to James Hawkins (-0.5) -9
Terry Vernazza (7) lost to Jerry Guest (1) -3
Lee lost to Jerry -5
Peter lost to Elmyr -22
Terry lost to James -16
Lee lost to James -14
Peter lost to Jerry -23
Terry lost to Elmyr -14

Posted by Peter, 4th May

FYLDE 3 Crake 6

Lee hartley (-0.5) beat Jim Allcock (9) +9
Peter Wilson (1.5) lost to David Nicholson (-1) -26
Liz Wilson (2.5) beat Tom Griffiths (0) +5
Lee lost to Tom -16
Peter lost to Jim -12
Liz lost to David -23
Lee lost to David -26
Peter lost to Tom -21
Liz beat Jim +15

The ref answers the minus players' query: Where does it say I can not play blue, take croquet from yellow and not have black as a ball in hand? That will be 19(b)(1) then.

Anyway, a bonus point for Crake in warm still conditions. Only our #3 performing well.

Posted by Peter, 3rd May