B Pts
Bowdon Canons743038-2519
Pendle & Craven725020-2537
Crake Valley733124-3007
Bowdon Saints725029-3104

Saints 8 Fylde 1

A washout for the final match of the season and our individual final games too. Five of the games +25 or worse most with attempted triples, kept off the lawns for long spells we never got going.

Saints, bottom of the league, giving us some special treatment by selecting three minus players previously unplayed, could have scored a bonus point but for Lee saving the whitewash.

David Walters (-1.5) beat Liz Wilson (2.5) +26
Ken Cooper (-1) beat Lee Hartley (-0.5) +25
Richard Smith (-0.5) beat Peter Wilson (1.5) +25
David beat Peter +26
Ken beat Liz +16
Richard lost to Lee -19
David beat Lee +21
Ken beat Peter +14
Richard beat Liz +26

Posted 6th October

Fylde 6 Bowdon Canons 3

After take off the Red Arrows came over the lawns low in single file. The games stopped and we all waved. Later in round three they came back to land, once again low, discharging the last of their smoke, one acknowledging our waves by waving the wings. They also came and went once out of sight: 1010 - Depart PRESTWICK 1033 - Arrive BLACKPOOL 1258 - Depart BLACKPOOL 1315 - Display CHATSWORTH 1348 - Arrive BLACKPOOL 1614 - Depart BLACKPOOL 1630 - Display RHYL 1657 - Arrive BLACKPOOL 1910 - Depart BLACKPOOL 1933 - Arrive RAF SCAMPTON

The lawns were fast and fair. Peter set the hoops to 1/16 but the players rose to the challenge and many all round breaks were made. Everybody played well. The match was closer than the score suggests. Opportunities to win matches were grasped with long roquets and missed by a turn of the ball. A two ball ending and a thre ball ending for Peter, a TP for Lee and as usual the winning point from Liz.

1 Lee Hartley beat David Cotton +23TP
2 Alan Mayne beat Peter Wilson +16
3 Liz Wilson beat Charles Harding +11
4 Lee Hartley beat Charles Harding +21
5 Peter Wilson beat David Cotton +6
6 Alan Mayne beat Liz Wilson +14
7 Alan Mayne beat Lee Hartley +16
8 Peter Wilson beat Charles Harding +2
9 Liz Wilson beat David Cotton +2

PS. Peter golf swing from C2 roquet partner E end South baulk changed the game. A great day for us with a bonus point but also much conviviality and sportsmanship throughout the day.

Posted by Peter, 10th August

Chester 6 Fylde 3

Mixed sort of day. Round 1 we were two one up then Chester levelled it after round two. Nice to see Terry going for a 4back peel and playing well. Nice to see Peter hitting everything to win after being pegged out by a very good break from Dennis. We were on for a bonus point. But then it all went flat. Peter scored a hoop on turn 3 but James went to 4back on turn 4, then Peter missed the lift and James finished on the 6th. That gave him time to pass on a few valuable coaching tips and to watch the other games.

Meanwhile Dennis used his experience to grind out a win. But best grandstand moments to Liz who played an amazing break with under four minutes left on 2back and 3back against peg and box she hit in and was 10 seconds short of running rover so joined up by her partner ball at its hoop. Left her needing a peel and pegout to win but such a valiant effort went unrewarded as Mark hit and won.

Nevertheless a convivial and dry day on great grass. At least that is what the youths behind the clubhouse told me.

1 James Hawkins beat Terry Vernazza +23
2 Peter Wilson beat Mark Lloyd +18
3 Liz Wilson beat Dennis Graham +9
4 James Hawkins beat Liz Wilson +10TP
5 Mark Lloyd beat Terry Vernazza +7
6 Peter Wilson beat Dennis Graham +5
7 James Hawkins beat Peter Wilson +25TP
8 Mark Lloyd beat Liz Wilson +7
9 Dennis Graham beat Terry Vernazza +7

Posted by Peter, 10th August

Fylde 5 bury 4


Liz followed a big win in round one with a very close match against the NW highest ranking resident player. As is often the case she was involved in the round three decider where she triumphed with some accurate long roquets. Peter faced TP attempt in two games one was successful the other took up valuable time on the clock and brought a substantial lead which was converted. Lee could have completed a clean sweep but for loosing by the closest possible margin after missing the peg with the front ball.

Ahhhh: A perfect day for Croquet, Lunch and Beer.

Lee Hartley beat Paul Kenworthy +23
Paul Rigge beat Peter Wilson +6
Liz Wilson beat Matt Holmes +7
Matt Holmes beat Lee Hartley +1
Peter Wilson beat Paul Kenworthy +6
Paul Rigge beat Liz Wilson +8
Lee Hartley beat Paul Rigge +10
Matt Holmes beat Peter Wilson +25tp
Liz Wilson beat Paul Kenworthy +3

Posted by Peter, 14th July

Pendle 0 Fylde 5 w/o

Posted 13th July

Crake 2 Fylde 7

Despite bad early morning weather and their captain being sidelined due to injury the match went ahead as scheduled. The lawns were in good condition and the weather improved for the start. We took a three nil lead in the drizzle. Jim had erected a shelter which was most welcome. The second round started as the potatoes went on to boil with a stew also on the hob. Cooking seemed to help Tom's game as he breezed around in no time against Peter.

By the time round three started we were all totally wet and the gazebo had been dismantled to protect it from the strong wind that was now blowing over the lawns. After a long battle on the time turn Peter finished with a bombarded straight rover peel.

A great team performance in tough conditions and a great day for Liz who was unbeaten.

Liz Wilson beat Tom Griffiths +4
Lee Hartley beat Peter Wardell +9
Peter Wilson beat Jim Alcock +21
Peter Wilson lost to Tom Griffiths -13
Liz Wilson beat Peter Wardell +7
Lee Hartley beat Jim Alcock +13
Lee Hartley lost to Tom Griffiths -16
Peter Wilson beat Peter Wardell +10
Liz Wilson beat Jim Alcock +21

Posted by Peter, 28th April

Fylde 4 Southport 5

At 8:40 the lawns were still bright white being covered by a thick layer of frost. But when the sun rose over the indoor court this quickly melted. Terry making his debut for the team played many good breaks and gained some experience at Advanced play. Liz gave JH a big fright in round one, but lost by a single point in a three ball ending.

Peter Wilson beat Keith Roberts +5
Liz Wilson lost to John Haslam -1
Terry Vernazza lost to Carol Lewis -18
Peter Wilson beat Carol Lewis +5
Liz Wilson lost to Keith Roberts -16
Terry Vernazza lost to John Haslam -24
Peter Wilson beat John Haslam +16
Liz Wilson beat Carol Lewis +3
Terry Vernazza lost to Keith Roberts -6

The spritely Southport team conceeded seven years average age in this match. Their experience translating into much long hitting in.

Posted by Peter, 7th April