Bowdon Saints5*50026-19414
Bowdon Canons5*41026-1519
Pendle & Craven5*14015-3013
* Void Matches:
Pendle v Bowdon Canons
Southport v Bowdon Saints

Fylde 6 Chester 3

The Chester team arrived in good time to introduce themselves to each other over Chocolate Digestives. John had been playing in the Short game the day before which was mud and drizzle, but today there was a low Sun, melting frozen dew and not a cloud in the sky. He could hardly believe the contrast and that we were not serving the left-overs from yesterday for lunch.

Top Trundle

David Guyton was playing in his first Advanced match and scored immediately, Peter capitalised on a rare error from James and Lee went to the peg against John. As we took a convivial lunch we watched the dew go. The lawns gained speed. Liz recovered the form that saw her win the Advanced Bowl again and fought back at James with two massive breaks only to fail Rover leaving James an easy finish. Lee kept David off the lawn and Peter made a few bigish breaks to settle matters against John.

Go Flyd Go

Round three and Chester need all the games to win the match. Peter was falling behind as David worked both ball around together. Lee was also in trouble against James but, as so often in the past, when the pressure was on, up steps Liz to beat John taking us over the winning line.

Lee Hartley (-1) beat John Dawson (9) +25
Peter Wilson (2) beat James Hawkins (0) +13
Liz Wilson (2.5) lost to David Guyton (8) -5
Lee beat David +25
Peter beat John +24
Liz lost to James -6
Lee lost to James -4
Peter beat David +15
Liz beat John +16

Posted by Peter, 22nd September

Fylde 6 Pendle 3

After a ten week gap in the schedule the advanced team returned to play finding Summer conditions and the lawns in perfect condition thanks to the effort of Terry and Ian the day before. Robert was on good form for Pendle winning the first two games by coming from well behind. This gave him a handicap reduction at the end of the match despite a loss to Lee who nearly completed a TP on him, failing only at the tricky Rover hoop set on a 'bit of a step'.
John was playing well and Abdul was hitting everything over 20 yards but struggled a bit after that. Liz came so close to winning all her games, Lee did. Peter gave contact in both his wins and completed two Rover peel finishes.

Why risk your life when there is Adobe Photoshop 6?

The Red Arrows made lots of noise taking off and landing at Blackpool for their display at the Southport air show.

Lee Hartley (-1) beat Abdul Ahmed (4.5) +11
Peter Wilson (2) lost to Robert Essler (2) -7
Liz Wilson (2.5) lost to John Filsak (2.5) -4
Lee beat John +20
Peter beat Abdul +24
Liz lost to Robert -4
Lee beat Robert +22
Peter beat John +15
Liz beat Abdul +3

Posted by Peter, 8th September

Bury 7 Fylde 2

Paul Rigge (-0.5) beat Peter Wilson (3) +11
Matt Holmes (0.5) beat Lee Heartley (-1) +25
Paul Kenworthy (3.5) beat Liz Wilson (2) +1
Paul R beat Liz +24
Matt beat Peter +23
Paul K beat Lee +25
Paul R lost to Lee -15
Matt beat Liz +24
Paul K lost to Peter -2

Bury played well today and we did not. Superb hospitality and a warm welcome from the home side in contrast to the rudeness and resentment shown to us by the flat green bowlers who had a competition day. They markedly fail Heaton Park, built for the Manchester Commonwealth Games, for what it is and take all the joy from sporting camaraderie across disciplines. Yet another example of the 'something for nothing' ageing society who believe they should have everything handed to them on a plate, and close their doors to anyone outside their close knit self centred elitist world.

Posted by Peter, 24th June

Southport 4 Fylde 5

Ray Lowe (1) beat Peter Wilson (2.5) +6
Carol Lewis (3.5) lost to Lee Hartley (-1) -5
Keith Roberts (5) lost to Liz Wilson (2) -22
Ray beat Liz +18
Carol beat Peter +6
Keith lost to Lee -23
Ray lost to Lee -14
Carol beat Liz +5
Keith lost to Peter -8

Blue sky with a chilly wind and attacking play from both sides. Difficult conditions where concentration was required. We just edged this close match but even so, Southport gained a bonus point.

Posted by Peter, 6th May

Canons 7 Fylde 2

Alan Mayne (-1) beat Peter Wilson (2.5) +24
Steve Lewis (-1) lost to Lee Hartley (-1) -17
Francois Garcia (4) beat Liz Wilson (2) +16
Alan beat Liz +18
Steve beat Peter +15
Francois lost to Lee -6
Alan beat Lee +26
Steve beat Liz +16
Francois beat Peter +1

NPC Lorna chose a strong team to meet us, each of the Canons making the game look very simple and throwing in plenty of peels and also gaining a bonus point. Congratulations to Francois whose handicap has reduced from 4 to 3½ A cold wind and rain greeted us in the first matches and never relented. DL Lorna provided a warming lunch for which we were all grateful.

Posted by Peter, 29th April